Monday, June 16, 2014

The Most Competent Administration In History

So, just to recap, after the United States spent a decade at war, one or two trillion dollars, and a paltry few thousand military members killed, maimed, shell-shocked, PTSD'ed, and just plain wore-out from repetitive deployments, the same root of jihadism that spawned Al Qaeda is well on the way to reconquering most of Iraq in about a week, in a conga line of Toyota Hiluxes, with a handful of hardcore AK-47-armed sociopaths apiece. They're helpfully marking their route with a trail of corpses in roadside ditches, and using the heads removed from their victims as hood ornaments and gatepost decorations from the Syrian border nearly to Baghdad, and our embassy has begun getting our people out until we get to the last pitiful helicopter leaving the roof with Maliki, our ambassador, and the last handful of Marine embassy guards. Again, in my lifetime.

Ann Coulter's comment in 2001 that "We should bomb their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity" isn't at all as extreme now, with the hindsight of the last two weeks available, and the psychopathic behavior of the new conquerors surprising to no one. Personally I hope when (not if) we have to return to Iraq the next time such a cesspit predictably exports jihad to our shores and kills a few hundreds or thousands of our countrymen, we do it from 50,000', so that the only people distressed by that country for some appreciable length of time are those downwind of the fallout pattern. Our first visit was modeled on Germany after WWII. Our next trip should be modeled on Carthage after the final Punic War. 
Babylonia delenda est, ut id est dulce et decorum.

Meanwhile we (by which I mean the White House, in absolute violation of explicitly written federal law) successfully negotiated to give five of the most egregious murdering jihadi nutjobs from Guantanamo back, in exchange for a traitorous deserter and enemy collaborator, with no notion nor even a whisper of properly and promptly court-martialing the sonofabitch and standing him up against a wall to shoot him in the face at a live press conference, for his flagrant violations of Article 99 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which breaches subsequently cost a number of lives of the men searching to recover him, and an unknown cost when he doubtless spilled everything he knew about our military TTPs and SOPs to his jihadi hosts.

And as frosting on the Eff You All cake, the IRS has claimed, a full year after receiving specific subpoenas from Congress, that Lois Lerner's computer conveniently, magically, we-swear-it-really-happened-like-this-TRUST-US!, crashed way back, just in time to eliminate all the records pivotal to the heart of the investigation, and none of what the Congress requested last summer will be forthcoming, helpfully for the entire rest of the executive branch. (When the White House tried that nonsense for one lousy tape in 1973, people marched on the White House, and the drums began beating in Congress for Nixon's impeachment, which was about to kick off in less than a year. And he had higher poll numbers than the current guy.)

But don't worry, the president is on the case, somewhere on the back nine of the Thunderbird Country Club. I'm sure the name brings him fond recollections of his favorite daily beverage.

And don't give me any crap about this being all because he's black.
The fact that he's black is the only thing I like about the guy.

But is he ever going to be one pissed off S.O.B. come Monday morning when he reads about all this stuff in the paper!

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