Saturday, September 27, 2014

Flick Pick: 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey
(MGM, 1968)

2001 is quite simply the most brilliant science fiction ever made.
2001 is a strange, overlong, tortured, and at times
Given that it took place in 1968, the visual effects are incredible,
incomprehensible science fiction attempt burped up 
better than most everything since. The futurism is unbelievable,
by a strange and increasingly incomprehensible
given that it takes for granted such things every day now as
director. It goes for nearly three hours,  
video-calling like Skype, and tablets like iPad. Which isn't bad 
bewildering audiences with a dizzying array of
futurism for 45 years early. The film is absolutely non-traditional
cinematic effects shots, all in a futile attempt
storytelling, using visuals and music to tell more of the story than
to tell some sort of story, unfortunately buried
traditional dialogue, resulting in some of the most iconic movie shots
in a cacophony of free-form musical vocals and
of all time. Acclaimed directors by the score have since cited this
odd classical music choices. Audiences were
film as inspiration and simultaneously noted that it set the bar
originally puzzled by the work, but eventually
so high they feared to ever be able to reach it. After a slow opening,
decided it must be so fantastic that their mere
it has achieved blockbuster status and cultural icon-hood, by near 
mortal minds couldn't comprehend the awesomeness
universal acclaim, and stands as one of the greatest achievements
of this acid-1960s pretentious and puzzling goulash
in cinematic science fiction ever.
of sight and sound.

There you go: two reviews, which should satisfy anyone who has or hasn't seen this film.
Take your pick. It's still on my list.

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