Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Flick Pick: Fitzwilly

(United Artists, 1967)

Delightful and mostly forgotten Christmas caper flick featuring Dick Van Dyke, with Barbara Feldon in her first film role. Languishing in some vault, but occasionally spotted on movie channels, and currently posted in full on YouTube. Enjoy.


mostly cajun said...

I cannot countenance the mention of Barbara Feldon without prefacing it with 'the delectable'. She was the stuff of teenage fantasies.


Aesop said...

She is currently 80.

But the magic of film is that she will always appear as she was at the time, 33, smart, talented, witty, and beautiful, in the prime of her career, forever.

I try to leave out drooling when I post, no matter how great a struggle it may be. As in this case.