Saturday, January 28, 2017

What A Difference A Week Makes

So far, President Trump (not my guy, but I dig hearing it whenever the media has to say it) has ordered the border wall be built (hot tip: the funds were allocated by Congress to do so all the way back to when Dubbya was prez!); ordered that "refugees" will be actually by-god detained , in a cell, pending adjudication, or denied entry outright; and seen St. Mattis confirmed as SecDef (who immediately ordered a review - with a view towards killing it outright - of the POS F-35 Thunderjug, vis-à-vis just buying off the shelf F18 Super Hornets...suck it, Lockheed).

And about twenty other things.

Including undoing just about all of HopeyDopey's executive orders in about a hour.
From our source behind the White House, here's a live view of Obozo's legacy:

I almost cried actual tears, out of pure joy.

This is how an actual country, one run by grown-ups, behaves.

And all the pussy-hatted Left can do is shit their diapers, and resolve to be whiny, loud, and foul-smelling, in response.

All I can observe in reply is that when your heads are up your asses, shitting yourself is probably a poor plan.

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Signifying Nothing said...

They really are paving the way for the next Mondale election.