Saturday, June 11, 2016

El WTF Nino

It doesn't rain in SoCal in June, but what with this year's El Nino, which is apparently the excuse for Mother Nature to go on a year-long Cinco de Mayo drunken rampage, it's raining today. Like it never does here in June.

Usually June can be counted on for it to be cloudy/gloomy all morning until noon, then the marine layer haze burns off, and it's still pre-summer comfortable the rest of the day.

But evidently this year's oceanic subsurface temperature surges mean "anything goes".

The good news is that helps end the multi-year drought (or it will, if some of this manages to fall as late season snow in the high Sierras). But mainly, it just loosens weeks of accumulated road goo and oil, and turns the freeways into playgrounds for morons with more horsepower than horse sense.

Just as well. Now I don't have to wash the car, and I wasn't going anywhere today anyhow.

I keep hoping I'll read that it washed most of Los Angeles away and/or buried it under mud slides, but so far, no joy there.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile up Northerly there wasn't any precipitation where it was needed in order to snow up here, and it's been hot as Hades. WTF El Nino indeed!

As for LA and the Bay having trouble, the people who decided to park themselves on the San Andreas (and the Hayward) have only themselves to blame for living on a landmine. When, not if. That'll do the job, Aesop ;)

Aesop said...

Yeah, got a little 5.2 reminder of that the other morning about 1AM.
Gets the blood flowing, because you never know how big it's going to be, or how big it was somewhere else.
After a couple of nearby 7 pointers, the littler ones aren't fun anymore.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing in Vegas - a shower after a long dry spell was worse than icey roads up north.