Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meanwhile, Back In Reality

Apparently, the braindead idiots over at Communist News Netwerps have prognosticated that "Gun Sales Are Plummeting".

You could look it up.

Of course, in the real world, things are a wee bit different.

After scaling the Everest of Sandy Hook, conjoined with the re-election of the most openly dictatorial communist to the presidency vowing to "rethink gun control", sales have plateaued after most factories have run up a two to three year backorder on current inventory. (White House speechwriters take note: Maybe dropping that "If you like your guns, you can keep your guns" quote from the stump speech would've best been done a lot sooner, guys. Like in 2007.)

In other words, at some point, everyone who wants them owning 26 or 206 guns is seen as "enough", and they start buying other things.

NICS checks are still running at 2x-3x what they were at any point since the Clinton presidency, when they started keeping score. (Nota bene that this is the number of NICS checks; multiple sales on a check means gun totals are even higher!)

The actual FBI full monthly stats, from their site.

Some excerpts:
January 1999:   591,355
January 2007:   894,608
January 2014: 1,660,355

Lowest any time since Hopey Dopey was elected:  > 966,000/month
Average since Hopey Dopey was elected: 1,433,291/month
Over 90,000,000 NICS checks since November 2008.

There is, therefore, only one clear conclusion to draw from these statistics:

Best Gun Salesman Of All Time:
Barack Hussein Obama

The NRA should so honor him with a giant poster at every annual convention.
It's proof that even a native Kenyan with 27 Social Security numbers can succeed in America, without scamming you via e-mail.

He's personally done more to put guns in people's hands than Kalashnikov, Garand, John Moses Browning, and the Mexican Revolution, combined. (And I graciously won't even count all those AK-clones walked over to Mexican gun cartels by his minions, which aren't included in his breathtaking NICS totals since first elected. Which I think is pretty sportsmanlike and magnanimous of me.)

Communist News Netwerps really needs to employ better propagandists if this is the best they can do.
It isn't just that their eyes are brown, but it's running down their pant legs too.

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