Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flick Pick: Midnight Run

Midnight Run
(Universal, 1988)

In teaming Robert DeNiro with Charles Grodin in this flick, director Martin Brest did two things: he proved DeNiro can do comedy, and produced one of the best buddy movies of all-time. DeNiro was and is second to none in playing tough guys, so seeing how effortlessly he sends them up is worth watching alone. Teamed with Grodin, who never attempts to go toe to toe with DeNiro, just brilliantly undermines his character with a wit that's drier than toast, and the result is eminently watchable. With the players rounded out by such accomplished talents as Yaphet Kotto, Joe Patoliano, Dennis Farina, and John Ashton, this trip was definitely necessary and well worth making.

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