Thursday, December 22, 2016

Why Shrillary Lost - Exhaustive Version

1) She was an abominable candidate.
She won exactly one election in her whole life - as the carpetbagging former first lady coming off of her husband's demotion to ordinary lecher, instead of Lecher In Chief, in one of the safest liberal senate seats in the country, NFY.
When she ran for president, she got shellacked from out of nowhere by the even less qualified Magic Halfrican from Kenya.
This should have been a warning for 2016, but hubris was more in play than mature and sober reflection.

2) She never personally or politically did anything in her life.
The only signature issue she stood for as first lady/co-president, ShrillaryCare, was rejected soundly. Then co-opted by the guy who kicked her ass for the win in 2008, and at that, it is the most universally despised act of his entire presidency. She championed exactly nothing else despite an entire lifetime on the opposite side of the wedding cake from actual power. Not as Arkansas first lady, not as co-president, not as a US senator, not as US Secretary of State, not ever at any point in time did she have so much as one major issue she championed to success, no policy that was hers, no reason for anyone to pick her out of a line-up.
She only got a senate seat out of pity because Fat Bill was impeached and termed out of office, and people pitied her for tying herself to the political fortunes of such an unabashed serial adulterer.
She has done so much nothing in a lifetime of shrill whinging, there ought to be a trophy in it somewhere, probably featuring the talking heads from The Spew. But she hasn't even won that.
The entire summation of her raison d'etre for running for everything can best be summed up by the title of the upcoming collection of her campaign speeches from 2000-present: The Vagina Monologues.

3) She is a serial liar.
Even when polled by that bastion of political even-handedness, HuffPo, back in 2015, their own self-selected frothing liberal moonbat audience overwhelmingly picked the first five words most strongly tied to Hillary as liar, dishonest, crook, untrustworthy, and criminal. And that was mostly her own fans talking about her.
Waaaay back when she was a young lawyer working for the Democrat impeachment committee instrumental in bringing down Richard Nixon, she was thrown out by her own people because she was correctly described by them as a dishonest, unethical, unscrupulous loose cannon.
Democrats calling you too crooked to prosecute Nixon is like Olivier or Brando telling you your acting sucks, or crazy people calling the cops to come throw a net over you.
That should have been a career-ender right there.
After a debilitating incident revealed her frail health, she and her people came up with not one, not two, but five versions of the truth, and there's no reason to believe #5 was any more honest than #1, then or now.
In between, she was in charge of character assassination of every one of the (honest) bimbo eruptions that correctly painted her husband as the utter douchebag the DNC knows and loves, not a single mischaracterization of which she has since rescinded nor apologized for. She blamed everything on a "vast right-wing conspiracy", when instead, time after time, she proves to be heading a vast left-wing conspiracy to lie, lie about lying, and then lie to cover up the lies when she gets caught lying. She claimed she was named after the famous conqueror of Mt. Everest - except he hadn't climbed it yet when she was born. She was "under sniper fire" in Bosnia. (One can only wish such dreams came true.) She makes Brian Williams look like George Washington discussing his cherry tree exploits. It's been so predictable, for decades, that she personifies the truism that "If her lips are moving, she's lying. If she's silent, she's lying. If she's standing, she's  lying."

4) She was more crooked going into the primaries than the actual presidential administrations of Nixon, Harding, and Grant combined.
Anyone googling Hillary Clinton Scandals causes the entire internet to slow down worldwide.
Charles Colson was sent to prison for years during Watergate for mishandling one FBI file.
Shrillary deleted 30,000 e-mails, hundreds containing the most secret information our country has, each count worth a year to ten years in federal prison, and the head of the FBI can't find any laws that were broken. Conveniently, after her husband the ex-Prez met with the FBI Director's boss, the AG.
When that happens anywhere else, the national flag has a bunch of bananas on it, and the president is for-life.
When it used to happen here, someone was frog-marched in an orange jumpsuit to the federal pokey for years.

5) She has blood on her hands.
A US ambassador, and former US military guys contracted as security, died while she dithered, after failing to pay any heed to warnings about the lack of security at the consulate in Benghazi, while she, as Secretary of State, bore direct personal responsibility for the state of affairs at every US embassy and consulate worldwide.
Then she tried to palm the whole thing off on some poor schmuck in California who made a documentary seen by 43 people before the attack.
Then, the serious lying commenced. (See #3, above).
The number of people who've crossed she and/or Bill over the years, and succumbed to "Arkansas flu" is legendary.
Actuarially, the odds of it all being coincidental are astronomically small, and the phenomenon has killed more people than any serial killer in US history.
I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

6) She's quite simply a horrible person.
Besides all of the above, she's laughed about the lies she's told, the people her negligence has gotten killed, and the time after time after countless times beyond numbering she's been caught, red-handed, pants gloriously aflame, pulling crooked things, telling monstrous whoppers, and just generally demonstrating the millions of reasons why most people would have sooner sent their kids to an underpants slumber party at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, than trust her enough to put her in office, any office, let alone the presidency.

It wasn't Comey's letters, bad press, Russian hacking, sexism, racism, global warming, the one-armed man, or the guy on the grassy knoll who cost Shrillary the presidency.

She cost herself the job by a lifetime's worth of actions, in an age when everyone knows everything about you at the speed of electrons, and the lie can no longer get halfway around the world before the truth has gotten it's boots on.

She is a victim of everything she's done, and everything she is, and the living embodiment of Lincoln's "...but you can't fool all of the people, all of the time."

Hillary cost Hillary the election. Period.

(Democrats: Want to win again? Stop nominating horrible douchecanoes, for starters. If only for the novelty of the action...)

She needs to simply STFU, slither back to her hole, shrivel up, and enjoy whatever remains of her life before whatever debilitating disease she's busy concealing rips her out of her mortal coil, and she finds herself looking for a lakeside condo on the Lake Of Fire, somewhere below the Sixth Circle of Hell.

But if AG Sessions has different ideas on prosecuting breaches of national security than AG Lynch or FBI Director Wormtongue did, the advice of this blog is that you go long on popcorn futures.


martinla said...

excellently done! I think trump and team play nice until inauguration and then the gloves may well come off at her and at chairman zero. Zero continues to undermine and delegitimize Trump, and that and the entire recount/electors saga must be priming the incoming team for some payback

Anonymous said...

Further points:

Bernie probably SHOULD have been the candidate based on primary results, but the super-delegates said otherwise. Oh,the schadenfreude, the person who circumvented the popular vote in the primary bellyaching about the popular vote in the General.... But I digress, telling a bunch of voters from your OWN party that their primary votes don't count, then expecting them to come out for you in the General, will make them stay home in droves on election day. This is quite different from your candidate losing fair-and-square, but going out to vote for the candidate who DID win the primary (McCain, Romney, Bush Jr (twice))

Categorizing half the nation, include those folks in flyover country she NEEDED to come out and vote for her, as a "basket of deplorables", well that ain't a recipe for election.

Mark D

AZRobert said...

No payback, even though the liberal MSM will call it that.

After 1-20-2017 just apply justice under the law for ALL with no exceptions, dem or rep or moslem, break or broke the law......justice will NOW be served......

Also JUSTICE for ALL Fort Hood victims of Muslim Jihad Terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Sir, you use your keyboard prettier than a 20 dollar . . .

George True said...

I have heard third hand reports that on election night, when she realized she had lost, that she went on a raging violent rampage. Said rampage included yelling, screaming, profanity, throwing things, breaking things, crying, and finally physically attacking Robby Mook and John Podesta, at which point she had to be physically restrained.

Just imagine THAT in the White House calling all the shots. The stuff of nightmares. We seriously dodged the mother of all bullets this time. Regardless of what Trump does or doesn't do, I will always be grateful to him for taking her out.