Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Mr. Tyrant Asshole

No, No, NO!

You will not get away with pretending to mouth the words “I respect the Second Amendment” and in the same breath attempt to gut the very provision of self-defense it affirmed as an inalienable right of free people everywhere.

Trying to re-instate the asinine ban on “assault weapons” (which have actually been restricted since the NFA of 1934) by trying to take away the rights of free people to buy naughty-looking black plastic semi-automatic rifles and magazines holding more than 10 rounds, neither of which have anything to do with making us safer, just with disarming us in perpetuity, is the most egregious attempt to destroy freedom you’ve undertaken in 4 years in office, and that’s saying something, believe me.
Your unconstitutional unlawful decrees by fiat, known as “executive orders” are nothing but a vainglorious and grasping overreach for a power found nor authorized NOWHERE in the United States Constitution.

I will not abide by them. If Congress, in acts of irredeemable stupidity and treasonous co-conspiracy with you, attempts to usurp the rights of every American, they will only bear with you the guilt of being petty tyrants in their own right, and your minions in spirit and deed. Our Founding Fathers had a remedy for that, and should the congress decide that lawfully purchased and rightfully possessed weapons are within their purview to deny, they will deserve, with extreme prejudice, the exact treatment meted out to 700 British regulars one fine spring day in April over 237 years hence.
And for the record, @$$hole, even were you to repeal the entire Second Amendment tomorrow, with 435 House Votes, 100 Senate votes, a 9-0 affirmation by the Supreme Court, and the concurrence of all 50 state legislatures, it would affect Americans’ natural law, pre-existing, and inalienable rights to military-styled arms NOT ONE GODDAMNED WHIT. Being a professed “Constitutional scholar” in your shorter-than-your-memory span of law school teaching, you knew this before you flapped your piehole this morning.

But if you nonetheless seek to take away rights, and the concrete means to affirm those rights, from myself and every other American, you deserve the same remedy offered to King George III, and delivered at the business end of 8 years’ worth of “assault weapons” in the hands of formerly peaceable, law-abiding, and patriotic American colonists. And believe you me, I intend to do no less in service of the same end: liberty.
Before that eventuality, I’ll expend every bit of capital and energy I have to see your liberty-usurping offal defeated, in both houses of Congress, injucted and overruled in the courts, and ridiculed, derided, and ignored by every American I can reach in print, on the Internet, in meetings, and face-to-face, one-on-one, until the mere mention of your name causes people to spit to clear the bad taste after they mouth it. Your activities to date have given me a huge leg up in that respect, but this latest overreaching outrage should push the effort over the top, and make it a downhill coast to victory.

If and when your attempts are thwarted, you will remain no less a tyrannical jackass, and deserve no more respect, even for the office, than King George III deserved for holding his with such horrible intent and despotic action.
And should your horrible nonsense somehow squeak past those whose office is to prevent such puerile idiocy, I will similarly do everything in my power to undermine and overthrow it, its intent, and its champions.

I will learn metalworking, in order to manufacture and distribute as many high-capacity magazines as I find humanly possible to as many like-minded people as I can find. I will learn metal milling, and fabricate every part of every banned weapon I can, and likewise assemble and distribute them to as many patriotic citizens similarly unwilling to become subjects. I will do so 24/7/365, with no oversight, no paperwork, no taxes, and no compliance with or regard toward your petty grasping decrees in pursuit of expanding your malodorous and malignant regime.
And if anyone decides coming around to pick up whatever they think I own is a good idea, they’re fair targets. Not just that day, but every day, everywhere. Getting coffee, shopping, mowing the yard, whatever. And should so much as one person’s spouse, family, household, or premises anywhere and anytime, be in any way impacted by those efforts of thoughtless toadying minions, federal, state, county, or city, foolishly attempting to enforce your unlawful decrees, then likewise their families and properties are similarly fair targets. Ditto for every bureaucrat, secretary, clerk, judge, commissioner, down to the lowest janitor at the remotest outpost of your unlawful, tyrannical reign.

You’re going to get, I swear, Hear Me O God, exactly the sort of revolution you seek to foment, in numbers that will see you, in a just universe, impeached, if not swinging at the end of a gibbet after your unsuccessful defense for treason charges. If that’s too harsh, and they don’t like that, they can switch sides, publicly, and refuse to enforce your unlawful decrees, or simply quit their jobs. If you don’t like joining that sort of struggle, you can resign, and flee the country ahead of the posse. It’s not like it’d be the first time you found refuge in foreign lands.
So let’s be blisteringly clear: you want a revolution, you’re going to get it. You’ve just announced you want to march on Lexington. I’m here to tell you I’ll be meeting you there, and behind every wall and tree coming and going. Take one more step at your own peril. And pack a lunch, and bring  a lot of friends you won’t mind sacrificing. I’m well-armed and provisioned, and a damned good shot, as multiple tests in the service of this country allowed me to demonstrate with pleasure, and this is one of those things I’ll neither forgive nor forget. Because, you monumental foreign-born usurping ignoramus, I’m an actual American, and unlike you, I took MY oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution seriously, unlike you and your retard henchmen.

And the number of blood brothers I have out there are going to bring you to your knees, and your regime to its end, so help me God.
You WANT that fight?

Bring it.

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