Saturday, March 1, 2014

Flick Pick: Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet
(MGM, 1956)

One of the granddaddy films of great sci-fi, with Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen in a straight-up role, the stunningly beautiful and talented Anne Francis at all of 25, and the iconic Robbie The Robot, precursor of every good cinematic robot afterwards. Nominated for an Academy Award for visual effects, but just as conspicuously, in the hallmark of good science fiction, requiring the audience to use their minds as much as to oogle the screen magic.


The Old Man said...

You realize that is a no-brainer, given your past picks.
Which I tend to agree with....

Aesop said...

I figure about 75% of them are no-brainers, but some people haven't had a classical cinematic education.