Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Papieren, bitte.

Facts, as John Adams famously noted, are stubborn things.

Karl Deninger's Market Ticker b-roll backstory seems to underline the zealousness of the 53-member Ferguson Gestapo PD in how they oversee the peasants down on the plantation of greater Ferguson.
By all means, go read the link, then come back.

in 2013, the Ferguson Municipal Court issued 24,532 arrest warrants and 12,018 cases, “or about 3 warrants and 1.5 cases per household.”
Or put another way, it amounts to 463 warrants per sworn officer and 227 cases per sworn officer, which amounts to every officer coming up with 2 warrants and one case per shift, every day, forever, in a 'burb with a population smaller than an Ohio State U. football home game crowd. And a court that in a nominal 250-day calendar issues 98 arrest warrants every single court day forever, 12 an hour, one every five minutes.

Holy Fucking Shit, Batman, it's a monumentally epic crime wave!!!

No one has documented this level of everyday lawlessness in 6.2 square miles since Genghis and Co. dropped in to visit Russia on a road trip from Mongolia.

Even allowing for some help from outside agencies for some fraction of those stats, one wonders how people like Ofr. Wilson found time to accost two mere jaywalkers in the first place, since they have apparently stumbled upon a municipality that runs like Beirut, yet with only 6% of its population.

Beirut Lebanon population: 361,366
Ferguson MO USA population: 21,135
That's more than one arrest warrant per resident, per year!
Either this is the largest organized crime tribe in America encompassing the entire city; or if, as in most communities, fewer than 10% of the city's people are causing more than 95% of the problems, you'd think they'd elect to do something besides citing the same 2,000 people every 5 weeks over and over again, at some point in time.

For comparison, in 928 episodes on TV, over 27 seasons, the TV show COPS would have to document a warrant case more frequently than one-per-minute of its 20,416 total on-air minutes to date just to get to that level of crime and disorder that Ferguson apparently enjoyed in just the last year.

Nota bene that's the arrest and case stats for only the Municipal Court, so it doesn't even approach the number of absolute total traffic tickets, as well as normal misdemeanor and felony arrests processed there or in Superior Court, or whatever Ferguson's version of it is.

It's truly a wonder the members of the Ferguson PD can shoot a gun at all with their hands as crippled up from writer's cramp and repetitive stress syndrome as they must certainly be from this level of lawbreaking.
When, praytell, do they find time to eat a donut??

The Ferguson PD don't need to be suspended: they need to be lined up against a wall and shot.
Why the protesters haven't marched on and burned the police HQ and the courthouse is anybody's guess, but against stats like that, assuming they're accurate, their forbearance is legendary, and makes the signers of the Declaration of Independence sound like a bunch of whining pussy crybabies by comparison over a paltry ha'penny tax per hundredweight on tea.

Ignoring these obvious truths is what happens when you make math optional beyond the 10th grade, and especially at journalism school. One can only wonder how no one in the Fourth Estate - 57 channels and nothing on - never seems to have ever noticed the level of what passes for justice that has been going on in that little burg since time out of mind.


dan said...

Thanks,I'll be passing this along.
Police State corruption...
The situation has grown so dire that Amnesty International has sent human rights teams to the U.S. for the first time ever and China and Iran have stated their concerns about human rights violations.
heard this:

Aesop said...

This wouldn't be anything if we were talking about a population like Chicago or NYC.

But when 53 cops in a village of 21K are writing up that much "crime", law enforcement has little to do with what's going on.