Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Dear Hamas Crybabies (but we repeat ourself)...


Anonymous said...

"When you kill enough of them, they will stop"

Plague Monk said...

Sort of related: I highly recommend Godzilla Minus One, in part because of the depiction of post-war Tokyo. My late cousin(USMC SBD pilot) spent time in Japan during the Occupation, and took a lot of photos while he was there. He hated the Japanese(and orientals in general), so he looked for the worst damage he could find and photographed it. Going through his photos, the movie is a lot cleaner than the reality; more structures intact after LeMay's firestorm.

I saw Big Country's post on the movie, especially the remarks about the Shinden aircraft. My wife and I are aircraft junkies, and it sounded interesting to us. After The Critical Drinker praised it, we made our way to the theatre. We've seen it twice, now and we'll probably see it a third time before it leaves.

What impressed us more than the Shinden(and what looks like an actual Zero in the opening) is that the human story is so well done, so believable. And it was allegedly made for only $15 million US dollars.

Anonymous said...

Finally, some one making sense. Oct 7TH was sketchy, yeah, but HAMAS still must be defeated. They are monsters.

Phelps said...

Israel isn't in a conventional war. Israel is in a civil war.

Aesop said...

No, they aren't. this isn't Israelis fighting Israelis.
It's Israelis fighting Egyptian Arabs that Egypt has long-since disowned.

That's Arab solidarity on display, for the whole world to see.

When Gaza is rubble, and Israel annexes it, bulldozes it flat, and kicks the Arabs back to Egypt from whence they came, there won't be any more reason to have a war.

The sooner that day comes, the better for all concerned.
They should have done it in '67 or '73.
I don't think they're going to overlook a third opportunity to fix that error.

Phelps said...

So Israel doesn't claim Gaza as its territory, and the Arabs there aren't under Israeli jurisdiction?

Aesop said...

The UN considers the Gaza Strip to be Palestinian territory. Egypt firmly declined the return of both the land and people of Gaza after losing it in the 1967 Six Day War, as Jordan similarly firmly declined being regifted with the West Bank territory and populace lost that same year.

The Arabs in Gaza have been under Hamas' jurisdiction for 16 years, whose terrorist activities are why both Egypt and Israel have closed their borders to those peoples. Israel withdrew completely from Gaza 18 years ago, and neither claims nor considers it part of their sovereign territory. Rockets began falling on Israel from Gaza shortly after that.

The Oct. 7th invasion, slaughter of 1400 Israelis, and kidnapping of another 240 or so was the payback for letting Gaza rule itself.

But you knew all that, and apparently merely wish to quibble over irrelevancies.

Gaza will likely cease to exist as an Arab enclave when Israel finishes.
Notably, the West Bank's estranged Jordanian Arabs are keeping their mouths firmly closed, and minding their own business scrupulously.

Only Iranian-backed Hezbollah factions in what used to be Lebanon have started anything since the latest terrorist outrage, and the smackdown that got them was epic, and rather final for many of them.

TCK said...

I'd question why the Israelis even gave territory up in the first place (they HAD to have known it would be used as a staging ground for new attacks), but I suspect our self proclaimed elites didn't give them much of a choice.

Phelps said...

So if we have two states, why won't Israel just declare it a second state? They still claim it as Israeli territory and squeal anytime someone draws a map without it.

Aesop said...

Actually, Israel claims no such thing, nor has since ever.
So you're down to stating counter-factuals.

Phelps said...

So Israel is invading another state now? Why doesn't the Putin Ukraine rule apply?

Aesop said...

Because Hamas from Gaza attacked Israel first.
Maybe you heard about it?
In point of fact, Hamas has been shooting rockets into Israel endlessly for 18 years, and their Oct. 7th invasion was the final straw.
Hamas is now the world champion of 2023 in the FAFO Sweepstakes, and they're getting plenty of prizes every day.

So now your only comeback is just being asinine for its own sake.
Please, stop embarrassing yourself.
And put a tourniquet on your junk before you bleed out.