Tuesday, October 15, 2013

365 Movies - Bruce Almighty

The quintessential art form of the last century, and probably the next tidy period to come, is the motion picture.
Tellingly, America not only largely invented them, and perfected them, but arguably we have mastered them.

Annoyingly, most of that heritage has been squandered by anti-American crybabies and pining leftists in Hollywood wishing to live in some socialist wet dream fantasyland that never existed, who now ceaselessly squat and produce films better left in your cat's litter box rather than projected onto movie theatre screens.

So starting today, and in no particular order, my choices for 365 films you should see.
They are sometimes classics, sometimes great genre flicks, and sometimes quirky personal selections. I don't pick artsy-fartsy movies for that sake alone, nor merely adjudge a movie a success merely because it brought home the box office bacon. Some of what will follow are both, and some are neither. But why not? It's my blog, and these are what I consider my movies, and which you ought to see.

Today's Pick:

Bruce Almighty
(Universal, 2003)

Jim Carrey as a down-trodden reporter so fed up with life he tells God to resign, because he could do a better job of running everything. So God (Morgan Freeman) calls him on it, and gives Bruce a shot.

It's Carrey at his understated best, with help from then unknown Steve Carell as his workplace rival, and a girlfriend played by Jennifer Anniston.
Consistently entertaining, funny, and heart-warming without causing cavities.


The Old Man said...

Interesting plan. Looking forward to seeing your choices.
And I may speak up if I disagree....

Mike said...

Meh, not thrilled by this one.