Friday, November 15, 2013

Flick Pick: Black Rain

Black Rain
(Paramount, 1989)

Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia in Ridley Scott's look at the yakuza, on what Scott vowed would be his only trip to Japan after all the red tape involved in simply making a movie there. Visually notable on at least two levels, because it not only gave us a look inside Japan when they were on top of everything, it also gave us a look at the stunning Kate Capshaw before she became Mrs. Steven Spielberg, in this role quite possibly the sole cinematic proof that she could indeed act, and "coulda been a contendah".


Tam said...

I like it more than I should, because the gorgeous eye candy totally makes up for a formulaic plot.

Ridley Scott makes movies that you could have playing lopped on framed flatscreens with the sound turned off; they're that pretty.

Aesop said...

Which is reportedly exactly what Sean Young does with Bladerunner around the house 24/7.

I couldn't agree more, and IIRC, Scott was/is a painter and art school grad before he ever picked up a movie camera, which shows in everything he's made.