Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Got Infrastructure?

Just doing some light reading the other day, and one particular phrase caught my attention:

Before a resistance organization can successfully engage in combat activities, its leadership must organize an infrastructure that can sustain itself in combat and withstand the anticipated hostile reaction to armed resistance. - FM 3-18 Special Forces Operations

In other words, amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics.

Ponder the import of the above sentence in light of whatever long-term preparations you are undertaking, or contemplating.

Think of it as just another way of noting: You don't have enough ammo.
Or, probably, enough of anything else.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea if this is the right time to bring this up - but I've been watching "The Walking Dead" from Season 1 again with my son to catch him up to speed. We go over every episode and rip it apart. He had a good question yesterday:

"They're always talking about being hungry and they've only got one guy who shoots and dresses rabbits and squirrels - by now everyone should be. There are a lot of books in libraries and bookstores left I bet, why don't they pick up a book on wild food foraging, like plantain or miner's lettuce and dandelions and everything?"

16 year-old kid manages to think this up.. somewhat logistics-ish ;)

Anonymous said...

Regarding squirrels, someone has done the math and they figure there is 2500 calories of squirrel per acre now, in typical suburban areas.

Not much but better than nothing, and adds flavor to the stew.


Unknown said...

Fuck eating tree rats.

Windy Wilson said...

What anonymous said. If they were really so hungry and not merely reciting words written by a committee of members of the Screenwriters Guild who haven't a clue how to get food by other than begging on freeway off ramps, they's all be potting squirrels or rabbits by now, or considering how to eat the inner lining of trees for that delicacy "Bark a la Nork"?

But yes, "You don't have enough."