Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flick Pick: Risky Business

Risky Business
(Warner Bros., 1983)

Pulling in $63M on a $6M budget, this was the film.
The film that put Tom Cruise on Hollywood's map. The film that introduced Rebecca DeMornay. And Bronson Pinchot and Curtis Armstrong, and made Joe Pantoliano's career happen. It was the '80s version of The Graduate, boosted sales of tightie whities, brought Ray-Bans back in vogue, and gave Bob Seeger's career another 10-year boost, all on the strength of one music video scene. Paul Brickman wrote the entire thing, and directed it flawlessly, and then apparently passed into Tinseltown oblivion after delivering this magnum opus. The soundtrack ranges from inspired to iconic, and the comedy delivery was razor-edged and the essence of subtlety.  "Time of your life, eh kid?" Indeed.

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