Saturday, June 18, 2016

Semper F*cked

From Marine Corps Times:

Right now, (LtCol) Coleman said he is training the officers and staff noncommissioned officers who will facilitate these discussions. The trainers often ask him why the service is opening all combat jobs to women if mixed-gender teams did not perform as well as their all-male counterparts during the service's Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force experiment.
“We tell them that, yes, the majority of the tasks they performed at a lower level; however, their performance was not unsatisfactory,” Coleman said. “Their performance and the attacks that they executed were not failures. They just were potentially slower, maybe it was less accurate – whatever the metric that was being used for that particular task.
"It may have been a little bit off from what the males were, but they were still meeting what we have in our training readiness manuals as the standards.”
So, in short, screw excellence. The new Marine Corps standard is "slow, but not unsatisfactory." Imagine Recruit Dipstick giving that answer as his excuse to his drill instructor anytime in the last 100 years, and tell me what the response would have been in the real Marine Corps, instead of the New Sugarcoated Pansy Corps of today. Chesty Puller and thousands of Marines buried on three continents must be spinning in their graves fast enough to trigger seismographs at Caltech.

Doubtless they'll be awarding personal decorations for Marines who were "not unsatisfactory" in doing something that only gets half their squad, platoon, or company killed, because "half-assed" is the new "outstanding".

And there isn't a single butt-kissing general officer in the entire Marine Corps, let alone officer or SNCO, willing to tell the entire goddamned Emperor's Parade that HopeyDopey and his peter-puffing SecNav have fixed it such that America's sons and daughters will fill body bags to make the Rainbow Warriors Diversity Protective Association happy.

Good luck with accepting third-rate as the new normal, especially as the rest of the world tunes up to eat our lunch. Combat Barbie is going to get ass-rapped, literally, and G.I Joe is going to be cannon fodder picking up her slack. Particularly by those enemies, both current and yet-to-appear, who didn't get the memo that "readiness manual standards" are as good as they'll perform when they take us on. Look up how that outlook worked out at Little Big Horn or Corregidor, and get back to us. And better issue your recruits buttlube along with bullets.

Try, if you can, to explain how this is anything but a calculated attempt to hamstring and disarm the United States' military, in broad daylight and plain sight, and the fruit of an absolutely treasonous plan to assure that we never win any conflict from here on out.

Back when we had an actual military worth the name, turning in this kind of craptastic performance as an officer or SNCO would get your career cancelled.
Now they'll be handing out cupcakes and Navy Achievment Medals for this sort of "slower, but not unsatisfactory" half-assery disguised as actual performance.

So much for "standards won't be compromised". Riiiiiight. We'll just strive for the bottom end of them, rather than trying to excel.

I guess after 240 1/2 years, it was just too good to last.

All-male ground combat teams outperformed their mixed-gender counterparts in nearly every capacity during a recent infantry integration test, Marine Corps officials revealed Thursday.
Data collected during a months-long experiment showed Marine teams with female members performed at lower overall levels, completed tasks more slowly and fired weapons with less accuracy than their all-male counterparts. In addition, female Marines sustained significantly higher injury rates and demonstrated lower levels of physical performance capacity overall, officials said.
The troubling findings come as Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford prepares to make a crucial decision regarding the integration of female troops into closed combat roles. Faced with a Defense Department-wide mandate that will open all jobs to women by Jan. 1, he must decide whether to ask for specific exceptions to the mandate in order to preserve combat readiness. Officials said Dunford had met with Navy Secretary Ray Mabus about the decision but had yet to issue his recommendations.

So now that we've seen how that question is answered, it's official.
JCS Chairman General Joseph Dunford and Commandant Robert Neller are a pair of four-star pussies.

(And when they retire, to collect blood money pensions, they'll become EX-Marines, joining the ranks of such celebrated ex-Marines as Charles Whitman, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Murtha, and Charles Rangel.) 

Consider the gauntlet thrown, shitbirds.

At your service, "generals", you unmitigated sonsofbitches.
If you'd been actual Marines, you'd have told SecNav and POTUS to piss up a rope, publicly, and told them where they could stick your pensions and retirement papers.
If you'd done that, you'd either be the next Senator from Pickastate, the next SecDef, or on the short list for Trump's VP. And then the book deal and speaking fees.
As it is, you clearly wouldn't make pimples on a good Marine's ass, and that goes for the rest of your leadership from top to bottom. The entire bunch should be melted down for fish sinkers, if not for the fact that the toxic stench would depopulate any body of water into which you were dropped. And the blood of every Marine henceforth who dies in combat will be on both of your hands, indelibly, and eternally.

Sleep tight, America.
When next the nation calls, the Marines will be at the beauty salon.
Just like the other services.
When the next jihadi sumbitch shoots up a recruiting station or military base, maybe they can throw their purses at 'em.

Everyone else is on their own from here on out.


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I'll get on to the embroidering of "Tarda, Sed Non Incertiore" onto a flag immediately and get that sent post-haste to General Dunford ASAP. They can implement the new motto immediately.


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And what praytell will the ongoing degradation of the armed forces impact be during a shtf Scenario be, maybe a little joint U.N. exercise since they need the help, numbers low etc...wait didn't Lynch just mention that? Nooo, juiced up chicks with a man complex, fags and yes men won't turn on civillians. What say you now. Men with honor are becoming rare on active duty.

indyjonesouthere said...

It was the Corps turn to roll over...the Army airborne got stuck with that fooking Gen. Betraeus. Where are the grenades when you really need one?