Sunday, March 6, 2016

And up ahead...

Rubio, just about to demonstrate that he cannot even deliver his home state in his own party, is toast.
(Thank heavens. No Marco Amnesty in the White House.)

Kasich is probably about to prove the same in Ohio.
If this getting down to Cruz vs. Trump finally proves that the majority of Republicans don't want Trump, or do, it will be illuminating.

I hope Cruz wins, not because he'd be a savior, despite being the only conservative with a track record of opposing the march of insanity when it's counted, but because he'd buy us 4-8 more years to soften the fall, brace for impact, and make the landing survivable to some extent. That's best case.

Trump being a douche of epic proportions, I expect should he lose the nomination that he'll either sabotage the GOP with a scorched-earth third-party run, or return to his former preoccupation before his candidacy, and start palling around with the Democrats, exactly as he's done for forty years.
(Remember, he's a Republican to the exact extent Bloomberg is - utility and expediency, not anything like any bare conviction).

If he prevails instead, the GOP will have the mirror image of HopeyDopey teed up: a deranged assclown of monumental incompetence, blessed with pathological narcissism, a mediocre intellect, and absent any accountability whatsoever to anyone for his actions, both those legal and those flagrantly unconstitutional. Which the army of morons supporting him cheer on with glee, and total uncomprehension of the rocks beneath the cliff from which they're jumping.

How'd that work out for us since 2008?

Obama, being half-black, was supposed to be the racial healer of America.
Sh'yeah. Cities in flames.

And Trump's forte? Capitalism and business acumen.
On the cusp of the most monumentally devastating worldwide recession/depression imaginable, with a national debt in the tens of TRILLIONS.
So if he won, he'd be handed the world's biggest grenade, with the world's shortest fuse already lit and smoking.

THAT will work out well.

Meanwhile, either Shrillary gets indicted mid-election, leaving Bernie to carry the torch for institutional Communism. Or, the Hildebeast beats the rap - or worse, never faces one - thus confirming that all rule of law is dead in this country, we live in the largest banana republic in the Western hemisphere, and Evita has a shot at the big ring.
And out of 300 million people, that's the best we can do...?

So yeah.
Defensible arable land. Permanent water supply. Food. Ammo. Mags & spare parts. Night vision.
And as many like-minded friends and neighbors as you can get.

Add a library, a still, and someone to ride the river with, and you could do a lot worse, looking at the panorama of history.

But improve on your parents' lot?
If you're really lucky, and God or an uncaring Universe really smiles on you and your efforts, your great-grandchildren may get to see that day.

"We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other." - John Adams


GamegetterII said...

I think Kasich is going to win Ohio,he's well liked around here,in and around Columbus,and can most likely pull enough votes to win Ohio.
I don't believe anyone running is going to get enough delegates to win the nomination.
The GOP convention in Cleveland out to be interesting,the BLM morons are promising a huge demonstration,Cleveland cops have a bid out for riot gear including collapsible batons.
The CPD beats "detainees" regularly,gets investigated by the feds every few years,and nothing changes. BLM idiots are going to riot-CPD is going to crack heads-it'll be the modern version of Chicago in 1968.

Aesop said...

The polls say Kasich won't, but I can hope. Anything that denies another winner-take-all pile of chips to Hairpiece is a good thing.

ELLO said...

First, thanks for all you do; I enjoy your writings and wish they were more frequent.
I think you're seeing Trump through GOPe eyes. Yes, he's an egotistical man with a somewhat simplistic view of things (ergo, his appeal to so many), but I think he really does love this country. (I haven't decided who to vote for, but it will be either Trump or Cruz.)
What most of us are missing is the bigger picture. We should look at events and think why, not individuals. Politics is a filthy sleazy business, and the rhetoric is for the most part designed to redirect peoples attention away from the truth.
A good example is the protesting happening this weekend. Why are we not seeing similar protests at a Cruz or Rubio event? Why is the GOPe blaming Trump for the unrest? Surely we should be supporting the candidate that elicits the most emotional violent response from the likes of Soros, Ayers and Berniedrones?
Whatever the truth ends up being, I hope we as a country can navigate this period of it's life and come out the other end intact.
As for all the political posturing going on by good conservatives all over, it might be a good idea to step off the podium for a bit.

Aesop said...

I think Trump ultimately loves only Trump, and he's been remarkably consistent in pursuing that single-minded courtship since last year at this time.

And as he's spent the better part of the last year appealing to the very worst instincts of people, it's rather disingenuous of him to whine now that it's exactly what he's getting.

Much like the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, and for exactly the same reasons, seeing Trump facing off against the violent Leftists, my quandary is picking one to root for over the other, and intense sadness that ultimately, probably only one of them can lose.