Monday, March 3, 2014

Flick Pick: Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home
(Paramount, 1986)

Another blockbuster, cementing the tradition that roughly every other outing in the series doesn't suck, this one brought the story begun in Wrath Of Khan home, metaphorically, and literally, to present-day San Francisco. The crew of the 23rd century Enterprise interacting with 20th century San Franciscans are some of the best in the movie(s).
Well made, coherent, and fun to watch, Nimoy brought it in under budget, and it made quite a financial pile for the studio, despite cast salaries beginning to reflect their worth to the franchise (which, offscreen, directly contributed to Paramount rebooting the TV series with new, relatively unknown, and undeniably less costly actors).

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