Thursday, April 18, 2024

This Is Why Retards Won't Sign Their Memes

As found multiple places this past week or so:

Nota bene: Retards never sign their memes.
Like with this one.

Dear Lazy Common Core Grad and (probably actual racist) Ignorant Fucktwat:

We realize you probably graduated at the top of your pledge class with a D+ average, but to help your bankrupt fund of information, allow us to present:

George Washington Carver inventor, author and professor

Holder of three patents, author of 44 agricultural bulletins, including How To Grow The Peanut and 105 Ways Of Preparing It For Human Consumption, as well as bulletins that detailed how to rehabilitate the soil of Southern states overplanted with cotton, by rotating crops like sweet potatoes, cowpeas, alfalfa, wild plum, and tomatoes, as well as bulletins on cotton itself, raising poultry, hogs, dairying, ornamental plants, preserving meat in hot weather, and nature study in schools, while heading the Department of Agriculture at the Tuskegee Institute for 47 years, until his death in 1943. For his life, work, and contributions to agriculture, he was honored with degrees, museums, having his likeness on U.S. coinage, postage stamps, having a Liberty ship named after him, as well as numerous schools, parks, and plant species.

Charles R. Drew Physician, medical professor, medical pioneer and inventor

Did his doctoral thesis on extending the usefulness of collected blood, which research was applied to the collection of both plasma and whole blood, saving thousands of lives during WW II in both Britain and the U.S. First African-American to earn a Doctorate of Medical Science. Became the director of the first American Red Cross Blood Bank, pioneering the concept, and also inventing the bloodmobile, for mobile collection of blood products. Literally responsible for saving millions of lives worldwide from 1940-five minutes ago, ad infinitum.

Garrett Morgan Inventor

Invented the modern traffic signal, to prevent serious traffic accidents.

Patricia Bath  Physician and inventor

Holder of 5 patents, including the first laser that allowed for laser correction of cataracts.

Daniel Hale Williams Physician, surgeon, and medical pioneer

Performed the first successful open heart surgery, in 1893.

I hold no brief, nor apologize for innumerable Dindus and wastes of skin and oxygen on this continent going back to about 1610, whose sole contribution to America or life in general is countless coroner's cases, and a prodigious amount of FAFO medals and Darwin Award nominations. I am second to no one when it comes to pointing and laughing at their boundless Clowncarnucopia of Fail. Dogpile on them all you want. We do, every chance we get.

But to be wholly ignorant of the above examples, and any dozen or two more, is to pull one's own trousers down, and spank their own ass in public, for the whole world to see. We learned of the first three of those in grade school, long before woketarded PC became a thing, when Nixon was president, FFS! Crack a friggin' book!

Somebody wants to change the original fucktarded meme from black to Sub-Saharan African inventions and technological advancements, go ahead on.

But anybody posting the original, as found, ought to see to a tourniquet for their dicks, to staunch the blood flow caused by their own cleats.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Word to your mother. We yell because we care.


number 13 said...

Thank you - don't forget "the Real (Elijah) McCoy", the black train fireman/engineer who invented numerous improvements in lubrication systems for steam engines.

David said...

Don't forget neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

B said...

Well said, Sir.

It is the decent ones that make me hold hope for that race. It produces such greatness occasionally. The potential is there.

Anonymous said...

This is a response to the "Black people built everything" meme/statement. Just a shot in the meme wars.


lpdbw said...

You're arguing Rhetoric with Dialectic.

Did some, few, blacks in America make scientific advancements? Yes. And thankfully, and more power to them. Smart, successful people deserve to be advanced and celebrated.

Some were derivative in nature, and would likely have been discovered by white scientists in any event. GW Carver being a prime example.

The point addressed by the meme was to contrast and compare the overall contribution to America and American society by blacks. In that regard, it was 100% on point.

To be dialectically correct, you might have compared a 4 story walk-up tenement with the Empire state building. It would be more correct, but less starkly compelling.

For full disclosure, I had nothing to do with the meme.

W Wilson said...

For being 13% of the population , there doesnt seem to be 13% of the important inventions, just saying.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with a large portion of what you post. We tend to see things differently and it is your blog so I'm good with that. However, on this one post... I couldn't agree more. Good on you.

Night driver said...

Ya might also include with Garret Morris another Clevelander, Charles Brush, without whom electric motors might be problematical.

maruadventurer said...

Here is another name -- booker T. Whatley

Not as well known as Carver but just as imporant if you are a small farm holder in the South. His book "$100k farming on 25 Acres" was required reading for my peers in the FFA. (avail here -- He is also the fella that came up with the idea of a CSA for farm to table sales. A homesteader can pick up on a lot of ideas from his work.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Sumdood--that fucker gets around!
--Tennessee Budd

Anonymous said...

Forgive my pointing out the obvious, but in labeling an invention as being done by someone black, someone female, etc. the implication is automatically that this ethnic group or that gender should NEVER BE EXPECTED to ever invent anything BECAUSE of their ethnic background or gender. Inventions can be categorized by the industry they apply to, what decade they happened, etc. but should NEVER be by the color, gender, sexual preference, political affiliation, etc. or any other factor that should have NOTHING to do with the invention.

Anonymous said...

This man Frederick McKinley Jones should have been at the top of the list for his development of temperature controlled shipping of food and medicine.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Brother!
I would also mention Benjamin O. Davis, and especially Thomas Sowell, but Dr. Carver would easily serve as the sole example.
Boat Guy

Aesop said...


I'm arguing accuracy over bullshit.

Comedy = truth + humor.
That's non-negotiable.
Not true = not funny.

Anything else is trying to sell a variation on the discredited Leftard lie, "Fake, but accurate."

And FTR, most (> white people didn't invent anything either, and those that did, did so without the handicaps of 200+ years of slavery and another century of Jim Crow.

It's just a bullshit meme from someone too lazy to think.
I ridicule that, because it's ridiculous.
No more, no less.

Aesop said...

@Night driver,

Garrett Morgan invented traffic signals.

Garrett Morris invented "News For The Hard Of Hearing" on Saturday Night Live. ;)

Night driver said...


my bad

Commander_Zero said...

Racism is just silly. If you take the time to get to know someone, I mean really get to know can find a MUCH better reason to hate them.

Aesop said...


But I'm not against the meme because of racism. Like being retarded, some people just can't help themselves.

I'm against it because it's false, lazy, and stupid.
Which are all also much better reasons to hate it.

Michael Gladius said...

Those who post these types of memes are essentially demanding participation trophies just for looking like the men who did the actual work. The irony is not lost on anyone who has ever worked as an engineering designer.

Sentenza said...

Alexander Miles invented elevator and shaft door closers that are still in use today.

He also had a truly epic beard.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny and made an effective general point about the contribution of blacks in western society, which is overall poor, relative to their numbers. Yeah, it's not entirely accurate, but it's close.

I concur that there there needs to be truth for the humour to be effective, but I also think that that if someone saw the meme and thought as I did "There's some truth in that" then its been an effective means of communication. Sometimes, particularly in these circumstances, "some truth" is good enough, rather the the whole truth.

To put it another way, good rhetoric and dialectic are not the same.

Anonymous said...

Sub Sahara Africa is poor and terrible for many reasons. Not sure it is racist to point it out. Pretty thin gruel compared to all of history. One closet in Hall of Invention. Sure it is Whiteys fault, all environment and racism. Put enough money in and pretty schools and all will be equal.
When? Not yet.
Like Brazil, equal outcomes is always in the future.