Monday, April 7, 2014

RIP John Pinette

The funniest standup comic working in America died this weekend. John Pinette , 50, was just too damn much funny to fit in a normal sized body. In nearly 30 years of touring, multiple specials and CDs, he entertained tens of millions of fans his entire adult life. A gifted mimic, Broadway show singer, and tireless fountain of good cheer, he didn't pick on anyone personally, and avoided political or topical humor, concentrating on food, his love of it, and the results of that for himself and his travels through life. Through recorded performances from the past, he'll be entertaining people for years to come, leaving nothing behind but a satisfied audience and an empty plate.

Sidelined from touring by recovery from recent surgeries, one of his recent Twitter posts tells it best:

"...I'm on the mend, and I promise to hit the stage as soon as humanly possible so I can once again have the honor of making you guys, my friends and fans laugh like you've never laughed before. That's my promise! Thank you for being patient and most of all thank you for allowing me to entertain you for all of these years.

Now I have to go, I think a girl scout just rang my doorbell.

Sincerely, Your friend,
John Pinette"

What a great guy. I hope there's a Chinese buffet in heaven, and John is just settling in after his 20th trip to load up a platter.

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Anonymous said...

Damn...what a shame. He was tremendously funny, and gave the impression he was a genuinely good guy offstage. Definitely my favorite large mammal. He will be missed.