Saturday, June 7, 2014

Flick Pick: Top Secret!

Top Secret!
(Paramount, 1984)

Sometime between Airplane! and The Naked Gun, Jim Abrahams and the Zuckers put a rookie actor from Julliard named Val Kilmer into this over-the-top send-up of every Elvis/spy/underground resistance/secret agent movie ever made, and produced inspired madness at better than a gag-a-minute. Like all the Abrahams/Zucker/Zucker projects, don't look away, because you'll miss something. Paramount apparently lost their minds and forgot to promote it at the time (and still doubled their money), but video/DVD rentals and cable have long since remedied that early slight. If this one hasn't hooked you by the end of the Skeet Surfing credits intro (Val Kilmer sings!), you learned humor from Vladimir Putin.

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