Sunday, April 14, 2024

Hilarity Ensues In 3, 2, ...


I'm taking bets for pool markers that the next time Israel is faced with incoming Iranian missiles headed for the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex, AKA The Dome Of The Rock (which sits on the exact site of Solomon's original Temple, and the next iteration of it destroyed by Titus of Rome in 70 A.D. , and also the exact site whereupon Abraham - the father of both Jews and Arabs - was to have sacrificed his son Isaac before God's angel stayed his hand), or anywhere close, they step back, and watch the impacts, without lifting a finger. For the uninformed, the western edge of that complex is the Wailing Wall, the only surviving remnant of Solomon's Temple from Herod's expansion of the rebuilt Jewish Temple from about 586 BC, on the site going back to King David's era, nearly 1000 BC. There's just a little history related to the spot, kids.

A) Iran gets fingered beyond dispute for the attack on the third holiest site in Islam and its destruction, from which site, traditionally for Muslims, Muhammad ascended to heaven. What could go wrong with Persians blowing that dafuq up, right? "O noes, Iran! Pleeez don' trow us Jews into dat' der Brair patch!"

B) Mohammed has left the building, effectively doing the dirty work on Israel's behalf, and opening the path to bulldoze the rubble, and rebuilding the next iteration of Solomon's Temple on the holiest site in Judaism, long squatted upon by Islam after the Jewish Diaspora.

C) Bonus points if some clever subterranean archaeology finds an Israeli booster charge already in place to make sure anything larger than a breadbox hitting the Temple Mount vaporizes the Islamic shrine completely. Oopsie. Too bad, so sad. Extra credit on that if Israel's excuse for no response next time is anything like "Hey, sorry, we defended it last time, but that earlier attack depleted our defensive missiles(!), and, well, stuff happens, ya know? Bummer, Mooselimbs...inshallah, right?"

D) Double bonus: the rest of Arabic Pisslam decides Iran delenda est for the outrage, while Israel focuses on their newest civic works project. Suddenly Iran is a wee bit too busy to screw around with Israel for a decade or three, what with the entire Arabic world hitting Iran with air and missile strikes around the clock, and all. The horror...the horror.

E) Triple bonus: Accidentally (or any value of "on purpose") multiple other strikes "from Iran" also automagically take out widescale Arab settlements in Gaza and the West Bank, allowing Israel to reclaim the entire land "from the river to the sea" scot free, and watch Teheran eat the mother of all sh*t sandwiches for the act(s).

Hilarity ensues all around.

Get in on the pool: Place your markers.

UPDATE: We're sure it was pure wild coincidence that this post got 6660 views yesterday.

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Tucanae Services said...

Who has 'cost to defend the airspace was $1Bn'?

Anonymous said...

You lost me. Not that I don't understand exactly what you're saying, it's just that the prospect of nuclear war is no joking matter. So, the assumption is that Israel will be able to work drone and missile attacks from Iran as cover for their own oh so clever take out of nearby Islamic holy sites, tunnels, and terror bases. You think the Mullahs will allow themselves to be cornered without options? Did it ever occur to you that just maybe their own self-destruction is their goal? Ever delve into Shia Islam? That is precisely their end wish, along with taking out as much of remaining humanity as possible in the process.

John Wilder said...

As PJ O'Rourke said, give war a chance.

Kafiroon said...

Those work for me. You never know they could happen.

B said...

It's Islam.

No matter whi really at fault, the Islamics, like women, will always try to shift the blame to anyone but themselves.

You scenario is pleasing to think about, but it will end up being the fault of the Jooz or even the US.
The Islamics are like children: if the Mullahs tell 'em it is the fault of the Great Satan, they will believe it.

Rick said...

Whatwith the nigh constant screech on many ’conservative' blogs in support of death to Israel, I say the world is on track for fulfilling the book of Revelations before our very eyes.
I am disgusted.

Aesop said...

@Anon 1:35P,

Re-read the post.

Point to the spot wherein I postulated nuclear war. Then joked about it.

Take your time.

elysianfield said...

Aesop ,

Eschatology is their theology
Indeed the wild card,
Some pray for life, some pray for death,
And we're just along for the ride.

Rhea said...

I would be down for this.

Kinda surprised that Israel shot those things down over that ugly eyesore, to be honest.


Paul M said...

When will the next strike be? Friday. That'll help the media spackle-over the latest "Weekend at Biden's" debacle to keep the willfully ignorant off kilter while giving a free pass to the treasonous haters standing our streets blocking traffic while cheering the demise of Israel (send them to Iran please).

The Magical Mr O and his galactically stupid VP - now our running America off the cliff" Oval Office Sitter (might be missing one letter in "sitter") - sent billions to Iran. Gee, what could possibly have been the reason? Because they hate Israel and want its destruction...daily. Isn't there something that when you help destroy an ally it's also treason.

Survivormann99 said...

An Israeli general said that Israel expended $1 billion to $1.3 billion in defending itself from the Iranian attack.

The lowest Iranian expenditure for the attack I have seen was a few tens of millions. The highest estimate was $100 million. It is very clear that Israel cannot afford to continue firing highly sophisticated anti-missile weapons that cost a few million dollars at cheap drones.

Neither can the US. The whole affair seemed to be choreographed with the US, Britain, and others joining in the defense. How long will that last?

Dementia Joe is fit to be tied. Young people in this country see Israel very differently than older people. Now they are taking to the streets, freeways, and bridges to create as much chaos as possible. In the middle of an election year, Joe is no doubt at his wit's end trying to please Jews and evangelicals, the latter of whom are only interested in Israel because of The Second Coming. (You know, that whole Gog and Magog thing.) Memo to Evangelicals: Jesus will come when it suits Him. No need to rush.

On the other side, Joe has to deal with the Leftist/Pro-Palestinian elements. Its opposition spoils his "2-state solution" for re-election--Michigan and Wisconsin. Democrats are biting their nails over the "swing states" where Muslim voters can decide an election. This is what happens when you allow millions of Muslims into the country.

maruadventurer said...

Isn't there something that when you help destroy an ally it's also treason. -- Paul M

In parts of the world yes. In the US the act has to be verifiable and in front of witnesses who will swear to the event, yada, yada. Here's the short list -- . What is most notable is that of those convicted of treason in the US only a handful were dispatched accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Pedo joe is taking friday thru monday off this weekend. Any bets he will have to come back to DC ?