Thursday, August 4, 2016

Just An Observation

You could tabulate the amount of time I spend watching broadcast or cable TV on-air most years with an egg timer sandglass. Even though (or more likely because of the fact that) I still work in the biz.

But seeing a few minutes of the Clinton News Network (a fully owned subsidiary of Time Warner/DNC) on in the break room last night, plus what I was hearing on the Radio Punditry channels to and from work, one thing is pretty damned obvious, the more so because I don't spend time absorbed in the Idiot Box:

Everybody, every last swinging Richard, is fangs out trying to take Trump down any and every way they can. In broad daylight, before a packed set of bleachers.

By everybody, I mean the entirety of the dinosaur media, including Fox, every registered Democrat (but I repeat myself), and damned near every member of the pedigreed country club Republican mainstream, to include Hairpiece's own campaign staff.

Clearly, to the lot of them, Trump is the Viagra they crave in the political world, and his effrontery at getting his nomination in a walkaway has given them all hard-ons to last for months. Something just over three of them, at the moment.

Mind you, Trump isn't my guy, and probably never will be - I've reached the point this year that I may skip the entire damned process as an utterly pointless waste of my valuable time - but such a concerted, shameless, widespread effort to take down a political candidate by firing an entire junkyard at him from low altitude, to see what might hit and damage his candidacy, is simply unparalleled in modern US history. Were they to suborn Trump's own Secret Service detail into stuffing kilo-sized bundles of dope into Trump's coat pockets while he works a rope line, it would not, this election season, be beyond belief.

If Shrillary and the combined anchors at ABCNNBCBS all dressed in picador and matador costumes and came at Trump bodily with darts and swords it wouldn't be any less subtle than what's going on right now, and it instills in me the desire to rebel, with the decisiveness of Charlie Brown tackling Lucy, and kicking the unattainable football right up her ass just once, to teach the lesson. And if not to do so myself, to at least hope that enough voters in swing states do, just to thwart the schemes and plans of our self-appointed betters.

Any self-selected group of ass-clowns panting so hard to elect the Criminal rather than Hairpiece really have a deep-seated need for a flamethrower enema.


Anonymous said...

Early this week the BIG news, the one major story about BOTH candidates, was that Trumps wife, when she worked as a model 20 years go, did some nude photo-shoots, including some that could best be described as "racy".

BFD. She was a model. And if Trump wins she'll be the first resident of the White House in my lifetime that anyone in their right mind would WANT to see naked (with the possible exception of Jackie Kennedy, who became a former resident of the White House when I was five months old).

Mark D

Anonymous said...

At this point, though I really dislike Trump, I have decided to cast my vote for him for the reasons you stated. Normally I'd veer third party on the ballot because there are local issues I should vote on - and so I'd just mark any third-party person and be done with that section of the ballot, but now I'm pissed. I'm pissed off enough to vote for a guy I cannot stand just to shove it up everyone's ass (that and I am NO fan of Hillary AT ALL in ANY way). I KNOW I'm not alone - Scott Addams calls us "Shy Trump Voters" - we never say anything publicly, but we're going to slam his name down on the ballot as fast as we can come election time.

Unknown said...

Like it or not, leaders don't beget movements; movements beget Leaders.

Trump is nothing more, nothing less, than a yuuuuuge middle finger at the scum that have risen to the top.

Aesop said...

Au contraire.
Your comments are self-illuminative, but have nothing to do with Trump.
He's nothing but a first-rate political opportunist willing to say and promise anything to get elected, on a day-to-day basis.
He probably won't be the absolutely and unapologetically corrupt mendacious criminal that Shrillary has been her whole life, but what he may reveal himself to be will likely be orders of magnitude worse in the long run.
We all know of countries which survived long enough to regret their earlier democratically chosen despots.

My wish is that the people would merely be given the opportunity to choose for themselves from this year's stew of shite, without the gratuitous corruption of even the most basic information about the candidates.

Or, failing that, that a pitchfork-wielding mob might set ABCNNBCBS and the NYTimes et al on fire and hang the employees from lightpoles, in a strictly non-metaphorical manner, as they rightly deserve in any just universe. Mere abysmally low ratings alone don't seem to be getting that point across to them. A lying press is no more free than one subserviently captive to the regime, the current iteration is both, and we deserve neither.

TBoone said...

I am slowly working my way through a handful of books that in one way or another touch upon the biology/neuroscience/etc of why/how humans make decisions. My over simplistic takeaway (so far) has to do with 'gut instincts/decision making' occurring in the limbic brain, away from the neo-cortex which is about logic and words. Did I mention over-simplified?

We who love our country & share certain values. Things we know in our guts. We can tell/feel/identify at a deep & often non-verbal level things/ideas/people who 'don't belong'.

The sad part is those who are NOT like us are as certain/sure of their deeply felt 'truths' as are we. Except they hate us. Fear us. And are the opposition. No words will convince them. Nor us.

Real Truth, "Math", Reality will eventually win. The Long Run.

In the mean time? Interesting times. Sadly. Perhaps tragically.

Appreciate your blog & your comments elsewheres.


Anonymous said...

First they ignore you. (Trump's initial announcement & into the first debates... "Donald who? Oh that guy who did the reality show.")

Then they ridicule you. (The later debates into pre-convention period; Remember Lizzy Warren making fun of his hat? The pix of Melania... which for the life of me I can't understand why any red-blooded conservative WOULDN'T want to see)

Then they attack you. (Nomination into the current period. Like sharks with blood in the water, this biased Trump-bashing by the MSM is unbelievable & unprecidented. BUT... do you sense the MSM starting to get desperate? It's because....)

Then you win. (November)

Props to Ghandi... who suffered much much worse.

Aesop said...

Or, you go down into flaming irrelevancy, and the party you destroyed either disappears, or wanders in the wilderness for a generation, while the free republic that spawned both for all intents and purposes disappears completely.

Ed Gage said...

Yep. If Trump is such a bad idea, why are they trying so hard to convince me?

A couple points:

As someone on teh int3rwebz has already said (and I do wish I could find out who it was, because he deserves the credit), “Trump isn’t my candidate. He’s my murder weapon.”

The victim? The Republican Party which made change via Ron Paul impossible, which made change via the TEA party impossible. The Republican party deserves to get spanked because in making peaceful change impossible, they made Trump possible. It is not my vote which has ushered in this phenomenon: it is their intransigence, and they should be grateful it is merely Trump and not someone truly wicked like one of the Clintons.

As for what Trump “may reveal himself to be”, I would suggest that by the time a man is his age, he has done so.

Very sincerely,
a big fan.

Aesop said...

Not quite true.
A man can't reveal what he may be until he has the power at hand to do what he will.

Handing Trump the keys to the Oval Office could be the greatest mistake in history, and he's not doing anything to allay those fears. If anything, he's coming off as exactly the fruitloop whackjob everyone expected him to be 12 months ago, except now they've helpfully made him the only option to Shrillary.

In 2008, the media picked McCrazy for us, and he threw the election.
In 2012, they picked Romney for us, and he threw the election.
This year, the media picked Trump for us, and he's throwing the election.

Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; three times is enemy action.