Friday, October 2, 2015

Thoughts On The Latest (And Every Other) School Shooting

Gun banners, call your office. Your policies are working exactly as planned.


Ken Barrows said...

Interesting POV. I suspect, though, that the lives saved by arming everyone (or keeping existing policy) might be lost by the greater number of accidents.

Aesop said...

Yeah, except that IIRC, gun accidents by CCW holders are approaching the numbers for human-lightning strikes in absolute numbers.

Nota bene the number of times these glory-seeking homicidal fuctards attack police stations and courthouses, let alone gun ranges, and you know everything you need to about Gun Free Zones vs. Gun-Rich Zones.

Doug said...

Maybe I'm missing something here.
Why would you go into a gun free zone to begin with without a gun?
The equation is so dumbass simple to begin with it defies all logic.
You have 3 choices:
#1, Don't.
#2, Carry a weapon regardless.
#3, There isn't a 3rd choice. Because going into a gun free zone without a gun isn't choice, it is suicide.

There is an old NY City proverb about living and working in the big apple without a gun: "Better to be judged by 7, than to be carried by 12.
Lets see, dead because you couldn't shoot the fucker who is going to shoot you because you obeyed a diktat of citizen disarmament?
Or, observe your primal, natural, and constitutional law of the right to defend yourself, and live.
Calling all rocket scientists...calling all rocket scientists!

Anonymous said...