Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flick Pick: Titanic

(Paramount/20th Cent. Fox, 1997)

Listed here on the 102nd anniversary of the tragedy, the most epic disaster film ever made, highest grossing film of all time when released, on the highest budget ever spent, and tied for most Academy Awards with Ben Hur and later Lord Of The Rings, winning eleven, including Best Picture, and Best Director for James Cameron.
A fictional love story wrapped inside the greatest special effects and the most realistic (9/10ths scale) recreation of the ill-fated star ever built, with the added virtue of the physics of the sinking being as close to true as will ever be had 80 years after the fact. Despite being a legendary screamer, Cameron managed to successfully create one of the greatest movies of all time out of one of the modern world's biggest disasters, making it not merely a film but an experience, and deserves the awards and accolades this movie subsequently garnered.

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