Friday, May 23, 2014

The Dog That Does't Bark

For reference, it seems that a couple of ladies in the Alpine TX (Texas?! WTF?) area were recently roughed up by the minions of HopeyDopey and BigGov recently. And their neighbor noticed it.
And documented it.

So did another blog.
And the local TV news.
And the local newspaper.
And another newspaper has more here.

What was notable here was that as a condition of bail, the victim was required to recant all statements alleging federal agents' witnessed and documented misconduct. US. v. Lipsen bail conditions.

Which, as UCLA law professor and former SCOTUS clerk Eugene Volokh has noted in the WaPo, is not only blatantly unconstitutional knavery, it isn't even within artillery range of the boundaries of allowable bail conditions.

By all accounts, the DEA has raided the establishment in question some four times to date, and failed to find so much as one illegal seed of anything. When the neighbor was complaining, they raided and searched his house too. Then got a warrant for the search after they'd already done the raid.

A suspicious-minded person might be forgiven for wondering why the DEA and CBP keeps raiding a dry hole over and over, when narcotics traffic across the border in the Big Bend region is, by all accounts, wildly out of control. And for thinking that repeated attentions to someone who's obviously Not The Problem while ignoring the actual criminals, is a bit more than convenient coincidence. Or even for suspecting that perhaps some cartel payoffs and marketing expansion by certain feds might certainly be involved. But that would be unfair, because anecdotally, the CBP and DEA are at worst only 40-70% penetrated by bribe-taking thugs on cartel payrolls, so tarring all of them with that brush is just wrong. [/sarc]

They might even start researching what level of official black-robed assclownery it takes to impeach or simply remove a federal magistrate who would issue such unconstitutional bail requirements upon a presumably innocent person, and why anyone on the federal bench would issue after-the-fact CYA warrants to federal agents who obviously just violated the law to conduct an unwarranted raid in the first place. And they should.

But what you aren't getting is the sound from the dog that isn't barking:

Sean Hannity isn't outraged.
Sarah Palin has issued no comments.
And most important of all, The entire Headless Chicken Posse and the Greater Fucktard Bundy Army aren't marching to the sound of the guns, against actual documented clear-cut federal abuses of power.

Yup, incredible as it may seem, despite actual, verified, ongoing, egregious and repeated abuse of federal law enforcement powers, none of the brilliant band of ne'er-do-wells from Bonkerville  Bunkerville is saddling up to head to Alpine TX and speak any power to The Man.

The chairborne commandos of the Internet, the Imaginary "FreeFor" Army, can't seem to saddle up and toddle off to step in when there's a plethora of actual violations of federal law going on.
Maybe they're afraid that unlike the hapless BLM rodeo clowns, the DEA may, y'know, actually shoot them.
Maybe they got lost in Vegas on their way to the turnoff.
And maybe they're all hiding in the corner and soiling themselves.

The greater point being, if that mob of fat-assed loudmouth crazies are the band of "patriots" anyone is counting on to come to their assistance, well, if that's your plan, I have some magic beans you might try too, and the price is reasonable if you have a family cow to sell.
Craven Cliven Bundy had cows.
The Lipsens apparently have no cows.
So no Fucktard Army will come to rescue them.

So if you don't have cows, to purchase the dubious allegiance of hordes of village idiots, it probably helps to have the law actually on your side, and be ready to, as the saying goes out here in the West, "fork your own broncs", one way or the other.

Nota bene that the Lipsens, and their neighbor, didn't go on YouTube and call for a jihad to hang all federal agents.
They went to the newspaper, the TV station, and the Internet, and stated the documented facts of the case.
They didn't allege that the world is upside down, and the feds have no jurisdiction over sovereign citizens.
They documented their actual violations of black-letter written and settled Constitutional law.

Bundy continues as a laughingstock.
The Lipsens will probably prevail at trial, and walk away with punitive damages in their pocket to boot, eventually.

Amazing how not acting like a bunch of lunatics, or depending on same, gets such a better response all the way around, i'n'it?

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Thanks for posting this...haven't seen it elsewhere yet...makes my blood boil...