Sunday, December 15, 2013

Peter O'Toole - R.I.P.

Peter O'Toole died yesterday in hospital in London, after a long illness.
O'Toole was a phenomenal talent and an unquestionable acting legend, famous for delivering riveting performances throughout his career.
His honorary Oscar in 2003 was by way of an apology from AMPAS, for the unconscionable sin of nominating him for an acting Oscar 8 times, and never awarding him one. Rectified in 2003 , and somewhat mollified by his prior possession of the Golden Globe, the Emmy, as well as BAFTA, Irish, and NZ acting honors. He initially declined the honor, hoping instead to "win the lovely bugger outright", and had he not already possessed that Honorary Lifetime Oscar, he probably would have done just that in 2006, for Venus.
It's not a loss that he died at 81, looking at all he did and all the performances left behind, so much as an embarrassing acknowledgement that no one can live forever.
What an incredible ride!

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