Thursday, May 16, 2019

Queen Alheimer's, Doing What She...Um...What Was I Saying...?

h/t 100% F'ed Up

Posted with only one comment:

Second (after the V.P.) on the list of Presidential succession.

Let that thought sink in, and remember who voted her into her leadership position.


John said...

Nuff said.

AuricTech Shipyards said...

She stretched out her Jimmy Stewart impression* far too long.

*"To... to do a good Jimmy Stewart impression, you... you have to start saying something. Then, well, you... uh, uh, youuuu... uhhhhh, you just, you just forget what you were trying to say."

Aesop said...

Au contraire:

Frogdaddy said...

We're so fucked!!! Patients running the asylum.

JT said...

Makes the 1980s Soviet gerontocracy look positively spritely.

G Russell said...

I'll bet her grandma cans dont look a day over 50.

beauy said...

'merit is condescending' uttered this particularly despicable brain dead 'leader'. i suppose 'ass kissing' is the new amerikan way. if so, sure goes a long way toward explaining the obvious insanity that has descended upon us all.

Robert said...

I can't play videos. Did she really say merit is condescending? So we should all strive for mediocrity lest our fellows feel bad?

Anonymous said...

After 2 concussions and a fatal heart attack (I have the EKG of my own death) I have some memory issues, but I'm not 3rd in line for POTUS. Holy Shit!! That is scary!

The Gray Man said...

The reason she is still in place is because she isn’t making the decisions and the movements. Her staffers are.

If you want to be famous and get attention, get elected to Congress. If you want REAL power, be a Congressional staffer. You think AOC is calling the shots for herself? She could barely maintain a job as a bartender. No way is she going to be capable of navigating the basic complexities of being a member of Congress without some savvy staffers handling her. You think they’re not also giving her her ideas?

Aesop said...

Look at AOC.
Do you really want to postulate that people even stupider than she is (if that's even possible) are pulling her strings?
She has done nothing but lurch from disaster to disaster, every time she opens her mouth or makes a move. That would require a panoply of idiots on her staff with a mean IQ in the mid-50s.

I have no doubt she has a staff of idiot minders.
But to seriously posit that she's assembled a rogue's gallery dumb enough to be responsible for her endless debacles would require scouring mental institutions for every cretin and moron (under the traditional understanding of those precise clinical terms) available in 19 states, and putting them all on the payroll.

Occam's Razor says AOC is the Sole Moron In Charge, and her staff's function is mainly to clean up the conga-line of trainwrecks and stomp out the conflagrations she can't help starting every time she opens her mouth. This is a natural consequence of giving both a worthless degree and an elected office to someone with a measurable IQ somewhere in the 80s, on her best days. She's about one cat from absolute crazy.

Pelosi is that, times 10, primarily due to her exploding case of Alzheimer's, and with (nominally) better staffing, mainly due to a larger budget as Speaker. I suspect medical realities will overtake her in the next term or two, and her position (and condition) will become untenable as the disease tears her apart in front of millions. She hasn't yet lost all her marbles, but she's got a big hole in the bag, and it only gets uglier for her from here on out. And it's not 1932, so unlike FDR's polio, the media cannot cover up those sad medical realities. It's going to be tragic but entirely appropriate to watch her deconstructed day to day on national TV until someone finally shoots the Old Yeller, figuratively at least.

Stock up on popcorn and refreshing beverages, and secure a comfortable seat.

Anonymous said...

"the media cannot cover up those sad medical realities"

-so where is Ruth?
-- what's Hilarity wearing under her jacket and scarves?
--- what did Hilarity pass out from on 9/11?

I'd argue that they can and they do, and the alt-media voices get silenced one at a time.