Friday, July 30, 2021

A + B = C


I already told you how serious Kung Flu isn't, midway through Year Two of The Horse-and-Chicken Soup Show*.

B, over at MotR blog, wonders if and if so, how much, of the current increase in Kung Flu cases is due to the hordes of untested, unvaxxed illegals being salted hither and yon, particularly in Red State America, by the current fraudulent regime, seemingly without a COVID care in the world.

It's almost certainly happening, and TPTB will go to any measures necessary to make sure you can never, ever document that causality.

To do so would be to pull the curtain back on the Great And Powerful Oz, than which there is no greater sin.

We seem to recall telling you that the actual effects of Kung Flu
would be the LEAST of the problems you'd face from this thing.
Maybe we just imagined that. Maybe not. Go back and look...

FWIW, as I noted previously, we've seen a small uptick in cases where I'm at in CA.

We also serve a city with a yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge population of illegals. Since 1851.

And FTR, the CFR (Case Fatality Rate) from COVID in the US averages between 1.5-2%.

In parts of Mexico, particularly those nearest the US border, it's 16%.

That's not a typo. In Mexico, up to 1 person in 6 who gets COVID dies from it, because no insurance, no money, and no healthcare.

Given that reality there, who wouldn't do whatever was necessary to flee that??

I would. You would. Everyone you know would.

The Mexicans are. (I'm explaining, not excusing.)

This ain't rocket science.

The difference is that now, it's no longer US policy to stop anyone.

Which is what will lead those along the border, and elsewhere, to start employing the Three Ss:

Shoot - Shovel - Shut up

Works for wolves near Yellowstone. Works for mountain lions in CA.

And shortly, works for illegals at the border.

In 3, 2, ...

*(In the former Soviet Union, in the hard times after the Great Patriotic War, a curbside vendor was brought before the court with allegations he was selling greatly diluted horse-and-chicken soup, with far more horse to chicken .

The judge asked him "How much horse to how much chicken are you selling?"

The man replied, "It's absolutely even, 50:50, Your Honor!"

"How can you be so sure of that?" asked the judge.

"Oh, that's easy, Your Honor. I put in one horse, and one chicken."

Currently, the chicken is what's actually happening from COVID, and the horse is the amount of all the horsesh*t the government is laddling into the soup. And the ratio is the same as that horse-and-chicken soup.)

UPDATE to the previous Kung Flu post:

2+2=5: Peter at BRM does more legwork, and the lies on this "spike" is pure lies, and bald-faced bullshit. QED


USAF '68-'72 said...

Why don't we saturate bomb Mexico with bottles of vitamin D?

Seems like a little knowledge would save lot of lives down there.

CDC won't admit to curative measures in USA, but other countries can certainly benefit.

A Western Freeman

T said...

"The Noble Lies of COVID-19:" The lying liars and the lies they told, all for your own good of course. Of course.

Unknownsailor said...

CDC isn't tracking break through infections, but the states are. 75% or more of new infections are in fully vaccinated people. Just like Singapore, and Malta, and the UK. The vaccinated spread it just like un-jabbed people do, too.

Meanwhile, any discussion of natural immunity in those who have recovered from being infected is nowhere to be found. It is all jab, all the time.

CDC and Fauchi have taken so many sides on this that they have zero credibility any more.

I had COVID in June. I am not getting the shot, and I will not wear a mask. I am done with the bullshit. If I get sick again, I will follow the FLCCC MATH+ protocol. At least the people behind that are actual practicing physicians treating actual patients, unlike that fraud Fauchi, who hasn't treated a patient in over 30 years.

If and when someone can produce a vaccine from deactivated virus that produce sterilizing immunity, I will offer my arm. Not one fucking second before.

T said...

Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of
Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

Pages 22-25 are the least boring, and have the protocols.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Assuming we all get out of this alive, or some of us get out of this alive, one would hope a good long look at the government agencies, their powers, and the nature of science would get a hard look.

The sole - sole - bright point that I see in this is the rapidly growing despotic nature of the government is becoming more apparent. People can disagree with its application, but they are (or should be anyway) less and less able to agree that it exists).

Charlie said...

My father, who lives in deep south Louisiana, called me today. He had a cough, went in, tested positive for kung flu. Had, I think, the J&J shots in feb.
Said a bunch of folks at his church are testing pos.
His wife did, they are quarantined for 10 days.
Small town, with a small hospital. He said the icu is full, not all kung flu, but nonetheless full.

He said about 3/4 of his church as taken the jab.

T said...

Apparently some versions of the common cold can cause a positive result on the COVID-19 tests.

Maybe because common cold viruses are "corona" type viruses, like Kung Flu? Just a thought.


I'm not sure if my last comment was received. So I'm going to repeat myself. There is no "I'll do it later" any longer. Now is the time to stop going along to get along. That is what has gotten us to this point in time. They know we are polite and tolerant. The time for tolerance has ended. If our forefathers had been tolerant of taxation without representation we would all know the metric system and drive on the wrong side of the road. We are Americans first and foremost. Even before family because if America falls we are all screwed. God, country and family! The time of quietly tolerating their twisted ideology has ended now is the time to take back our freedom.