Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Vote! Moar! Harder!

Well well. Seems that, despite eleventy-eleven indictments for everything from overdue library books to wearing a bad hairpiece in public, Trump only beat every other GOP-lite candidate, combined, in the Iowa Cornbowl.

Fourth-place finisher Ramalamadingdong, who only trailed Trump by 43 percentage points (more than the tally totals of Jeb #2 and Jeb #3 combined), has ejected from further headfirst smashes into the brick wall, rolled over, and kissed Trump's ass, in the bid to become the next Veep running mate.

That worked for Kamala Kneepads in 2020. No word on whether Ramalamadingdong plans on stocking up on Chapstick to duplicate that feat.

None of that means fuck-all for the actual 2024 election. Team Poopypants' continued Keep-Him-The-Hell-Away-From-Live-Microphones-For-Another-Year strategy, a carbon-copy of the 2020 plan, points to the re-deployment of another massive Election Steal apparatus in 2024, except likely a necessary order of magnitude larger, to counteract what looks to be an actual 70-30 Biden drubbing, were a conventional (read "factual, free, and honest") election to be held this year.

It won't be.

My prediction of what happens in 2024 is a re-do of 2020: 

Biden "wins" again this time, improving on his 81M imaginary votes from 2020, with a final score of Biden 972%, and Trump 49%. Nothing to see here. Move along.

An actual election scares hell out of both parties, because they know who'd win that. Just like he did the last two times. They're morons, but they're not complete idiots.

The Deep State would hold a motorcade for Trump in Dallas the day he wins the nomination, and the GOP would donate the convertible for him to ride in before that would happen. The FBI and CIA can be relied upon to supply the Usual Book Depository Spectators, as they both have some wee experience with that sort of thing.

But in the meantime, the spectacle of Trump single-handedly upending the entire assembled crew of GOPe midgets, every single time it's tried, is heartwarming, in that it sets the poo-flinging monkeys from both wings of the Uniparty (that would be just about all of them) to digging in their diapers for more offerings to throw at President Trump, and highlights the desperation and blatant frothingly mad depths of shrieking hysteria to which they'll happily succumb, in their ceaseless quest to keep their jackboots on the neck of the American people.

The election season is merely kabuki theater in service of that end, despite the fact that it's proving as effective at stopping Trump from regaining the presidency as were rules changes in stopping Jonathan E. in Rollerball.

The real fun starts, in both instances, five minutes after the show is over, outside the arena.

Stock up on canned goods: both the #10 and olive drab variety.

You're gonna need them.

And maybe this time, ignore the media's attempt to usurp coronation rights of their selectee, contrary to all reality.


Dan said...

Yes....none of this matters. I don't know who will win the election come November but I DO know the DNC has already chosen who will win. And it WON'T BE Trump. TINVOWOOT

As for canned goods....stock up on food. Wen the bottom drops out you will need it.
As for ammo...have plenty, for barter. But if you need a couple thousand rounds for actual combat you have planned poorly and will be dead before you fire that many rounds. In fact more people will be burnt out of their shelter via arson than will be involved in a fight.

John Wilder said...

If the first January 6 scared them . . .

LSP said...

Right on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rollerball. The past is prologue. God bless James Caan.
Stock up, aye. More than barter, it's Patriot Resupply.
Boat Guy

Skyler the Weird said...

Professor Kingsfield up there in the stands for Houston Energy does kinda resemble Klaus Schwab.

Orange Man Bad. Orange Man Bad Orange Man Bad

Anonymous said...

There will be Blood, Bowel seepage, Piss and Brain matter.
No matter the “winner.”

Anonymous said...

“ In fact more people will be burnt out of their shelter via arson than will be involved in a fight.”

Thats been my Exact thought!!
FACT. It’s there weapon of choice, as we have seen.

I dont know many homes that are 24/7/365 Up and On Point. Mine happens to be out of happen stance. And that could change at a whim.

The wife and the kids home or Sleeping. while the ol’man is at work day or night…most likely wont end well.

Skyler the Weird said...

“ In fact more people will be burnt out of their shelter via arson than will be involved in a fight.”

They did not do a second frontal assault at Waco. They set My Carmel on fire.

Michael Gladius said...

Only 972%? Surely the silicon overlords can top that!

Nikki Haley has spent a lot on ads claiming Trump can’t beat Biden. I would love to see Trump run ads ridiculing them. <3

elysianfield said...

Well, Trump should pick Vivek "Rammin-Sammy" Ramaswamy for his running mate. Why? Entertainment factor alone. Trump may be an attack dog, but Rammin-Sammy is an eloquent attack dog.

...Let the games begin!

Anonymous said...

what is coming is not going to be "confused with a 4th of July parade" (h/t to J.C. Dodge) it is going to be ugly, hell-on-earth... brutal. And at this juncture, unavoidable. There's going to be a fight. Harden your hearts, sharpen your minds and tomahawks, make your peace with your God.
May we all meet up on the other side, or in Valhalla.
Original Grandpa

Tucanae Services said...

There is one thing that would scare the ever loving Depends off Pols. Trump was not on the ballot but won by write in. Never happen, the logistics being what they are in the election process. But if it did it would be a royal coronation second only to General Washington becoming POTUS.