Sunday, December 4, 2022

Warning Shot

h/t WRSA

Word to your mother.


1) RTWT.

2) Military community? Near Ft. Bragg? And the brass still approved of a drag show? Gee, the targeted nature of the response suggests that someone involved, perhaps some sort of "quiet professionals", might maybe have a wee bit of familiarity with the CARVER matrix. As YOU should.

3) Padraig's "The South" should be understood to be pretty much any rural area "south" of Canada, anywhere from eastern Washington State, and down about as southerly as Key West.

4) The incident further suggests that if a repeat performance is attempted, the next time, the transformers that get shot won't be the ones mounted on telephone poles.

5) But they might be the ones found hanging from telephone poles afterwards.

UPDATE: A) Read the comments hereafter.

B) Note the WRSA follow-up, as the draconian response by TPTB in that county achieves exactly the sort of radicalization they'd like to tamp down.

Well-played, Deputy Fife, et al. You reach for that one bullet, and see what happens Right Of Bang. It will not turn out the way you might have hoped.

Popcorn and drinks inbound.


Jen said...

We won't have power till at least 10 pm. And I don't care.

1chota said...

So, now will they rename it Fort Drag?

Anonymous said...

"Numerous" substations shot, not pole transformers. Big difference. And likely numerous shooters.
Steve S6

Anonymous said...

Warning shot #2 The guide stones were the first.

Rollory said...

Wait wait hold up, they put on a tranny show, somebody takes it out on all the randos who had nothing to do with it, and you're saying this is the right approach?

No. This is how you piss people off. This is how you get people reluctantly supporting local badged authority, because you're making them think they need it. This is stupid, ineffective, wrong, and destined to lose.

You take out power to localities when the duly appointed government does outrageous things and the people, having been given a chance to chastise them, either do nothing or reinforce them. That's clear and inarguable. But - according to Padraig, which admittedly I take with a grain of salt until I see some corroboration elsewhere because that dude has proven himself an unreliable reporter of fact - the town tried to stop it and it was Army higher-ups that pushed it.

Cut power to the building or neighborhood? That could work, probably requires local authority looking the other way. Arson the building? Easier and faster. Identify the people running it and firebomb their cars at the hotel the night before, or firebomb the cars of everybody attending while it's ongoing? Lower risk and completely possible (Parisian Muslims have excellent technique at this if you need tips). Potatoes in all the car exhausts instead of firebombs? Low impact but easy. Arson the houses of the brass who were advocating it? Higher risk but makes the point. Take out everybody's power, in winter, for more than a day, over something that fundamentally is speech - advocacy of a position and ideology - and not forcible compulsion? Fuck you, no.

Let me ask you one thing:

After they've fixed the power, and the trannies come back to do their rescheduled show, then what?

Because they WILL come back. This does not fix the problem, which is the willingness of the trannies to go to places they are not wanted and impose themselves. Blowing up transformers just means the transformers will be more carefully watched next time - they can't watch all the transformers all the time, but they can damn well watch them right around the time they expect something to happen - and the general public, not wanting to have to replace the contents of their refrigerator, will be more likely to assist. You do not win this by blowing up transformers, you win it by making the trannies devoutly wish to not go to such a place - which this action does not do - and by having the trannies necessarily put themselves in positions where local authority is completely disinclined to protect or assist them - which this action produces the completely opposite result.

And really: the cost to repair these comes from where? It doesn't come from the trannies' pockets. It doesn't come from the Army brass. It comes from the taxes and power bills of the people the trannies are trying to conquer. The cost of this action does not protect the victims, it is inflicted on them!


When you inflict a cost, you try to inflict it on the enemy! At the very LEAST you make sure the enemy's cost is higher than your own! Otherwise you're deliberately setting up the attrition in the enemy's favor.

Also WRSA, quotes Bracken: "Ukraine is at its weakest ever; Russia at its strongest" I guess that's why the Russians are building fortifications at the Crimea isthmus. What would we do without WRSA's judicious presentation of keen-eyed commentators?

Plague Monk said...

I hope that you don't mind the off topic links, but the kid shot by the rookie cop in San Antonio is home from the hospital:

As to Orcifer Phuckup, he's been indicted:

Kudos to Mr. Cantu and his family, as well as the medical staff who worked to save his life.

stormsailor1981 said...

I think this will not be the last, I would do the same if my grandchild was going to be subjected to dragqueen story time. It's absurd, why not 3 time convicted pedophile story time.

Anonymous said...

Kids with 22s can really f up a substation.

Rando said...

There was a similar attack in California near the San Jose area IIRC. Never found the perpetrators either. I think the SEALs operate out of that area on the West coast too. Hmm...

Night driver said...

10 PM a WEEK from now.

Night Driver

Termite said...

Hmmm....thinking about the chances that an alumni of the University of Pineland had anything to do with it...

Anonymous said...

the "dumb asses" who did this "are" Jussie Smollet. re: fakers on the deep left, yet again...
think about it. deception is the point, now we have to consider something we cant see. or if we jump to conclusions, consider the totally wrong "things"...

be your own best guide

RandyGC said...

Let's see, the cops have no suspects, so any suggestion of a motive is purely speculative, and ignores that the area taken out was large enough that the majority of the people affected might never even have heard of the Drag Show.

Ignoring the fact that similar incidents have been occurring around the country (including CA as Rando said) for years.

Not saying it wasn't the motive, just that there is not enough open source information to do more than speculate it might have been a motivation. Time might tell.

But of course the area's Drama Queens (on both sides of the issue) made it all about them.

Aesop said...


1) Please read what I wrote again. I'll pay you $20 cash money for every line where I wrote "This is the right approach". Get back to me.
2) What this was, was a non-lethal approach to solve a problem, which was both effective, and creative.
3) I also wrote (pretty sure it was the title) that this was a warning shot across the bow to this kind of happy horseshit.
4) Then I noted that shit's about to get real if the local chapter of Perverts And Freaks Inc. doesn't pull their heads (or any number of other body parts) out of each others' asses, and keeps pushing this sort of jackassery amidst a community that clearly isn't aching for hosting it, and they've clearly mistaken Mayberry for San Franshitsco or West Hollyweird, with utterly predictable results.
5) I didn't make any value judgements on that either, but FTR, when they get to shooting those douchenozzles, I think it's a great idea, and I hope they don't stop with the perpetrators, but progress to the enablers and cheerleaders for the enterprise too.
6) If they simply burn down the hosting venue, and lather, rinse, and repeat for subsequent attempts and iterations, that would send a clear message too, and one not entirely misguided nor short-sighted either.
7) Combining #5 and #6 wouldn't be a bad idea either.
8) This is fundamentally NOT "speech". They want to hold a lecture about why this should happen at the local hall? That's "speech". Words mean things. The community has told you they don't want your perverted shit in their town, and you literally ram this up their ass (from trannies and perverts, and Army brass?? But I repeat myself.) You're going to get a reaction very similar to what a rape victim would do when you don't heed the repeated please to "Stop!", as if you'd handed them a loaded .44 in the middle of your predations. FA&FO.
9) The fruitloops fucked around. They now found out.
They want to do it again, harder? I suggest they stand the fuck by.
The "No, fuck YOU. Strong message follows." telegram is inbound, and quite possibly coming in at about 3200fps.
This is how you sell a lot of popcorn.
10) The people who did this were exquisitely trying to send a message without stacking any bodies. How long that remains the case is exactly the point at issue.
While this administration may be willing to send the 101st Airborne in to hold open the drag show door, the mindset that took out the power transformers is just as likely to take out their gate guards and the actual transformers in Chapter Two.
If they do, put me down for Zero Fucks Given, and a double order of "Now That I have Your Full Attention, Open Your Fucking Eyes, Jackasses."


Aesop said...

I wrote yesterday that you get the rights you're willing to defend.
You also get the attention you're willing to push for.
With 3000 newspapers, media outlets, and the entire internet at their disposal, the trannies and drag queens have no shortage of venues to speechify on why this is a good idea, so this is explicitly not a free speech issue.
it's a "take your asses out of town, and keep them there, lest worse things happen to you" issue, argued most cogently and eloquently. If TPTB refuse to listen, they deserve to be in on some of the collateral damage, and pushing this at this point removes all the cover they thought they had.

What's going to get rather interesting, in a Chinese curse sort of way, is going to come when they do try it, again and again. Wiser heads would note the vehement opposition, and heed the long-known adage, "Don't scare the straights."

And it's notable because this is precisely the kind of humble spark that, fanned appropriately, starts civil wars and world wars.
You could look it up.
For the current iteration of How It Is, that's mainly becoming a when question, rather than an if question. And exactly as in this microcosm of that, it will be because TPTB refuse to pay attention to less strident warnings.
Which is, once again, the latest evidence of the truth in JFK's oft-quoted line of late:
"When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable."

If TPTB are busy guarding the transformers on the electric grid, I pity the transformers performing at the drag show, but I'm sure 911 will get them help just about the time the bodies achieve room temperature, and I'm sure the community will be all broken up about it after the fact. Or, not.

Dulce et decorum est.

Anonymous said...

Ahh good ole Pineland and the warlords….

Anonymous said...

Just in case you all are not aware of the reality of our power grid and the companies that maintain them. Regional depots have maybe 1 or at most 2 of those larger HV transformers sitting in a warehouse, these are the ubiquitous monsters about 10x10 ft that convert the high tension down to more usable voltages for local distribution in our towns and factories. The smaller pole mounted units, perhaps in the few hundreds per depot, seeing they are a more common failure point due to heat, leaks, lighting strikes, trees falling or wayward ordnance.

What this means is that if there is ever a real effort to damage our grid by enemies, foreign or domestic, there is not enough replacement equipment on the ground in the entire country to fix it quickly.

Now the cute kicker or as they say, "and now the rest of the story". Most of our grid maintenance parts come from, yep, the PRC. And guess who will conveniently have "issues" in ramping up production for the export market, especially when they themselves are using most of the factory output internally (remember those 5 new coal plants going live/week over there)? Yes good sirs, we are royally screwed if any untoward events suddenly ramp up.

Anonymous said...

I remember after that big transformer substation in California was shot up a few years or so ago there was a report that if a cert specific 10 substations were similarly shot up it would be e enough to take down the entire US electric grid. Apparently those specific 10 are a secret. However I wonder how much of a secret they really are.
Although it wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing is a false flag operation.

Anonymous said...

The 'randos' as you call them have shown themselves to be pretty worthless, apathetic and personal comfort driven. My contempt for them is palpable. Boo fucking hoo!

Skyler the Weird said...

If it really was 'right wingers' trying to stop the drag show they failed. According to the Charlotte Disturber "The drag show started at 7 p.m. and was underway when the power went out. Headliner Naomi Dix of Durham kept the show going until almost 9 p.m. “I asked that everyone turn on their phone flashlights to illuminate the room,” Dix said. “I then lead the crowd in singing Beyoncé’s ‘Halo.’”

Read more at:

It could have easily been ANTIFA or ISIS shooting up the Substations as 'right wingers'. Because some Drag Queen in inconvenienced, it has to be about them.

Stealth Spaniel said...

Queen, Her Royal Highness, Naomi Dix, should have pulled her Oscar Meyer in good & tight. It is as excited as all get out and is poking through the costume. Folks here, there, and everywhere are fed up with trannnies, bang boys, and weasel zippers decking out in mama's supper club costumes with nary an adult in sight. Pushing such abominations on us doesn't get much traction. Frankly we are all getting cranky and irritated with the malarky.

John Wilder said...

The deep current drives the ocean . . . .

Anonymous said...

Pro tip: Watch the community first responder response to shooting the transformers. Might develop a bit of useful intel there…as well as the upstanding local citizens that come out on social media in support of the trannies. Just sayin’, in theory of course, that is what Pineland graduates might be considering…purely guesswork and hypothetical on my part. GruntPa

Anonymous said...

RE your response to Rollory 5:56 PM.
#2 - it cannot be known yet that the response was effective. Cut power, yes, ho-hum. Actually solving the local "problem" (the motive proferred by many) remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, quiet professionals did it, the Other sides quiet pros.

Meanwhile there was an attack on the US grid. We know very little but already the commies are saying that "christofacists' did it. That is the newest slander defamation word they are using since we co-opted their term "white nationalist" and "Christian nationalist"

The all-hands-on deck media is already speaking from the same script.

Or as I emailed a friend in the affected area. As he suffers a little with normalcy bias, I was gentle:

A most foolish manner to express their anger.

Stress and chaos. I think we've discussed this some decade ago.

Something odd about it so far. What was the goal? The gay culture gains support and political power from growing the victim status and "Love is love" slogans.

This foolish "attack" seems to do nothing against that, but increases anger at folks who are not gay friendly? I mean let's piss off everybody in Moore Co and the whole country with now National Attention.

Foolish and a dangerous game being played.

Skyler the Weird said...

There was looting of box stores when the blackout happened. It's just as likely that it was Organized Retail Criminals (ORCs) shooting up the Substations as it is Pineland Militias did it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of firebombing their cars, especially if there aren’t enough Uber drivers in the area (or if they refuse to pick them up). Any retaliation should be precise, specific, and personal. This is a sniper rifle’s task, not a blind shotgunner’s.

Feather Blade said...

"“Cowardly is what I'd call it," Fields said. "We don't have anything. No motivation and no group has stepped up to acknowledge or accept what has been done. I call them cowards.”"


Maybe Officer Friendly ought to consider that A Clue.

But sure, trying to provoke the perpetrators into identifying themselves because you think they'd care enough about your opinion to object to being called a coward is certainly a strategy.

Unknownsailor said...

The response by Chief Fields is a perfect example of how that agency is used to dealing with sub 90 IQ criminals ruled by emotion.

Newsflash, Chief Fields: If ex-military operators did this, calling them "cowards" publicly will accomplish exactly jack and shit.

Aesop said...

Chief Fields' spiritual grandfathers wore red coats, and bitched about uncivilized colonials hiding behind rocks and trees and shooting people in the back.
And he's a dumbass.

nick flandrey said...

IIRC G Gordon Liddy wrote an article about which substations to take out, oh so long ago. I think it was one of the "mens" magazines?

added - probably this one.. "American Nightmare" (November 1977). Chic. vol. 2, no. 1. although I can't find an online copy yet.


Jonathan H said...

There are some very easy ways to protect this - easy, but heavy.

Every underground coal mine in Appalachia has taken appropriate measures, because miners have done this with varying frequency since the big strike in the 70's - I'm told deer rifles do the job quite well.

As mentioned above, it could have been planned as part of looting; I think we'll know depending on how hard they investigate. If we never hear of it again, it was the work of gangs.

Skyler the Weird said...

Their spiritual ancestors wore greencoats or had greensprigs in their hats and were left to be eaten by wild hogs after the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Anonymous said...

Just read an article online today talking about attacks on electric sub-stations taking place in other states at about the same date/time as the NC attack, although details seem a bit sketchy...Washington state, Oregon, etc. Interesting times. Looks like the FIBBERS are trying to link it all to right wing extremists...go figure. GruntPa