Sunday, December 23, 2012


It's been just over a week since the latest waste of human debris wreaked his own little hell on a small town primary school in Connecticut.

The event was as tragically inevitable and predictable as the turning of the seasons, because we've let one of the most monumentally jackassical abortions of law ever passed stand for two decades worth of similar melees.

Some @$$clowns, like brain-dead Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, tried to argue for curbing violent movies. Really, genius? Violent movies like "Ben Hur"? And "The Ten Commandments"? Or "Lawrence of Arabia"? Or "Star Wars"? Or "Saving Private Ryan"?

Then, erstwhile movie critic and public embarassment LaPierre further vented his incontinent anus about putting police in every school. Brilliant! That's worked so well at airports since 9/11, hasn't it? Let's make them federal employees too. Maybe have them moonlight in lecturing the kiddies on informing on their unpatriotic parents, issuing the kids brown shirts and armbands, that sort of thing? The current administration views the TSA as exactly the sort of "sheepdogs" LaPierre is thoughtlessly carping for. Does anyone really want fat morons who could neither pass a 4th-grade intelligence or PhysEd test groping kindergarteners in perpetuity, and carrying guns while they do it?
I'll pass, thanks.

And predictably, the Leftist lunatics want to relive their glorious days of Bill "DNA on the Dress" Clinton, and re-animate that Frankenfeinsteinian monster, the Assault Weapons Ban, back from the dustbin of Discarded Bad Ideas. DiFi could singlehandedly disprove the belief that it's wrong to pray for someone's swift and overdue death by whatever natural causes the fates will allow.

What's at fault here is plainly and simply, grouping convenient clumps of defenseless sheep together in opposition to the obvious knowledge that some infinitesimally small percentage (0.00001%, in fact) of people are homicidally crazy, and a rather larger percentage (about 3%) are criminal, and both will respond with poor impulse control when presented with a free meal. Much like sharks in a chum line presented with a dangling carcass, their responses tend to be rather predictable.

Violent video games were preceded by violent movies were preceded by violent radio plays were preceded by violent operas were preceded by violent books were preceded by violent Shakespearean plays were preceded by violent medieval fairytales were preceded by violent Greek tragedies, ad infinitum ad nauseum. Blah blah blah. If anyone wants to preach control of expression, HuffPo and DemUnderground are always looking for new (fifth) columnists.

Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler were driven by which of these influences? They demonstrably murdered more masses than anyone in history. Preceded by Napoleon, Genghis Khan, and the Caesars, who were motivated by which of the above nonsensical "causes"? We all know better than to try such easy (and easily provable as false) "outs".

People aren't basically good, they're basically evil. Civilization is fundamentally about getting everyone to curb their inate appetites for killing and destruction and taming them for both their own good and the good of the society. So if we aren't going to blame forks and spoons for obesity we can't blame violent __________ for people reverting to their basest behaviors. That's simply scapegoating something you don't like to spare something you do, which is exactly the stupidity we revile about the Leftist lunatics trying to blame Black Guns and high-cap magazines, instead of themselves, for putting defenseless women and children in easy reach of this latest (but certainly not the last) psychotic twisted little f**ker.

And it bears noting that in (formerly Great) Britain, with an absolute ban on weapons, they have the documented highest crime rate in the civilized world. Higher even than the U.S. Color me shocked.

The correct solution is comparatively caveman simple.

It's far past time for the idiotic "Gun Free Zone" legislation to be stricken from the record books of a sane society.

Revoke all the asinine "gun free zone" nonsense, which two decades of mass killings have proven are worse than worthless, and return the right of concealed carry to any adult - parent, teacher, staff member, whatever - who isn't a crazy or a criminal. Everywhere, in all 50 states, as a basic constitutional right deserved by all citizens, and enforceable under the equal protection and full faith and credit clauses of the Constitution. If the Heller and McDonald decisions mean anything. Because if my marriage license and driver's license are good across state lines, then my concealed carry license damned sure ought to be as well.

And extend "Good Samaritan" immunity from prosecution to any bystander who acts in defense of themself or others using such weapons according to the same "reasonable man" standard (used to keep jackasses from suing people who render aid at traffic accidents), and mass murders will cease faster than icebergs off the Florida Keys.

And let's all agree to leave the silly scapegoating to the chattering morons.

For the children...?

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