Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Viva Counterrevoluccion!

                    is Fake News

If a body were to make an 8"x10" stencil of that, and tag as they had a mind, there's no telling what might happen. (Good and bad.)

If they did it with spray-on Christmas snow on the windows of a few dozen department stores and suchlike, it'd also be pretty darned hard to label as malicious destructive vandalism.

(If you do it to car rear windows at the employee lots of the local newspaper, radio, or TV station, or on the plexiglass front of your local newspaper rack, my hat's off to you, you magnificent bastards.)

You may have read the idea here first.
(Which was pretty much the point.)

Anybody inclined to go out and do it is entirely on their own.

Do yourself a favor: buy the Christmas snow with cash.

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Windy Wilson said...

And don't buy it at Walmart, they seem to have video of everyone who goes through the checkout lines.