Sunday, December 3, 2023

Well, This Sucks: Light Posting Alert

It doesn't rain in SoCal, until it pours, and I don't get sick, until I do.

I haven't been sick enough to miss a day's work since before COVID, so four years or so at least. But last week on my days off, some rando in my travels passed on their viral crap to me. I didn't think I was sick, no usual symptoms, except feeling worn out and 100 years old, but I knew I didn't feel right. I've been precepting a very good student, and didn't want to bail out on her last  clinical rotations in the ED before her graduation.

COVID test Friday at work was negative, but I just felt sore everywhere, and rather as beat down as Jonah after the whale burped him up. Didn't feel feverish either, but when I checked my temp at lunch, it was 103°, and that was that. No squawk from the bosses about calling out after that.

Not having had the crud of any kind for over four years, I am reminded of how much I did not miss it. I spent most of the weekend in bed with jugs of water and orange juice, and a party-size bottle of ibuprofen.

I will be happy when this passes, but at least I found out I'm not dying, just envious of those that are, and am eternally grateful for the invention of Motrin.

Consequently I won't be climbing the tower to peck out missives until I feel a bit less like hammered whale droppings. Hopefully soon.

Kindly amuse yourselves with the free ice cream over on the right column blog list for a few days.


John Wilder said...

Get better.

RandyGC said...

Hope you have a quick recovery

Anonymous said...

Hopefully your recovery time is short.
Wife just got "something" that eventually turned out to be the new Covid thing.
Strange, no fever. Mostly upper respiratory, and major back pain.
She's on the mend, now.
Good thoughts to you, and a swift recovery.
Bear in Indy

Michael said...

Maybe a bit of time to think about medical isolation post grid down scenario.

Today it's a call in and stay home. If the grid wasn't there to support how would that change your situation?

What would it do to your survival group if you returned from elsewhere feeling well until tomorrows bug bit you?

Something seldom addressed in survival porn, but I've visited abandoned graveyards in New England where most of the stones were of the same dates and influenza was the reason.

You seem well prepared to discuss this subject.

Tucanae Services said...

May the crud pass quickly. Your immune system must have reactions like I do. I can go 4-5 years and not a thing while those around me are dropping like flies. Then, usually just before spring hits, I am clobbered for 3-4 days.

nick flandrey said...

Yeah, got the same thing here in Houston. Feeling a bit better today. Wife is in Vegas for a convention so who knows what concrud she'll gift us with next week.

Just to keep moving I'm sorting and cleaning. Slowly.


Aesop said...


Thoughtfully stated.
Excellent rumination fodder.

docfromjerusalem said...


SFTOBEY said...

Get well soon, Aesop. Your absence will be keenly felt. (You might want to give that horse paste a try.)