Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flick Pick: Into The Night

Into The Night
(Universal, 1985)

A tight little comedy-thriller, replete with cameos, but nonetheless a great ride, with the beautiful and talented Michelle Pfeiffer as the brains of this near-endless caper, and Jeff Goldblum is the perfect everyman trapped amidst the surreal and trying to find his way to the door. Ira Newborn's score features great numbers by one of a kind talent B.B. King, and despite getting dogged by critics for the endless conveyor belt of film personalities squeezed into cameos in front of the camera, they all work to tell the story if you sit back and enjoy the movie instead of going off on a rant about spotting them all. The movie was shot nearly entirely at night (of course), and features a parade of iconic locations around SoCal, and a pretty solid slice of life there in the mid-80s.

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