Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Fuck You! Strong Message Follows.

 h/t Divemedic

Perhaps, while she was up, Nikki Haley could also have our Social Security numbers tattooed on our inner arms - more free government! - to prove we'd been verified by Uncle's gentle minions, so the TSA could scan us on the way up the gangplank and into the boxcars too?

Unable, as she is, to lay her finger on the precise section of the US Constitution that would permit the full weight of the federal government to perpetrate such a monstrous rectal intrusion upon everyone who logs onto the internet, Haley ought to be be punched in the mouth by every bystander she meets until the day she recants this totalitarian horseshit, in tears. Ideally, after losing a few teeth. Even if that day only comes long after this election season ends.

Silence Dogood, Mark Twain, and Dr. Seuss all called in response to Haley's pining for more intrusive government. Separately and collectively, they said, in so many words,

"Eat a huge bag of dicks, you Nazi cunt."

A message with which we concur most heartily.

As an aside, WTF gives with South Commielina? First you fuckers inflict Lindsay Grahamnesty on America, and now it's this goose-stepping whore from hell? What The Actual Fuck? And the balls on some people to whinge about Califrutopia's retarded offerings after this?!? STFU until you have something better to offer than Nikki Hitler, She-Wolf Of The SS.

The GOP still doesn't want Trump? THIS is why you get Trump. Who never, BTW, sicced the FBI on me to run down my name and address.

The Secret Service is going to have to start escorting Haley to and from buildings with a shield wall of 5' slabs of AR500, just to get through the primaries until this twat is voted down. It's a huge pity that all the beatings she's going to get are only going to be electoral. This is one wannabe-gauleiter who desperately needs an appointment with 3' of pipe across the chops.

I do not envy the hurdles her protective detail will have to face in looking after such a gross waste of skin and oxygen. Sadder still that the boos and catcalls after she burped this crap out haven't forced her to immediately withdraw from further campaigning, and seek political asylum back in India, where she belongs. She could take Ramalamadingdong with her, and save another trip.


DC said...

I suppose the Whigs just aren't trying anymore, they lose and keep the election donations. Afterwards, the losers join their Winner demo frens to the bathhouse for some shady lovin' and hot toddys.

Skyler the Weird said...

She caved to pressure from the left as South Kakalacky Governor and removed Confederate Memorials from the Capital. She's a RED Indian for sure.

Terrapod said...

Once upon a time, not so long ago, those who emigrated here legally, did so because they believed in the ideals that make America what is is based on the constitution. I should know because I am one.

With the infiltration of all levels of education by the Jacobins and their ilk, few are now raised with the awe of God and reverence for the framers and their works which has shone like a beacon for near a quarter millennia.

I am afraid most young people and more so the recent immigrants (legal ones, the criminal ones do not count and should be expelled forthwith) no longer have any concept of individual rights, property and the protections afforded by sound law equally applied. Add to that the corruption of those who enter government, seeing as they have such weak moral character, seeking more to line their pockets than perform civic duty, we are where we are.

It may take a violent shaking of the populace to change this, but one prays for a revival of sanity rather than violence. I have personally seen what violence does in other countries and rue the effect this would have on the highly technical infrastructure nation that is the U.S.

We take too much for granted with too few understanding what will result otherwise.

Chris Mallory said...

The "Melting Pot" was a lie. Immigrants and their children never assimilate. All Immigration has been bad for America and Americans.

TechieDude said...

This is a loser issue, like abortion bans.

Bitch jumped the shark when she shit on the confederate flag, thus shitting on her state's culture, back in the day.

nick flandrey said...

Trump. Who never, BTW, sicced the FBI on me to run down my name and address.

-- the cynic in me has to say "That you know of..." and who knows, maybe they got proactive and looked on their own...

From listening to the scanner, I know the local PD in the "fusion center" are 'all up in everyone's socials' as the kids might say. They are keyword monitoring and running facial recognition with alerts generated automatically. I'd be surprised if the national level three letters aren't de-anonymizing all of us routinely.

That said, there are still plenty of street racers and other ne'er do wells locally that they can't identify. I've heard them suggest an officer "generate some probably cause" to stop and ID drivers of vehicles they have under surveillance that they can't ID any other way.

Panopticon is real, but there is a LOT of stuff to watch.


Anonymous said...

The internet and the programming languages used intentionally support fraud and subterfuge. I don't know why but where controls or the ability to trace could have been implemented they were not and where no ability was needed but security could be bypassed code and electronics was provided to do that. I'm not talking here about being able to track down some poster who uses anonymous names I'm talking about the ability to extort money, lock down your date/computer and all the other fraud on the internet. These decisions were intentional where a different decision would have made the internet safer for everyone. What we need to do is fix those issues not try to track everyone. AND tracking everyone will still only track the honest and the less skilled, the fraudulent will still be able to use the built in code and tricks to avoid being identified. HAving said that, I would add that nothing on the internet is safe. Even the scammers can be tracked if you know how and have the right hardware and software. The NSA, for example, has the ability to track anyone. SO why would the government need what Haley is asking for?

maruadventurer said...

Aesop, Aesop, thumbs up for the sentiment, I wish it could happen IRL. But it won't. There is a more insidious plan afoot.

You see the Nikki approach is just too icky. Rather they are going to slide it under the table all Mafia-like. Hold still, this will only tingle, as they implant the transponder in the web of your hand see. All for your convenience you see. Your bank accounts, credit lines, medical records, travel records and passport all linked, for your convenience you see. You pay for your groceries, your doctor, your trip to Baja by just waving your hand, all so convenient you see. Amazon, Walmart, and other major retailers will be providing the service, all for your convenience you see.

Then the day comes you get uppity and piss off a politician. Within hours you can't pay bills, buy food, pay for gas, etc. You slowly stave to death for your insolence, all for their convenience you see...

That is how it goes down, a whimper not a bang.

Aesop said...


The point at issue is that it wasn't a Trump policy, let alone a campaign promise.

The FBI is another load of sh*t entirely. It's stood for Far Beyond Insanity for decades, and what they've been up to all on their own is grounds for dissolving the agency outright, federally prosecuting most of their senior leadership, since years ago, and blackballing the remaining former employees from any federal, legal, or law enforcement occupations for life.

Haley openly shilling for this level of intrusion unapologetically is grounds for a physical beatdown, and should furthermore be followed by a good tar-and-feathering, right to a port of embarkation and a one-way trip to her parents' homeland. She's as American as gulags and gestapo.

Frankly, any public official, current or former, wiping their ass with the Constitution should be a hanging offense.

Anonymous said...

First secession, and now this. Come on, South Carolina, get your shit together!

Opie Odd said...

So have you heard about the Corporate Transparency Act yet?

Greg said...

Yeah, she's kinda cute, but otherwise a slimeball politician in every other way. When she was in the nooz cycle for banning the "Stars-n-Bars" flags, I of course, immediately wanted one (my daughter in Arkansas sent me one). It's clear she doesn't have the political chops to avoid saying things that come back to bite her, so her star power is nearly over anyway.
During Trump's first term, I flew a USA flag from my front porch with a photosensor light for nighttime illumination. After 1/6/20, I replaced it with a Banana Republic flag for a few months. When it became clear that the shitshow would continue indefinitely, I took that one down, turned off the nightlight, and opted to be the grey man.

Plague Monk said...

She betrayed her state and it's citizens in order to get Boeing to set up a second manufacturing facility in the state. I suspect that she got a lot of Ben Franklins for that effort(to be fair, my client down there in Greenville, a Boeing supplier, also pushed for Boeing to open there).

Boeing has been woke for a long time, and wanted not only financial incentives, but also political ones, to make Charleston like their relocated home in Chicongo. Haley was perfect for the job; photogenic, fairly intelligent, and very opportunistic. Witness her extravagant support for one side in the current Middle East quagmire.

Nikki's not really running for president; rather, like RINO dindu Tim Scott, she's auditioning for the VP nod. I wonder how soon she'll be on her knees(like Cameltoe) if in fact Donnie gets the nod?

Plague Monk said...

I still like the idea of walling her and the RINOs up, rather than the messy one way trip through the woodchipper. An acquaintance pointed out that as satisfying as that might be, pity the poor schmuck who actually has to clean out the blood and other liquids and solids...

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Biden over her.
Better to be in opposition than join winning Fascists.

Birdchaser said...

I lived in Charleston for 55yrs, the best thing I ever did was haul ass out of SC. Charleston has had a democrat mayor for 50yrs, the same one for 40. And I never voted forLindsay Graham or Nikki .

BigCountryExpat said...

@Aesop: One point of order and a notable point that you and others have missed:
Nikki Haley, who wants "Everyone's IRL Name attached to their social media!"?
IRL Name: Nimarata "Nikki" Randhawa Haley, Haley being her married name...
That's fukkin rich right there innit Guv?
Oh the Irony.
So, it seems the "Hindu Harridan" deems herself to Brahminize the 'net and tell US what to do?
Suck my unwiped shit-stained hairy taint you clambag
It'll remind you of home...
Your REAL home that is

JNorth said...

Aesop, look on the bright side, FBI has stood for Fucking Bumbling Idiots for decades as well, think how fucked things would be if they were competent.

Anonymous said...

Terra, your last sentence stands alone, absolutely perfect.
Original Grandpa

Aesop said...

@Plague Monk,

If not for the insult to Appalachia, there are some condemned coal mines thereabouts that would serve admirably for a stadium party-sized Cask Of Amontillado wine tasting party, provided all the entries and vents are properly sealed up afterwards.

Anonymous said...

...after reading about Halley's dimwit outburst, I've come to the conclusion that the average politician is even stupider than we realize. This imbecile making that kind of a statement is how we get the worst of the worst or hold your nose while you vote.

BTW, no former "Ambassador" has never been elected President. Apparently she thinks she can break that glass ceiling or at least get on the ticket with whoever the GOP nominee will be. Her plan is to try to parley that as the entree to the oval brass ring. She's about as electable as Kamel Toe.

Lucky for us, she just committed political suicide.


Plague Monk said...

The only issue with sealing these thugs in the abandoned mines is that I'd want to make sure that there are no bats living in them before starting the wine tasting party. My wife and I have been members of Bat Conservation International for some 30 years, and as far as wildlife groups go, they are both pro-business and pro-bat. When I worked in NM, they worked closely with the Indians and the ranchers to protect the livestock and the bats.

John Wilder said...

(pours one out for Apu)

Rollory said...

I comment pseudonymously. Have done so ever since Usenet days when it occurred to me "hey, this stupid/potentially inflammatory thing I just posted under my name, people will be able to search archives decades into the future and find me being a dumbass, do I really want that?". It was obvious way back in the early oughts when Randall Parker was advocating that fellow right wingers like him should post publicly under their real identities that this was a disastrously stupid course of action and nothing that has happened since has disproven that idea.

That said.

She did put her finger on a problem. Free and anonymous speech among citizens of a country to decide that country's future is one thing. Free and anonymous speech to decide a country's future where a plurality or even a majority of those speaking are unremittingly hostile to the existence and future of that country is very possibly something else. Is it possible to have functional free speech when 60% of the people on any given topic are Russians or Chinese asserting as obvious premises things that are howlingly false? Can you have a sensible and productive discussion when hostile actors are deliberately trying to drown you out with bullshit?

George Orwell, in one of his pieces, wrote about American anti-war organizations working to keep the US out of WW2, and how diligently and consistently they did so. Then the Germans invaded the USSR, and within two days, every single one of those anti-war organizations was calling for immediate war against Germany. Orwell notes that this is how you knew they were all Russian fronts. The alt right has proven to be largely the same.


Rollory said...

To pick a few: "Jim's Blog" is written by a Russian - he has distinct Slavic grammar patterns, has zero understanding of American cultural norms while consistently insists that he does and anyone who doesn't agree with him is a paid federal agent, and generally reveals all sorts of gaps in everyday knowledge while still managing to get a solid little online cult to follow him. Spandrell is in the pay of the Chinese - he was asserting things about covid and the chinese response to it that were blatantly false even at the time he was saying them and have aged very badly since. Vox Day took a decisive turn away from reality some years back - as previously noted, not a single comment he's made on events in Ukraine has been correlated to facts or subsequent events - and from what I can see it tends to align with his appearances on Russia Today interviews. Andrew Anglin is being funded by somebody, and did a perfect Orwellian "we must support Russia" turn at the start of that war. Z-Man is another such case - of all these pro-Russian commentators who denounced the pro-Ukrainian side as being shills, not one has ever revisited any of their arguments or predictions at any point, they just keep making more false ones. And I'm likely going to annoy part of the local audience by saying this, but WRSA has so totally abandoned every trace of trying to recover the founding principles of the American Republic and so wholeheartedly adopted the idea that the USA is inherently harmful and evil and promulgated and circulated memes and links supporting this position - for a man who claims to be a patriot, to do such a complete turn into hostility against his own country, his own people, his own society, I have great difficulty understanding how this is possible without accepting foreign allegiance. The conclusive aspect of it for me is that WRSA keeps linking absolutely uncritically to openly pro-Russian sites like Martyanov or simplicius without ever once re-examining any of the claims or predictions, and linking equally uncritically to obvious astroturf like sonar21, which has never made a single verifiably truthful statement or a single prediction that ever panned out. When a given speaker is consistently and verifiably wrong in every detail, an honest man starts discounting that speaker. WRSA has zeroed in on recirculating almost exclusively such people. (Links to Aesop's disagreements are pure tokenism at this point.)

All of thse, WRSA included, are foreign agents whose job is to try to stir up civil strife in the USA. The fact that the Democrats are making it easier for them does not excuse this and is not be a reason to go along with it.

Is this kind of thing the future of free speech? That you just have to expect ever-increasing levels of static from abroad, with no real upper limit?

That will ABSOLUTELY KILL the concept of open discussion, far more than anything Hindu Haley might try. You simply cannot maintain an environment in which things get talked about productively under those circumstances.

The Great Firewall of China does have one relevant effect: anyone talking within it is very likely to be, in fact, Chinese. I'm not convinced free speech can exist in a truly unrestricted worldwide forum: on some level, there needs to be some shared assumptions and values.

pyrrhus said...

Nimrata Randhawa should have been deported long ago, assuming India would accept her worthless ass...The Confederate monument destruction should have been enough to destroy her career long ago, but now she's proving that she's nothing but an anti-American cunt...

Anonymous said...

I second that.

What do ya add to Perfection.
Well Done sir.

Aesop said...


The problem is, she threw the Constitution out with the bathwater.
Hence the title of the post.

If she'd simply said, "We're going to require messages posted to identify the country of origin of the IP", I wouldn't have given a wet fart.
In fact, it would have the utility of getting a few Canuckistani Attention Whores to STFU, and yap about their own problems, and flag Nigerian princes shipping gold from the get-go, as well as point a giant flashing neon finger at Russian and Chinese bot-farms.

All without ass-raping everyone's right to privacy, and without sticking dotGov's head right up your tailpipe for a regular proctoscopy.

Musk has shown what happens when you undo the algorithms that let bot-hordes comment.
Short-term, X/Twatter is taking it in the pants.
But so are the bot-farmers who used to slag 5000 robo-comments a day
Long-term, his is the only social media site anyone's going to know isn't 75-90% fake accounts.

Ask the advertising department how that works out for the sites with 75-90% fakes.

Nikki Hitler's problem is she sees government as the solution, instead of the problem. Her default position is Gestapo/Cheka, and now she's outted herself.

There's no walking that gaffe back, because it goes to the core of her (absolutely lacking) moral character.

It's too late in her political career to have an epiphany, and grow a soul, and now that the mask is completely off, further campaigning for her is pointless.

But she's still owed a pipe across the teeth, followed by the tar-and-feathering mentioned. That suggestion was not rhetorical.

It needs to happen IRL, pour encourager les autres. And because that kind of knee-jerk totalitarianism deserves it on the merits.

Mark Matis said...

So the GOP are preparing to run another Mittens, eh?

Anonymous said...

Sundance at the treehouse has commented on the cost/revenue structure of TwitterX for a while now. As user numbers go up linearly, costs go up exponentially. The only way TwitterX works is using government cloud resources. That is why they were so open to government censoring. Sundance predicts that TwitterX will revert to censorship as the election nears and government pressure increases.

In any case, don't put all your hopes in one man or one business.

Anonymous said...

The obvious reply is, "Who does your Twitter feed, Nikki?"
Everyone on internet identified. Politicians hardest hit.

Anonymous said...

Nimarata sounds awful close to Nimrod.