Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Music: Petula Clark

In honor of the good folks in Old Blighty having the good sense to kick their PM RTFO, some happy music from the most delightful British Invasion export of the 1960s.

First, courtesy of the would-be bumper intro to Bill Whittle's YouTube Stratosphere Lounge vlogs (before the copyright bahstuhds made him cut it out):

(Ignore the sync issues. Enjoy the HQ audio)
Which was the follow up to this one that absolutely rocked, all the way to #1:
Memorial Weekend Tie-In Bonus Points if you can remember this being blasted out in the cockpit of a cinematic A-6 Intruder by Brad Johnson and Willem Dafoe over Hanoi, after unauthorizedly shacking SAM City:
But yes, I much prefer Petula's version.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Great movie, love Defoe in all his works. Live and Die in LA is a classic.

Dinochrome One said...

During my tour at Boardman Bombing Range in Oregon, 90% of the planes we saw there were A-6s from Whidbey Island. They dropped M-76 practice bombs, we would spot the hits with our precision bomb-spotting gear, and they would complain. A few of the planes were A-7s from carriers off-shore and once in a great while, an F-111 from Mountain Home. My second-most favorite duty-station, behind Kodiak.

Firecapt said...

Route Package 6B; at the time, the most dangerous place on Earth to fly.

John Wilder said...

Good movie. Need to give it another watch, hadn't even met The Mrs. the first time I saw it.