Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Over It

I'm early for this one.

I swore I'd tell stories until I ran out of them before I turned my attentions to either politics or religion.

But my respite from blogging them has been due to a deserved funk and recuperation from last weeks' electoral temper tantrum. I'm better now, and completely over it.

A few observations:

1) John McCain, despite sterling service to his country in wartime Vietnam, and despite unquestionably bearing a great love for his country, is an unmitigated catastrophe as anything other than comedy relief for serious politicians. He is what you get when you magnify the prejudices of a small, under-populated state, and add in the residue of 20 years of incumbency to calcify his petty conceits about his own wisdom and judgement.

One would have thought that his rabid opposition to every commonsense proposal (and, broken-clock fashion, the occasional opposition to actual lunacy) would have demonstrated his manifest unfitness for candidacy beyond the vistas of Phoenix AZ.

The GOP will now pay for that lack of perception.

2) The other dwarves were even worse. The only two to have any pretensions of being conservative were Fred Thompson and Tom Tancredo, and both were starved of light and oxygen so quickly they won't even make the trivia files in 20 years.

They also showed the spines of jellyfish come the battle, so good riddance to them.

3) Barack Obama has been best described as a pig in a poke. Bereft of agricultural idiom, his fanbase is about to find out what that means, in real terms.

He is an unredeemed socialist with delusions of competence, and he's about to fail spectacularly in a way that will warm the heart of Jimmy Carter. Carter is about to rise in standings of the worst presidents of all time, chiefly because of Barack Obama. And in Plains, GA that has to be the best one can hope for. First Clinton, and now this rube.

In his favor, he ran a far less inept campaign than the idiots on McCain's side (which makes one wonder how incompetent you had to be for the other GOP nominees to lose to McCain's bumblers), and truly, Obama was a far more palatable, even adorable, candidate than either Gore or Kerry.

But then, he'd have to be.

In truth, that bar is so low that the comparison shorts Obama unfairly.

4) Hillary Clinton will not (probably ever) be president.
Cue Handel's Hallelujah Chorus please, loudly.

Further expansion on this is superfluous.

5) Dubbya:
Most despised of presidents, only partially due to the media drumbeat for 8 years, but overarchingly, due to your incredible mediocrity in a job that demands so much more than you ever had to offer. Return to your ranch in Crawford, and the eternal ignominy you so richly deserve, with all appropriate haste.

If life were fair, you'd have been born in the 1800s, and served as a Whig.

6) The Democrats are now without excuse. The last Congress, bigger do-nothings by far than any in remembered history, are about to share the center stage one.
No excuses.
No ideas.
No policies.

And when the euphoria wears off, and Emperor Obama I struts naked onto Pennsylvania Avenue, with your sycophantic cheering ringing in his ears, some little boy is going to shout out "He's not wearing any clothes!"

And then the fun will begin.

7) The GOP.
May flames consume thee, and leave nothing but gold in the place where for 20 years you've venerated dross.
Return to the policies of limited government and fiscal stinginess which gave you birth, while maintaining all that is good, and true, and decent in America here and abroad.

You sold that birthright for a mess of pork.

In due time, the country will see the wisdom of those ways, and that remnant who never left the true path should be there waiting to step in, brimming with not just policy, but with vision, and the right spokesmen to share it with America.

Rid yourselves of the half-hearted, the weak, the lame, the stuttering, and the lying posers who have pretended to be of you, and flattered both you and themselves that they were of you, but who have been found wanting.

This president doesn't rule, he governs, and he has but a short time. In 18 months (incredibly, a shorter span than the current campaign season lasted) his time will begin to eclipse, and it isn't likely he'll have anything worthwhile to show for it.

To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail, come that day.

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