Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flick Pick: The Terminator

The Terminator
(Orion, 1984)

The film that cemented two careers: mega-storyteller writer/director James Cameron, and box-office force of nature Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cameron sold the screenplay to Orion for a dollar on the condition he get to direct it. The movie was made for $6.5M on the theory that it would be sci-fi schlock in and out of theatres in a week or two. It went to #1 immediately, made $78M, and stayed in theatres for 13 weeks. Introduced audiences to Linda Hamilton (at the young and cute stage), and Cameron go-to actors Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn. In one interesting side note, one of the possible choices for the Terminator was Orion studios' suggestion O.J. Simpson, but Cameron didn't think O.J. was believable as a killer.

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