Monday, November 26, 2018

Another Criminal We Won't Be Letting Into The US.

"Mami, how come my eyes are stinging?"
"Shut up and keep running, mija!"

There is nothing she's doing not explainable by a room temperature IQ, and basic greed at the amount of welfare she qualifies for the instant her ass hits the States. There is nothing at work there besides the magnet of economic gravity attracting the loose fillings.
If she was fleeing "death squads" (Odds against that are about 200:1), she solved that problem the minute she hit Mexico, 2000 miles ago.
And walking 50 feet each morning to ride in trucks and busses for a few hours a day over a week is not the same as walking 2000 miles.
The problem here is no one told fat greedy mamacita Baby Factory that La Migra was disinclined to acquiesce to her illegal entry: means "No". And were fully prepared for the Born in East L.A. swarm-the-checkpoint plan.
That dumbassery stopped working about 1990, FTR.
They just close the gates, and start lobbing pepper balls using paintball guns with 250-round reservoirs of OC balls. First they sting, then it burns. I'm hoping someone had fun lighting her up yesterday. She's lucky it was less-than-lethal. Mexico would have simply opened fire, had it not been nothing but a non-stop PR photo op from the get-go.
And if you look around at other pics and video of the event, you'll see she was just about the sole female with children, out of several hundred military-age males in that group.
People routinely try to come here on rafts made of garbage, and bring their kids too. That's not a measure of refugee status or desperation, it's purely human greed and a lack of common sense. Fortunately, gravity and sharks coupled with poor boat-building skills take care of an awful lot of human stupidity. The fact that she's carrying nothing underlines that this whole caravan was a PR stunt; you don't make it 2000 miles north with nothing in your hands or on your back but your kids.
She's a walking photo op, nothing more nor less, and simply a prop for the MSM.
Further comments about her intelligence, or manifest lack thereof, would be superfluous: the picture itself is worth those 1000 words.
When she gets deported, along with the other 500 jackholes, as Mexico promised today, she can think about her own dumbassery all the way back to Guatemala.
So much for that Clever Plan by the Free Shit Army to jack Uncle Sam for moar stuff.
But pure comedy gold.


StarNinja said...

Man, now that is desperation. You'd think a thousand miles of desert and hunger would have turned back most people. Makes you wonder what kind of hell she left behind to travel this far. Nah, that's not gonna happen! Ha! Almost convinced myself for a second there. Que insults about her intelligence in 3, 2, 1...

Anonymous said...

She looks like that after a thousand miles of desert and hunger?

StarNinja said...

I know right? She makes it look good with the slippers and the no pants on her kids and the donated clothes she got at the shelter. Can't say I'd look that good after a journey like her's. My shoes would have fallen off my feet by then like most people's in the caravan around Mexico City.

Anonymous said...

If I walked 1000 miles in heat and with little food, my body fat would be about zilch unless I was a freaking absolute wildebeest beforehand.

Here's an idea... don't storm borders and throw rocks. Don't bring your kids up to storm a border. Stay in the shelter, which probably HAS pants for your kids, and let this sort itself out. If you're a mom with two young kids you'll probably be granted more leniency than the guy covered in facial tats, know what I'm saying?

StarNinja said...

I bet motherhood leniency is what she was counting on before the US government gassed her kids. Imagine what horrors she's fleeing to attempt this desperate gambit. You probably can. Do you care? Probably not. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

Trump has 57 days to:

1. De-classify FISA/FBI/DOJ docs so that the JQ can see what's going on
2. Fix the Federal Voting fiasco to prevent the wholesale slaughter coming in 2020 where he loses
3. Fix immigration

Considering the last one is a pipe dream, he should concentrate on the first two since they can be "fixed" in 30-60 seconds with a order.

Odds that he completes #1 and #2? IMHO = 0%

Flying the flag upside down since Labor Day.

Broken Arrow Broken Arrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on StarNinja. Does SHE care about her kids when she takes them out in diapers to storm a border? I'm a mother, and I wouldn't put my kids into a situation like that even if I was fleeing a hellhole of a country. I'd have stayed IN THE FREAKING SHELTER and hoped things could be sorted out. I'd also have made sure my kids had pants for crying out loud. So don't try that guilt trip shit with me, I'm saying that she failed right there as a mother - you do NOT storm borders violently with kids in tow. Period. SHE'S the one that should be feeling guilty. Understand? Maybe not.

Meanwhile you know and I know and the whole WORLD knows by now that Obama pulled the same thing in 2013, hope you were having the same conniption fit then.

StarNinja said...

I did have a fit about it. Why the hell are we wasting tear gas on this? Spending government's gonna spend, I suppose.
I doubt you would have left the country if a little fence hopping is too much for you. We're talking about your kids here. Don't you think they deserve to live safe and happy lives in a country that doesn't have death squads wandering around (yet)? What would it take to sacrifice for them? What threshold must be crossed before the burden of responsibility becomes too much to ignore? How high can a mother push her standards before she puts her kids over life and limb? Shame on you if the answer is more than this migrant woman.
I'm gonna file this under: can't take you seriously until it happened to you.

The Gray Man said...

What the FUCK is that beast wearing? A Disney paint by numbers page? You'd think if the NGO can supply her kid with diapers that fit, maybe they could outfit the maternal unit with something that won't cause me to reexperience my breakfast.

Also, I'm looking at that wall thing in the background and I don't see any Colonel Jessups. We need them on that wall.

The Gray Man said...

Did the US gas them? Or was it Tijuana Police? Because some on Gab are saying it was Tijuana Police.

Anonymous said...

StarNinja, I already explained that I would have waited in the shelter. They're going to give clemency to mothers with small kids like this, they always do, and everyone knows it. A little fence hopping with two kids in diapers? Seriously, listen to yourself. Getting my kids the hell out of Dodge is one thing - taking them into a violent situation sans pants is another thing entirely, and then expecting them to scale a (pretty damn tall) wall and be involved in a large action where rocks are being thrown is another. I understand her desperation. I do not understand her actions here. There are better ways to handle things, and she did not handle this well. Pants, I mean really. Pants for kids are available at the shelters there. If she was an American putting her kids into a situation like this you'd be calling CPS, so would I. Stay back, be calm, get your kids dressed, fed, and keep them calm. That is your JOB as a mother - protecting your kid. Always. Then wait, because we all know she's coming in, she knows she's coming in. The first order of business is weeding out, as I said the people who traveled with them who are, in fact, criminals.

I feel no shame, sorry. Becoming unhinged doesn't make for being a good mother, ever.

Steve Wright said...

Don't feed the trolls.

StarNinja said...

Border Patrol fired it.

StarNinja said...

The government should have said something. Turning it into a riot after the fact and blaming it on the migrants is just plain sloppy. Try again, DHS.

StarNinja said...

Here here! They're getting full up as it is. Let's focus on what matters.

StarNinja said...

I don't see any beasts. I think there's a wall in the way.

Badger said...

I Have Zero Proof

But looking at this photo, it looks staged to me. First, look at all the people behind her, no one is running. Second, look at that fence in the background. That fence is in Mexico, that BIG wall behind is the American boarder. She is at 150 yards away and we sure as hell did not fire tear gas 150 yards into Mexican territory. Third, that is smoke in the background, not tear gas. Tear gas canisters DO NOT just send up a wisp. They FOG an area, or they would be worthless.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea: deport white people to make room for the migrants. Don't care where. They had their 15 minutes. Thanks for the guns and computers and cars. Now GTFO.

@Anonymous Mom

If you were my daughter and you pulled that stay in the shelter shit, I would give you a good switching next time I saw you. CPS? Are you fucking kidding me? You're a refugee! Fucking run! The laws of man mean dick if they don't protect you from Battalion 3-16 or the Honduran Death Squad flavor of the month. Do whatever it takes to get my grandchildren over here or do everyone a favor and walk in front of a bus.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:53 pm

And this is why I'm happy I was raised by my parents and not you, because I have brains in my head.

If I'm going to be trying to get INTO a country that has those "battalions" firing at me, I WOULDN'T be trying to get into that country because I wouldn't be a dumbshit like you. If I'm not welcomed, I'm not coming in. See, that's the difference - I don't impose where I'm not wanted, especially if I'm already IN a country that's granted me refugee status and I'm not worried about those "roving street gangs" anymore. Then I'd have the presence of mind to APPLY to live in whatever country I thought my children and I would be best suited for.

If you were my parent, see, you'd have had the intelligence to tell me that and start the paperwork instead of telling me to go running headlong into violence with your grandchildren. And if you EVER TOUCHED me with a switch or anything else, I'd shoot you in the Goddamn head because I guarantee I'm likely old enough to be YOUR grandmother at this point. I hope we're clear on that too, you disgusting piece of trash racist. Go shove yourself into a dryer and set it on spin.

StarNinja said...

That's kinda harsh, Gramps. All I was saying is a mother can mother her kids any way she sees fit. Even if they're migrants. A little benefit of the doubt and live and let live would do our country good for a change.
And enough with the deporting already! No matter who gets deported, the problem stays behind. Nuff said.

Aesop said...

No, the problem stays in Mexico.

Problem: solved.

Oh, and they're deporting her.

Response from the MSM to this Brown Heartlessness: crickets.

StarNinja said...

MSM can't be trusted to do anything right anymore. Fourth Estate my ass

Aesop said...

"If it bleeds, it leads."
If it doesn't advance their bullshit narrative, it dies in darkness.

This what happens when you trade your lion's birthright to become the tame house cat of the Democrat Party.

All they're good for now is puking and crapping on the carpet, and clawing up the furniture and drapes.

Anonymous said...

And talking up a good talk about how women are precious and wonderful and should be listened to, all the while either threatening to switch them, like that asshat above (rural women don't take that shit - take a note, people), or getting themselves in trouble for constant harassment and mistreatment of women, like the California Democrat Party Chair.

Hypocrites. Maybe Democrat women can go wear some pussy hats in protest, but they won't bother. It's a Democrat, they can treat women badly and nobody blinks.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you I ain't no Democuck. It don't matter how old you get or if it's in a condo or a country barn, girls who don't do what they're supposed to get switched. God this fucking generation weren't raised right. A momma's duty is to her kids. Get them to America!

StarNinja said...

Are you seriously coming here with a "bitches get switches" attitude? You need help.

Anonymous said...

"We're talking about your kids here. Don't you think they deserve to live safe and happy lives in a country that doesn't have death squads..."

Of course they deserve better. Her and every other swinging dick in the group deserves better. But living well is a zero-sum event, and it is not our job to provide what they deserve. "Deserve" really has nothing to do with it. Have empathy for the human condition. We won the birth lottery, she and others lost.

When the life boat is at capacity, empathize with those still in the water, and thank whatever God you have that you're in the solly....

StarNinja said...

That's my point. This will come back around on us, one way or another. Every life boat goes Titanic eventually and when it does, we'll looking for that same hand to pull us to safety. And they will pull away.

"I was a stranger and you did not invite me in."
Matthew 25:43

BunE22 said...

“the US government gassed her kids”

Must have been a bad batch of Zyklon B because they’re still alive. ��

TiredPoorHuddled Masses said...

Are you implying that the US government is run by Nazis?