Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shameless Plug

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there should be a new addition to the blogroll:

Hogwarts' School of Grid-Down Medicine.

AKA providing medical help for you and yours, when you're all there is, or is likely going to be, for any number of reasons.

Doc Grouch, Ivymike, and myself had it suggested upon us courtesy of Concerned American over at WRSA.
We promptly all fell all over ourselves thinking what a great idea it was. Doc Grouch and Mike did just about all the work of launching it.
My input was some tinkering, and then I got a vacation, and then my return to reality, as previously noted, has been a bit...bumpy lately.
Thus any credit due to me for it so far is right about nil, so I'm not being immodest to tell you the site looks great, and there's stuff there you should read, learn, and pay attention to, if you think big shiny white hospitals and endless streams of Government Bux to pay for visits there will not last forever, in all places and times, for the rest of your life.
In other words, if you have any grasp on medical and sociological realities, let alone an awareness of the frequency of life's normal allotment of natural disasters.

Doc and Ivymike have done great things there thus far.

As my situation stabilizes, and I get back to regular posting, I'll have more of a share carrying my end of the log, along with Doc Grouch, IvyMike, and anyone else we can cobble together to keep it a going concern, and improve it.

Start at the beginning, read the posts, do the homework.

Our goal is not online medical school. (There are probably laws against that anyways.)
It is that everyone with the time and inclination be provided with the guidance, resources, and gentling prodding (of a solid boot in the ass, metaphorically) to be as prepared as they may choose to be to deal with medical emergencies anywhere, with what's in your pockets, or even better, with the prudently-stocked contents of your home version of Somewhere General Hospital. And anyplace on that spectrum between those two. Guided by what we have invested and reaped from a combined goodly number of decades each and all trudging through the corridors practicing our medical arts.

Pay attention.
Learn stuff.
Practice it.
Save Lives.

Potentially even those that mean the most to you personally, at a time when you may be their best, or only, chance.


Don Wallace said...

when the plug gets pulled, we're gonna need our own bootstraps.
Thanks, and welcome back! Happy job hunting.

Jennifer said...

Found the site a couple weeks ago during your hiatus; love it. I actually wondered if Ivymike might be you under another pseudonym. So glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

Aw crap, just what we need:

"We have seen several cases that don't have any symptoms at all when infected,' he said. 'These people may be the ones who could spread the virus better, we do not know yet."


Anonymous said...

Ebola scare in Sacramento after patient who had recently been to West Africa goes to hospital with disease symptoms

Read more:


Bezzle said...

Ebola cases picking back up again in Guinea:

Anonymous said...


"A point of concern is only about 30% of the nation's new cases occurred in "registered" contacts of known cases. This shows that there are undetected chains of transmission. "

--so 70% of new cases come from an unknown initial infected, who was NOT being treated.

"Of the 16 confirmed deaths, almost 20% occurred in the community, rather than in Ebola treatment units."

--and this says that for every 4 in treatment, there is probably another dying at home, untracked.

AND NO NEWS on followup testing in the US.

AND we never did hear what happened to the patient that was brought here for treatment at the NIH facility.

No sir, I don't like it....


Anonymous said...

Write something else soon.

geoffb said...

The slowdown is to approx. 25-30 reported deaths per day. Far from zero and the dry season is soon to end with rains returning around April.

The US is pulling almost all the soldiers back out.

Meanwhile in Guinea things are still a bit dicey.

"Mistrust and machetes thwart efforts to contain Ebola in Guinea."

Anonymous said...