Friday, April 19, 2024

Welcome Back

While we know CA has long maintained alternate comms and outlets, we take the time today to welcome the restored WRSA website back among the land of the living. Which is also apropos of the day. Just a coincidence, we're sure.


CA said...

A gracious note, by which I am honored. Thank you.

Let's all keep bashing on.

Especially on 4/19.



Anonymous said...

Great! Now find weasel zippers

Survivormann99 said...

Is there any explanation of exactly what happened?

I am quite sure that there are malefactors on the Left who would like the site to disappear, but I don't want to go "all conspiracy theory" if the explanation is more mundane.

Pat H. said...

CA and I have visited, in person, a number of times. I've given him permission to talk about it to you and Hershel Smith via DMs.

Aesop said...

No more than what's due you. Very glad to see you "bashing on".
BTW, your old email is a dead end. Shoot me a new one if you have the inclination?

AFAIK, just software or hardware going wonky. A PITA, but happenstance. I'm not on Gab, and I haven't had any backchannels on it. I figured CA was busy enough just getting things back on an even keel.

@Pat H.,
He and I got together when he was way out this way some time back as well.
Committees of Correspondence, and all that.

John Wilder said...

Indeed, welcome back!!!!

idahobob said...

I get a bad gateway message

Aesop said...

Yeah, it's back down again.

lol no said...

Bad gate here, 7:30 MTN time. :(

Aesop said...

CA's still fighting it out with the hosting software.
Apparently it was written by the same guy who gives Biden walking lessons.

Anonymous said...

As of 11 pm EDT, WRSA has been off for a couple of days now.

Is he getting Tuckered?

Aesop said...

It sounds like he's getting rogered by some wonky software.