Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Surprise! Surprise!
Shortly after re-opening their border with Guinea(?!), closed since mid-August, the nation of Guinea Bissau let someone through with a high fever. Someone of surpassing intellect amongst the assorted rent-seekers belatedly realized that was a bad thing, and they subsequently located and pulled the next potential Index patient (and 8 others in close contact) off of a bus preparing to head from their border straight to the regional teeming capitol. (Stop me if you're heard this one.) He was several miles away from the border when finally located.The nine individuals are all now in isolation pending test results on Mister Potential Ebola.

Kudos to whatever semi-literate suddenly had an attack of intelligence; he probably saved his country joining the Ebola tally in 2-21 days.

And whatever Customs and Immigration @$$hole (or whatever passes for it in Guinea Bissau) decided opening their border to an endemically-infected Ebola nation was a good idea should be the next recipient of the "Up Against The Wall!" African Retirement Ceremony usually reserved for deposed dictators.

(French-language link in the local press)

This is why Ebola isn't going away in the retarded part of the world anytime in the foreseeable future, sports fans. This was one IQ point away from becoming next week's newest outbreak, and 5-50 more cases. And remember, according to our government, we aren't safe here until they wipe it out over there.


geoffb said...

Google translate version of your link and of another version of the same story. Each has some different details.

dick tater said...

"we ain't safe till they wipe it out over there". I think that virus has plans of its own. In any case, that is most likely the plans of the clowns running things, they ain't safe, and screw the rest of humanity, till it is wiped out over there because there wont be enough people left alive to spread the virus.
Think I'm being a wise ass?
What else will these useless fucking idiots who have stolen and squandered our wealth, which if they hadn't, and these lowest common denominator's posing as state officials weren't ruling the roost to begin with, something which resembled a sane plan and the resources to implement it would exist. But as we all know too well, nothing of the sort will take place. The only action you can be sure of is they will cover their arses, and the red of the world can die off for all they care.
After all, every conceivable event or crisis of any kind that takes place in the world today, and in particular here in amerika is subject to that elitist strategy.
Obola is certainly not going to be treated any different.

The cold hard reality is the real cure to obola is to start hanging these sonofabitches and their sycophant bitches from lamp posts.
If the impediment to dealing with this deadly pandemic is those in power who inhibit realistic effective measures, then get rid of the impediment.

Rollory said...

I guess you are not a native French speaker -

"the nation of Guinea Bissau let someone through with a high fever" sounds like they voluntarily let him into the country, however

"Profitant d’un moment d’inattention des surveillants assurant son isolement, il a échappé à leur vigilance " makes it pretty clear that they had basically told him to stay put (at the border post) while they figured out what to do, and he deliberately defied that and "escaped".

As for why the border was reopened, the last sentence makes that clear: it's because people were sneaking across anyway, and if the official crossings are open they at least have some hope of monitoring what's coming in. As, in fact, they did in this case.

Aesop said...

It was always clear the guy who gained entry was pulling a fast one.

The stupidity was re-opening the border in the first place.

If there are leaks, you plug them, you don't make excuses for a sinking boat.

Bribing your way past border checkpoints throughout that continent, detailed in numerous articles even about quarantines in this outbreak, is the rule thereabouts, not the exception.

None of which requires fluency in French, just common sense.

I nonetheless salute those who tracked him down before this turned into something far worse in yet another country ill-prepared to deal with it; they punched well above their weight-class today.

Anonymous said...