Friday, January 17, 2014


Link  (h/t to  disorderlycna)

"David Eckert, who was given three enemas as part of a humiliating search after a routine traffic stop last year, has received a $1.6 million settlement from a county and city in New Mexico.
Lawyers from the city of Deming and Hidalgo County agreed to the settlement earlier this week.
"It was medically unethical and unconstitutional," his lawyer, Shannon Kennedy, told the Associated Press. "He feels relieved that this part is over and believes this litigation might make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else."

Eckert's suit also named Gila Medical Center and the doctors who performed the search there; that portion of the case is still ongoing."

* Still no word on suspension/firing/prosecution of the officers for aggravated sexual battery, or shooting Trixie The Incompetent Drug Dog in the head before he alerts on another dozen innocent victims.
*  IANAL, but I don't think, as counsel for plaintiff, the first words about your client after this ordeal should be "He feels relieved...". Just saying.
*  And the docs and dickheads (but I repeat myself) are liable to be paying a lot more than $1.6M, especially now that the police and county have rolled over on this thing, and went full chicken long before a jury got anywhere near this case.
* Still no word on revoking medical licenses, and prosecuting every member of the medical staff who assisted for aggravated sexual battery.

But this'll do for a start.
So hey, Deming PD (and we use the term "PD" loosely), how does it feel to have a courthouse rammed up your @$$es??

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Kevin R.C. O'Brien said...

No impact on Deming PD, unfortunately. Same bozos will still be in the same jobs next year. The taxpayers of Deming just got treated about like the PD treats the citizens, though.