Monday, September 29, 2014

Flick Pick: Red Dawn

Red Dawn
(MGM, 1984)

Accept no substitutes. This movie, made on a humble $4M, recouped more the nine times its production budget at the box office, and set the usual suspects on the left to wailing and gnashing their teeth upon its release. It's a truly great "what if" alternate history movie, and the kind of thing that could only happen in Hollywood when Reagan was president, and the box office held absolute sway, even for those who would rather have made the Russians the heroes of this piece. It's become a cult classic and patriotic film icon, making National Review's list of "Best Conservative Movies". And unlike the atrocious textbook awful how-not-to-do-a-remake version, this one is totally politically incorrect, and kicks so much ass it spawned the PG-13 rating, for violence. We disagree with the MPAA: you can never have too many communists getting killed in a movie. 

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