Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Turns Out He Can't Do Stand Up Comedy Either

What we heard on the internet yesterday:

What we saw in our mind's eye when we heard it:

Inside word has it that President Liston is not amused, and the cleat wounds into his own wedding tackle may take some weeks to heal properly.
Dr. Carson is rumored to have offered him some salt to apply topically.

Beep beep, President Hopey Dopey.


Anonymous said...

Today as I read comments about the current little Politico morass and then Dr. Carson's press conference, a bunch of liberals came out of the woodwork in the comments to mention that Fox news asked about the things Dr. Carson brought up. Suddenly, out of the blue, they're holding up Fox News as some beacon of journalistic integrity and proper vetting.. I don't think they had any IDEA what they were typing, really (they were still whining, as thy do) but that was about the crux of it. I nearly fell off my chair laughing ;)

Anonymous said...