Sunday, July 23, 2023

Sunday Music: Blowing Up Liberal Heads, Both Barrels Edition


Try That In A Small Town:

I'm Just Sayin':

Anybody bitch-slapping the Leftards, and getting rich doing it, deserves a hearty "Hell, yeah!" Libtards hate this, because anytime they're getting stuck by any genre of music, it underlines that their whacktard kneejerk orthodoxy has become The Man.

UPDATE: Aldean's response to Cancel Culture yesterday, live in concert:


Phil said...

Fuck yeah Aesop, nice find with that Austin Moody tune
Ya done good there.

Landroll said...

Just guessing the leftards will never figure out they stepped on their weewees when they started busting Jason's chops.

Anonymous said...

songs such as this, and a few others, given the "media b.s." they seem to attract, has another positive advantage - other than inspirational and true... when the moment arrives, the leftards cannot say they weren't warned.
Original Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Trashville hasn't been rebellious in decades; hence CMT (headquartered in NEW YORK CITY! GET A ROPE!) banning the video. Hell, in my youth, Austin had to spring up with the Outlaw movement to get away from the dreck Trashville was producing. What you're seeing is the regular people telling leftards to fuck off, & we do that all the time.
Yes, I call it Trashville. I was born there, I live 30 miles north of it, and it's a shithole. I love Tennessee, but I hate that town.
--Tennessee Budd

Mike Hendrix said...

A. Fuggin. MEN, brother.

Old NFO said...

All great ones!

Aesop said...

@Tennessee Bud,

As should be obvious, CMT ain't Nashville, and isn't even in Nashville. That's why Aldean cancelled their input, not the other way around.

And just as "Hollywood" doesn't mean the street hookers and meth on Sunset Blvd., it's the studios and the people who work in them, Nashville is the studios, the Opry, and the folks who put out that product. Not the trailer park trash or honkytonk dives in the nearby environs.
You should have known better.

John Wilder said...

When the Left boycotts something, it hits number one.

Wayne said...

Apparently, CMT, Rolling Stoned, the Coven on The Shrews, etc has never heard of the Streisand Effect.

David said...

Anonymous said...

Aesop, I do know better. I didn't mean the earlier post as an attack, just trying to be informative for those not from this area.
I go to Trashville all the time (for work; I refuse to go there unless I'm being paid to do so). It remains a shithole, both governed and populated by leftists.
BTW, I grew up trailer trash & spent a lot of time in honkytonk dive bars. I improved myself & my life, but I'd rather be among those folks than the assholes down in Davidson County.
--Tennessee Budd

Anonymous said...

I have a septuagenarian buddy that was born and raised in CA, by parents and grandparents that were born and raised in CA.

He moved to TN recently. He expressed dismay after being there for several months. He said "TN is being ruined by all of the Californians" that have moved there.

Aesop said...

Those aren't "Californians".

And I'll pay you $1 for every one who is, if you'll pay me a nickel for everyone of them that aren't, and I'll buy a Ferrari with my winnings off that wager.

They're getting the douchebags from 49 other states who stopped last in Califrutopia before going there, plus a goodly number of their own toothless, banjo-playing ne'er-do-well kinfolk, returning to their ancestral homes after failing to make it in the big city.

Serves 'em right.