Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome To My World

Ebola is here.

I told ya so. (Seven weeks ago.)

Nota bene he made it past the airport/airline screenings.
Then became symptomatic (i.e. contagious).
Which means everyone he contacted, hugged, kissed, shook hands with, worked next to, etc., has been exposed.
Then, after two days shedding virus like a cat shedding hair, he seeks medical treatment. Exposing all those people.
And GOT SENT HOME, because of course, he just had the flu, right?
Then went to the ER again, and exposed all those people too, plus everyone he saw after the first check-up, including the people who took him to the ER, and everybody between the hospital door and the isolation ward.

Of course, effective tonight, Dallas County and the contiguous counties are being put on a one-day shutdown quarantine, so they can find and escort all those potential infectees to a 21-day mandatory quarantine isolation ward.
And because it obviously isn't going to work, they're shutting off all flights to the US from Africa, if not everywhere.

What's that, you say?
They're NOT doing that?
And even though the CDC sent out a "Holy shit, it's coming!" memo  two weeks ago, the hospital staff screening the guy weren't wearing hazmat suits, hoods, gloves, booties, goggles, and masks?
And neither is the staff at any other hospital in the country, not even the ones nearest to international airports?

Brilliant! That will end well.

I'm betting airline/airport and hospital sick calls tomorrow in DFW set a small record.

I took an indefinite leave of absence.

Good luck, and hope that fingers-in-their-ears-going-La!-La!-La! Strategy works out for the White House, the CDC, every hospital in the country, and you all.

Best wishes.


Retired Spook said...

You are SUCH a little ray of sunshine! :)

Thanks for trying to get the point across, although I strongly suspect that except for a few who listen, you are mostly just a voice crying in the wilderness.

Which is really too bad, since if TPTB had listened to you when this shit started, we might have had a fighting chance.

lineman said...

Were fucked...They could still stop it if they took drastic measures right now but they won't...

Pakkinpoppa said...

I forgot to win the MegaBall lottery drawing, so the fortified cabin in the mountains isn't in the cards at the moment.


But...but...the CDC said they had it contained. The head guy said he was confident it was contained. And he's from the government. They wouldn't lie about that, not to the press during a conference.