Monday, June 18, 2018

A Modest Proposal

Get used to that cage, Julio.

Following their previously distributed talking points like any well-rehearsed rent-a-mob, the Usual Suspects, from The Wookette to ABCNNBCBS are all in full throat about the chirren!!!!! being >gasp!< SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS AFTER APPREHENSION TRYING TO ENTER THE U.S. ILLEGALLY!  >double-clutch pearls!!<<

The Absolute Horror, or something.

These are same folks who had no problem whatsoever with ICE pointing machineguns at Elian Gonzales to rip him from his relatives here in Florida, and restore him to the blessings of growing up under communism, administered via Fidel's bootheel on his neck.

And of course, they have no problem ripping kids out of wombs by the score every hour since Roe v. Wade. (So, maybe if we just told ICE to start shooting the little bastards, or jamming screwdrivers into their ears and scrambling their brains, we could just call it "late-term abortion", and DiFi, Schumer, Pelosi, et al could go back to STFU status again.)

And they seem to have forgotten how many adult deportees turn out to be serial child molesters, and why maybe pulling young kids out of the big holding pen with those sort of folks might be a pretty frickin' good idea.

Then again, the Leftards' silence over decades' long rape culture dug in like a tick in Rottenham, or Buggerdamned, or some such pestilential village in the Empire of Pedophilia that is Britistan, seems to have induced in them laryngitis to this point, so not much surprise there.

But let's just leave it at this: if madre y padre were so damned concerned about los niños, there was a simple, humane, and dare we say it, legal solution to all their problems.
They could have just stayed their indigent, illiterate, criminal asses in Mehico, and saved us having to round them up and ship the whole clan TFO of Los Estados Unidos.

Make America Great Again: by shipping those fuckers back where they belong.
Starting with the second deportation, the method of repatriation used by ICE in all cases should be by trebuchet.

Then after they're returned to the land of their forefathers at a few hundred FPS, they'll probably still have one unshattered femur left to limp back home, and stay there.

I'm not terribly worried about a day without a Mexican; we had a hundred and fifty years without a Mexican, and it was called America.
And it would be a lot catchier title if we renamed it  Another Day Without Setting $318M Of Your Taxes On Fireand made it a 24/7/365/forever national celebration.

Frankly, they're lucky we don't cut the crap, and simply authorize ICE to substitute land mines for the wall, until it's built. Then they could just deport everyone missing a leg as presumptively here illegally.

You'll notice there's not a lot of Norks running through minefields to get to South Korea.
And we've got a metric f**kton of the things just sitting in storage, so we might as well put them to some good use.

And while we're up, let's do one more thing: announce that henceforth, anyone ever deported for entering the US illegally will be banned for life from ever visiting the US on a visa, or ever emigrating here legally, and refused any amnesty for cause, even if it's someday offered to those already here. Caught once, banned for life. Caught here a second time: Fly Air Trebuchet home. Easy peasy.

Meanwhile, some appointed-for-life 65 IQ federal fuckwit judge has ordered all the children released from ICE detention (it's surely not all his own fault he's such a thoroughgoing jackass, he probably started out as a lawyer to begin with). The AG should ask him if he'd like fries with that. And then laugh at him.

He/she/it should also be told to go enforce his order, and then arrested for interfering with federal agents if he tries. And impeached for cause while we're waiting to see how that works out. For blatant insanity, if nothing better suggests itself to the Senate.

Since the federal judiciary has no problem ignoring Americans' rights when it suits them, let's ignore theirs, and see how they like it.

What are they going to do then, print out another DoJ IG investigation?

Because if the feds stop deporting them, the folks who live on the border are liable to simply start practicing the Three S Policy, without so much as a "by your leave..."

And won't that be special?

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

Weather Report

Those of you with UHD monitors should know that the above video is the kind of thing for which you bought it.

The Weather Channel and Discovery should be throwing baskets of money at Mike Olbinski and his musician Peter Nanasi, and telling them to just do nothing else but crank out this kind of stuff year around, instead of as a side gig between weddings, and they'll buy it for station breaks, filler, and program transitions forever. He's already got an Emmy. AMPAS should have him up for short subject Oscars pretty much annually until they give him one.

He's got a Vimeo channel too, if you want it in better res.

This kind of thing is why we make cameras and soundtracks.

He's about due for putting another one out for this year. I can hardly stand the wait.

What's At Stake

It's time for Vito, Michael, and Tom Hagen to face the
music, and start doing the time. If anybody wants to go
on a fishing trip with Fredo instead, that'd be okay too.
And tell Connie the party's over.                                   
I'm a big believer in mood music. Here you go, folks; play this while you read.

(The Federalist) In 2015, President Obama told America he only learned that his secretary of state Hillary Clinton was illegally using a private email server to conduct public business after The New York Times published a story saying so. Today’s release of a Department of Justice inspector general report shows that was a lie.
“FBI analysts and Prosecutor 2 told us that former President Barack Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact using her account,” the report says in a footnote on page 89. “Obama, like other high level government officials, used a pseudonym for his username on his official government email account.”
Yeah, so what? Obozo wasn't under oath at the press conference.

I'll tell you what: Obozo was a sworn federal official and Harvard Law School graduate who knowingly aided and abetted a federal crime by the then-Sec. of State, Felonia von Pantsuit, and this criminal conspiracy was known to the sitting Director of the FBI at the time, James Weasel Comey, as well as most of the federal agents fake-"investigating" (read whitewashing) the Clinton e-mail scandal. That's a criminal conspiracy. It was impeachable at the time, and it's federally felonious criminal conduct, which is still prosecutable under federal law, right now, for all of them. 

We have impeached sitting presidents for less than that, and sent average people doing only that much to long stretches in the federal penitentiary system.

Forget those ham-fisted birth certificate forgery frauds, and 23 fake social security numbers. Forget Fast and Furious and ten dozen other open and ignored scandals in Obama's corrupt criminal administration.

Just that little stunt means that this morning, President Trump now has three choices:

Find feckless incompetent MIA AG Jeffie Sessions hiding somewhere behind the draperies at the DoJ, defibrillate back him into life, fire everybody from the Obama administration in the Senior Executive Service level and above at the FBI, and at the Department of Justice, and tell Sessions to direct the US Attorney for Washington DC to indict Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and James Comey for that exact criminal conspiracy, and all associated crimes, along with their 50 to 200 known minions participating in that, and about 2000 other federal felonies committed in just the last two years of the criminal crime syndicate enterprise known as the Obama administration. (And the similar treasonous cartel operations of the Clinton Foundation. Oh, and seize the latter's assets under RICO. Chelsea can get a job at Starbuck's while she's looking for a good lawyer.)

Abuse of power, suborning perjury, and all the other machinations of the attempted coup pre- and post-the 2016 election, which ended their scheme so disastrously.

Hound those crocked m*****f*****s to the ends of the earth, and pin everything on them that will stick, and get them sentenced to so long in federal prison that they'll never see daylight  the rest of their natural lives, unless it's pumped into their subterranean crypts.

Fire Mueller, end his crooked clown-show fake-news witch hunt, and tell him he'd better think about lawyering up himself, as a former head of the FBI who was probably in on the Clinton scam at the time as well.

And get rid of the Constitution-shredding FISA courts, once and for all. Repeal the Patriot Act, in toto. It was a colossal mistake when it was first suggested, and it's proven to be exactly the power-grab end-run around the Constitution everyone warned about nearly twenty years ago, and every day since. We have a Patriot Act: it's called the Constitution and federal law. Let's try using that, if only for the recent novelty of the idea. (And BTW, if Kennedy retires from SCOTUS, put Andrew Napolitano on the court; when Bader Ginsburg finally strokes out, replace her with Alan Dershowitz. Mr. Chief Justice Roberts will find himself writing a lot of 7-2 and 6-3 opinions until Kooky Kagan and Satanmayor go away.)

Then suspend every agent at the FBI, purge the agency of every tainted one (or cut to the chase, and just assume that 98% of them give the other 2% a bad name, and fire them all), and put an honest and honest-to-god gun-toting thug-shooting cop in charge of the Bureau.
No political-animal police chiefs, but someone who's killed bank robbers in the line of duty, and is so clean he squeaks when he walks; nothing less.
If Congress won't sit still for that kind of appointment, disband the entire bureau, and turn over all functions to the US Marshal's office. (Move Explosives from BATFE to there as well, hand alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to the Commerce department as a non-enforcement paperwork compliance activity, and disband BATFE as well, while you're up.) Expand the Marshals commensurately, and ban for life any transfer or application of any former employee of the defunct FBI, unless they can pass a proctological background investigation of sufficient discomfort and thoroughness to guarantee Vatican sainthood and functional virginity to anyone who can survive the ordeal. To the 2% of former agents worth the trouble.

And gently hint to CIA that anything they've done on American soil, including this failed coup, is going to result in a lot of sudden heart attacks, light airplane crashes, and hunting and fishing trip accidents, unless a few hundred to a few thousand people resign and retire to go run worm stands, taco carts, or renting bicycles in the Bahamas. Oh, and if there's so much as one tell-all book deal or magazine article, then everyone on the list gets it in the neck. And their families. Live by the Borgia family rules, die by the Borgia family rules. You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.

If you're going to drain the swamp, then by God, you effing drain it!

If Sessions can't or won't undertake that overhaul, fire him, and appoint someone, even as Acting AG, who will do all of that, like a pitbull on crack.

(And then send a quick love note to SecDef Jimmy Mattis that if he doesn't get the DoD and the last eight years' worth of cheesedick Pentagon general's and admiral's effluvia back in one bag in a big hurry, the same thing will be happening to his department next. The other Cabinet agencies will take the hint quickly after that.)

Do nothing.
Raise the Chiquita Banana Republic flag over the White House, tell the peasants to eat cake, and announce to the world, whether anything is said officially or not, that the United States is now just another kakistocracy, run by corrupt thugs and incompetent buffoons for their own pleasure, who view the rule of law as a quaint old-fashioned custom, and then stand the f**k by for the bloodbath reckoning that'll be coming, every day from now until Hell freezes over.

Nota bene there's no Option Four on that list.

Which one you see in the next week, two weeks at the most, should influence your ammunition and supply purchases for the rest of the next two years. Anything after that point is the mercy of a benevolent deity, and/or the judgment of a righteous one, when - not if - it happens.

The Deep State couldn't be any more obvious about this if they took out full page ads on the front page of the NYSlimes. "Pay heed, peasants."

You all can do as you please with this information. I'll be getting in some range time.
Then it'll be time to get the boat ready for the fishing trip.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Specialization Is For Insects

h/t Tam

Forget anything?

Like waves in ponds, knowledge ripples outwards slowly.
As Tam notes on her blog:
 "People are stupid about non-shooting classes. For a long time I’ve been comfortable bagging on folks who have 200 hours in a plate carrier with a carbine and not eight hours drawing a 19 from concealment, but I need to start bagging on people with 200 hours of running a 19 from concealment and not eight hours of legal/med/retention/defensive driving/intermediate force... 
Congrats. You’re trained like Joe SOCOM in the skills you’re least likely to need..."
What's important is everything. EVERYTHING.

You don't know what's not  important, but rest assured you'll figure that out in a hurry five seconds after you realize you didn't learn it, or pay attention when you had the chance.

I had a Teamster on a movie set bitch once about the number of components of my medical kit. As a rule, I don't backtalk Teamsters (it's not a good idea), but this was a rare exception:

"Well, Sport, if you can tell me right now which parts of this medical kit I won't need today, in advance, for anyone on the crew, you just let me know and I'll trot it back to my truck and leave it behind..."

That was the last I heard about that.

Preparedness is like that. You don't know what you need, so you better bring it all, everyday.

Murphy is a m*****f***** about letting you know when you've forgotten something.

I've spent most of my life as the "What if" guy, both from a few "O Sh*t!" moments I or someone else has had, and from decades of personal predilection and professional diligence.

The time to discover your missing parachute is always before you exit the aircraft.

Some mistakes in life you only get to make once...

So you have to be a generalist, not a specialist, and think about the 57 things most people forget, unless you're trusting to fate, deity, or blind drunk luck to save your bacon when that thing you never thought about comes calling.

Trusting to the above gets you lots of good stories, scars and casts, and if you're really, really lucky, the rest of a life to tell stories about them.

If not, you get nominated for a Darwin Award.
(And I've sent in a few of those nominations for others, myself. Such talent as offing yourself through sheer stupidity should be suitably noted and rewarded.)

Thinking ahead, and doing something about it, gets you a long boring life, and the ability to laugh about the dumb@$$ people who deserve and earn Darwin Awards.

Choose wisely.

Basic training - Fighting Positions

Above is the standard basic fighting hole that every person should be digging prior to settling in for the night outside of friendly locations. The rule of thumb in the day was one M-16 wide, two helmets or bayonets long, and armpit depth of the man occupying the hole.

The team leader assigns sectors, and the hole should be sited such that anyone inside it can shoot in the indicated direction.

The point of the hole should be obvious: it reduces the amount of you that can be seen, or hit by direct (someone shooting at you) or indirect (mortars, artillery, and grenades going off nearby) fire, and it also decreases your visibility and personal signature when you aren't on watch.

It's not any more complicated than that. But the longer it's occupied, the more it should get improved.

The first improvement is doubling it up to a two-man fighting hole.

Now you get more coverage, and no one is left alone at any point. It also means that, as a rule, one of you can be eating, sleeping, etc. while the other is on watch, at some point, and if anything happens to one, the other becomes the first aid guy for him.

Consistent with the unit leader's directions, the sectors of fire can be angled to the oblique, meaning anyone shooting at you is shooting at a lump of dirt, and you're shooting at anyone approaching from their sides, which protects your guys, and leaves their guys vulnerable.

This depends on adjoining fighting positions to cover the entire perimeter with fire in order to work. With a small group, the fire sectors (and your vulnerability) increase commensurately. But you always try to set yourself up so that you can shoot, while minimizing the chance of getting shot, if you're doing this right.

Remember, the longer you're inside it, the more you improve the hole. You'd want to add a firing step, improve water drainage, make a spot to put your ready ammunition, and add a grenade sump (a place for grenades thrown at you to fall and explode without killing you is the theory).

The next improvement is adding overhead cover, to provide additional camouflage, protection from rain and weather, and additional cover from explosives, shell fire, or fire from the air or above, depending on terrain.

It should be obvious, but if you're not going to be in one location long enough, you won't have time for building the Hilton. And if there's no natural material for overhead cover, like small trees, you won't be having any of that either, because you're not toting engineer stakes or 4"x4" lumber with you to make the supports.

Fighting holes in fixed emplacements and long-term bases should start taking on the appearance of WWI trenchworks, possibly to the point of dedicated timber or reinforced concrete emplacements and shelters. But learn the basic e-tool constructed version, as you'll be dealing with that far more often than not.

On the basic hole, you'll want to make things easier by constructing elbow holes in the spot necessary for you to be pointing in the primary direction you should be looking, and firing if attacked.

Prior to darkness falling, you'd also best find some sticks to make limit stakes and aiming stakes. As the name might imply, limit stakes are the limits of your sector of fire. (In less vegetated areas, you may necessarily have to make do with limit rocks.) Aiming stakes are aligned in your primary direction of fire, so that in the dark, you're delivering fire along a given line "to whom it may concern". 

And once you go to the trouble to construct a fighting hole, you want to camouflage it with natural vegetation cover from the surrounding area, to make it harder to see and identify. Otherwise, having an obvious position just invites all the incoming fire to your address.

The more time you have to spend, and the more attention to detail you give to your fighting hole, the better the camouflage, the more effective the protection, and the more lethal and surprising it becomes if attacked, or blundered into.

Above: Japanese fighting position, Makin Atoll 1945
Bottom: Vietcong bunker, Cu Chi, 1975
Neither one was captured during the wars during which they were used. Now you know why your fathers and grandfathers in each case hated those little bastards, and respected them.

Fighting holes save lives, and take them. You need to master their construction and improvement, and respect what they bring to the table when done right. You won't get a second chance if you get it wrong, on either offense or defense.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Basic Training - Challenge/Password

So, you've answered nature's call, well away from your team, after dark. Or you're a smaller patrol from a larger body, returning to your patrol base, or your main camp, during darkness. Or just a good teamleader, checking on your people in different spots in the middle of the night. They know someone's out there, but the question is, how do you get close enough to prove it's you without getting shot at?

That's the problem challenge and password were designed to solve, going back centuries.

When someone hears you approach, you're told to "Halt!"

(Important safety tip for those who aren't prior-service military: "Halt!" is always shorthand-speak for "I see you, and my front sight is leveled on your center-of-mass." Halt is therefore not a suggestion, any time it is heard. You may safely assume your position is even sketchier than that, depending on the darkness level, the experience level of a given group, or the tactical situation. Respond appropriately. Bullets in flight have no friends forward of the muzzle, and neither do sentries on post until the my team/not my team question has been sorted out to their satisfaction.)

Pay attention at this point, because getting it wrong will see you experiencing fire that is anything but friendly.

Having frozen absolutely in place, the next words will be some version of "Who goes there?"
The correct answer is never, "It's me!", because it's dark, and nobody can tell who "me" is.

You may not get the formal version, you may simply get the challenge. A previously agreed upon word will be spoken, and you'd better come up with the correct reply, quickly, because when this is done right, bullets coming your way are a couple of pounds of trigger squeeze from happening. (This is why you pay attention during daily briefings, and always know the challenge and password.)

The idea is to pick two words that have nothing to do with each other, so that no one can work out even by guessing that the challenge "Indiana" might be answered with "Jones".

A list of them may be generated randomly, and any team or person leaving for multiple days should have each day's challenge and response for the days they're out (ideally memorized, rather than written down).

You're looking for word pairs like "octopus" being answered with "banana", not "banana" and "split".

And to prevent someone nearby in the brush hearing the pair of words correctly, and using them against you, your original challenge at distance may be (ought to be) a number.

The way it works is that at the same time a challenge and password are announced, there is also a number selected. It should be an odd number, from 3-11 or so.

The way that works, is that if the number announced is "nine", you may hear a challenge of "two". You answer the number it takes to make nine, so having passed first grade, you say "seven". At that point, you advance until you're within a couple of steps, and the standard challenge word "octopus" is uttered in your direction very quietly, whereupon you offer "banana", and everyone relaxes a bit as you approach, until they can see you're okay.

If you're the only one, we're done. If not, you tell them, "friendly patrol of eight", and you stay close by to count and ID the other seven members.

This isn't just cool-guy stuff, enemy have infiltrated friendly patrols on dark nights in the jungle or forest, in the real world.
(This is also why you do head counts at halts. I've been out and fallen in along a trail among a group of border crossers at oh-dark-thirty, who had no idea they had picked up several additional members in the dark, until we threw the lights on at their next halt; and war stories abound of NCOs on patrol in places like Vietnam who suddenly had larger patrols than they'd started with, mid-way through.) Things can understandably get messy if you don't notice things like that.

So the number may need to get repeated with each and every approaching member, then the challenge and password when they're up very close.

The reason you picked an odd number is so that the number answered is always a different number than the one challenged. If the number were ten, and the challenge were "five", someone ignorant of your language could mimic "five" in reply, and get it right by blind luck. So odd numbers always.

You may chose to pick and use numbers (or be in the position of someone else doing it) in another language. So you'd better be able to count in whatever the language agreed upon is. It may be advantageous not to let the group in the dark know who you are, whether you're using Spanish in the southwest desert, or using French in the Canadian border woods or bayou swamps, instead of English numbers in either event.

There may also be challenge/password pairs for your home group, and a different one just for your team's use, and different numbers for both. A good idea is to change both daily, at an agreed upon time (probably during the daytime - say, at noon, or 9AM - so no one leaves under one set of passwords/numbers at 6PM, and comes back to a new set after midnight. Imagine if someone's watch were off a bit, and the ensuing mischief that could cause.)

You may also issue codes for duress, which lets a sentry know that you're giving the answers with a gun to your head or a knife to your own throat, or that of someone else in your party. You may also assign an "everything's okay" word as well. Work this out before the day, including if you're going to use it at all.

Working at a gun store, if anyone heard the word "hamburger" spoken aloud by counter staff or the cashiers, a number of guns carried there were going to be coming out momentarily by way of greeting. There's little worse to greet someone trying to stick up the place than eight guys all pointing guns at you. Whatever the decision, and the word, decide on the response to such a code in either case. The person who knows what's going on should be hitting the deck just in time to let the party crashers catch the incoming lead.

That's what challenge/password and number codes are for: to keep your guys alive, and recognize bad guys trying to get in your position when it's too dark to see them. They don't need to know whether or not you can see them in the dark with NODs. They just need to know they're in the crosshairs when you can hear them, and they can hear your challenge.

Responses should be instant, because at night, when people are pointing guns, delay increases stress, and the consequent likelihood of someone getting lit up.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Basic Training - Sanitation

Reference (referred to you back in May):
FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation June 2000

Yes, we really are going to cover How To Sh*t In The Woods.

Get it right, and life is happy.
Get it wrong, and you may get a visit from Mssrs. Dysentery and Hepatitis.
They are not your friends., and if you give them to your team mates, they won't be your friends either.

Option 1:
The Cathole

Step 1:
a) Downhill from your position
b) Downstream from your water supply point
c) 200' away from that or ideally any water source, or your campsite, minimum

Step 2:

For the uninitiated, the stick replaces toilet paper when you don't have that, or the three seashells if you're from San Angeles in the dystopian future.

If you don't have an e-tool (WTF?), or you were going lightweight, these things are the bomb, for about $10 @ WallyMart, etc.:

Option 2:
The Slit Trench
For larger units and/or a longer stay in a lay-up or patrol base.

Bury as you go. The cans over the toilet paper are to keep it dry in rainy environments or on misty nights and dewy mornings.
And if you're using MREs, everyone whose BTDT knows you always save the TP bundles, and put them in a ziplok. They may be all you get for some time, and beggars can't be choosers. Otherwise, find a really good stick, without bark or splinters.

Option 3:

Pack it in, pack it out. You'll want plastic, with no holes in the bags.
This is the option selected by elite reconnaissance units, going back years.
If you don't leave it in the field, there's nothing for anyone to find later on.
You can also elect to deposit all the bags at one central location later on, away from your area of interest, buried and concealed well, and far off your line of march.
And you do what you like, but if it's going in my pack, I'm double knotting it, and double-bagging it.

And wash your hands afterwards!

The way to break the fecal-oral disease vector is to clean up after yourself, scrupulously.

And although it's grey water and not black, you should do the same with anything including water or residue left over after washing eating or cooking utensils, brushing teeth, shaving, etc. Dig a sump hole, far from water supplies, and bury it. Getting discovered because someone saw your sudsy crud floating by downstream will be painful, was stupid, and is easily prevented.

And BTW, baby wipes and disinfecting hand sanitizer are your friend.

Community Security Categories - Red Yellow Green Blue

Another 24K nugget from Forward Observer, updated.

Go. Learn. Do.

I promise you, TPTB have lists, whether they tell you about it or not.
You need them too. 

Colored stick-on dots, $9 on Amazon.

Neighborhood satellite maps, free, printed from Google Earth.

Duralar map overlay, $31 for 12-foot roll, enough to do 6 full overlays of a 24"x36" map sheet, or 48 letter or legal sheets of paper.

Wet-erase pen assortment for overlay marking, $10.

For townsfolk, start with your street, then your block. Then the 8 contiguous blocks.
For the rural types, start with all the bordering neighbors, then an hour's walk up the roads in any direction.

You will see this material again, folks.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Thoughts On Norkistan

h/t Silicon Graybeard

The first thing to remember is that Asians in Asia are not Westerners.
(If I have to belabor the point with countless examples from throughout history to the present, you're not tall enough for this ride.) I bring this up at all because those who've no idea, generally don't know that they don't know, and that error has been the root of every Western foreign policy failure in the region for 150 years and more.

The second is to remember that the Norks aren't even like the rest of Asia.

The third is to ponder that in order to discredit the communism under which entire generations of Norks have labored, we need for it to fall, hard, and even more disastrously than communism crashed in Russia, or emperor worship crumbled in Japan. (Why is it, do you think, that we're cheerfully watching Venezuela burn to the ground? "When your enemy is making a monumental strategic blunder, stay out of his way." Much like not standing under falling trees, and for the same reasons.)

Failure of this pre-condition means that a sizable percentage of Koreans would persist in the greater-than-half-a-century monumental error that has propped the Kim dynasty up in the first place.
Like an alcoholic, the Norks simply must crash hard and hit bottom, in order to find the need for a change.

Giving them what they want, while not giving the West what we want, just gets us a mini-PRC: an expansionist military state, fueled and paid for by capitalism, of a type controlled and contained like the fuel in a nuclear reactor. Ask Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, and even Japan how that's working out for them. (Hint: Japan didn't just suddenly decide to start building aircraft carriers for the first time since the 1930s for no reason.)

As long as both China and the Norks cling to communism and state-run economic and social life, they are mortal enemies of western democratic republics, whether they chose to exploit that position fully at any given moment or not.

Once they abandon central economies, and try living as free republics, they're just another new potential ally. It's the difference between living next door to a crazy drug addict/dealer with guns, versus a guy who's clean and sober, who just likes deer and hog huntin' and big pickup trucks.

The last thing I want is to ease the pain for the Norks.
I'm willing to see things turned down a tad, provided the noose is still just tight enough that they pass out unconscious, and if while they're in that state, lose their grip on the entire nation, well...

Any moves vis-à-vis the Norks have to accord with China's interests, (or more importantly they must appear to do so) or they'll continue to be used as a pawn, and the last thing they want is a thriving capitalist economy along the Yalu River border, which will simply shift the DMZ there from the 38th Parallel.

It would also likely provide nothing but an object for the PLA military, itching for a chance for a real-world trial of their new toys, to want to grab.

North Korea exists at all as a lesson in Communist expansion circa 1945, and if its survival didn't suit TPTB on the other side, it would have been allowed to die out decades ago.

We need to flip their allegiance, and then we have a client state on the border of one of the last, and the all-time biggest, communist powers on the planet. If you're looking for a place to put the lever of freedom, that's the bastion to go for. People in the PRC can't see Taiwan, and the Hong Kong and Macau experiments expired in 1999, but the Norks travel and trade in China, and have done so forever. If you want to thaw the iceberg, the warm water needs to be right up against it.

Coupling that move with explaining to Vietnam the joys of capitalism and freedom (without trying it with B-52s this time) would really put the PRC's chestnuts in a vise. An entire generation knew Vietnam was a beautiful country with some great people, if you could just get rid of war and communism. We need to keep working on that project.

We cannot burgle Asia, and steal China's most vital client state from their orbit overnight. It would be Prague Spring or Hungary 1956 all over again.

The Norks need to be demilitarized and unshackled, bit by bit, so that China doesn't have cause to intervene until it's a fait accompli.

Anything else is merely a disaster for the people of Norkistan, and a potential trigger to fan the Cold War into a hot one.

Telling me, therefore, that things are going slowly, is probably the best news there could be, for everyone concerned.

Some People Are Never Satisfied


And the Leftards are still pissed? And think he's heartless?!?
Personally, I think that's exactly the sort of leadership we've needed for decades.


h/t "Sam Culper"

Militia Lesson:
Anyone who thinks the guys in the top couldn't become the guys on the bottom doesn't know Cajuns and Texans.
Anyone who thinks they won't HAVE to become the guys on the bottom, doesn't know history.

So, FO put up a post. We replied. Then WRSA picked it up.
And FO followed up with this gift-wrapped present: What Role Will Militias Play In The Coming Unpleasantness?

And then follow the follow-ups as they come.

Because Knowledge is Power.
And if things get sporty at some point, as some of us suspect to one degree or another, high-quality local intelligence about any number of things may well mean the difference between you living or dying.

And you can't run down to Costco or Walmart and buy of case of that.
You have to plant that garden now, and harvest the fruit regularly and constantly, otherwise when you need it, you ain't got it.


Best takeaway: If your team isn't planning on becoming part of the return of rightful ROL in a WROL scenario, you will quickly become the bug, not the windshield.

If you have some anarcho-libertarian self-masturbatory fantasy mental world you plan on living in, contrary to every lesson of 6000 years of recorded human history, spare the electrons of a reply, and go elsewhere.
Man is a social animal. Playing Batman In The Boondocks is a Hobbesian State of Nature:
solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

The freest form of individual existence is to be a libertarian. You mind your business, and let everyone else mind theirs, as much as humanly possible. But the freest form of community is a republic. Not a commune, and not a democracy. If you've got something better, because you're the philosophical superior of Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison combined, and the world has cruelly ignored your unacknowledged expertise in the matter, by all means lay it out, convince the neighborhood, and they'll subscribe to your newsletter and march in your parade. Give them anything less than what a republic delivers, and you'll be out.

Ponder: If the current nominal republic was delivering on its advertising to any great degree, the likelihood of ANY future Unpleasantness would be precisely nil. Crime and terrorism would still happen, because human nature, certainly, but in a functioning republic, we'd do as a former LAPD police chief suggested, and string those sumbitches up at the airport between the runways, and that would be the end of that.

So you'll possibly be strung up. (Depends rather much on the mood of the crowd, and what you do, did do, or tried to do.) Try to dictate your policies out of the barrel of a gun? You're nearly certain to end up strapped athwart the muzzle of a loaded cannon, while they cast lots for the honor of touching it off. Which, in all likelihood, is exactly what you'll deserve.

Learn to work and play well with others now, and be ready to do the right things for the right reasons then, or you won't be around afterwards long enough to matter.

You get a vote.
The enemy gets a vote.
The neighborhood gets a vote.
And this ain't the movies, and you ain't John Wayne.

You sure as f**k better not think you're going to be Negan.

Your lifespan would be measured in the flight speed of bullets at muzzle velocity.
And that'd just be from your own cohort. (Hollywood ignores reality for ratings in that respect.) Consult Khruschev's memoirs or the biography of Mussolini for how things work out in the real world.
The rest of the world won't even be that friendly or sympathetic to your fate.

Wrap your head around that fundamental human reality, or else prepare to learn that particular lesson the hard way.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Elephant In The Room


"I want to expand a bit more on a post from last week. First, I want to address a misconception that at least one reader had. Intelligence for community security is not about spying on your neighbors. It’s not about collecting information on their comings and goings; to believe that or to have inferred that is to have missed the point entirely.
No one in the community wants to be robbed. No one wants to come home and find that their home has been burglarized. Last night, I forgot that I left some cash in my truck, which is parked on the street in my neighborhood. No one broke into my vehicle last night, nor did they break into anyone else’s in my neighborhood, and I like to think that’s because I live in a safe place.
But as we saw during Hurricanes Andrew, Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, and others, safe neighborhoods can experience major problems, too. Looting, robberies, people in extreme need doing desperate things — we’re at risk of being on the receiving end of these types of crimes. Earthquakes, wildfires, riots; there’s always something that’s going to affect someone somewhere. It’s only a matter of time before that someone is you. And so my message with the last post is simple: during the next disaster, we and our neighbors need to have a frame of reference where we understand the value of information. Timely and accurate information enables better decision making, and since no one is as smart as everyone, I want the cooperation of my neighbors to be engaged and help monitor the security situation in our neighborhood during the next hurricane, earthquake, or insert-disaster-here. It’s not about spying, it’s about informing the neighborhood of area threats so we can make better decisions about the safety and security of our families." - Forward Observer , from 6/11/18

It's great regarding intel "shared consciousness", but it's not comprehensive.
There's a discussion that has to take place prior, at least for the worst contingencies:
"Who's on whose team?"

For natural disasters/shared events, what "Sam Culper" brings up in the message is pure gold, and as usual, RTWT.

But in the spectrum of potential problems, a yuuuuuuuuuuuge gap is the assumption that co-location = shared outlook.

If you have a household up the street that’s nothing but recently-removed-from-the-hood hood rats, they may be on the side of looters, not the neighborhood, come The Unpleasantness.

If a neighborhood group didn’t know that, and are sharing intel product with Team Looter’s neighborhood cousins , that’s the security leak in the levee.

If everybody inside the Green Zone had been pro-American in Iraq, there would have been no need for giant hesco walls around our bases.

That’s even truer in Austin, Houston, or anywhere else.

It may be convenient to think that there aren’t any people on some spectrum of opposition to what you want, in any neighborhood, but it’s neither safe nor sane to do so.

At some point, there’s going to have to come a recognition that not everybody inside the castle walls now ought to be left there. Wobblers are either going to have to declare, or decamp.

The side to figure that out first, and act most ruthlessly once necessary, is liable to be the side that prevails locally.

And if it leads to you being dead, who cares what happens twenty years down the road?
This is the difference between a factional and geographic revolution, like in 1860, versus an economic and philosophical one, like France circa 1789, or Russia 1917. Your neighbors will denounce you, turn on you, and split your gear after you’re gone.

It won’t be a war by even competing zip codes, or a neighborhood-to-neighborhood conflict. It will be fought house-to-house, and door-to-door in the same apartment building.

And that’s what’s capturing current interest and fears: I can prepare to ride out and survive, and even shrug off a mere hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or flood.
Because when it’s over, the event isn’t going to come circling back to my place to get even.

But that’s not true when the neighborhood socialists decide I did too well, and they deserve some of my stuff to augment their lack of preparation, or to assuage their hatred for my wisdom and material comfort. They want me to share in their misery, and may well be prepared to go as far as to kill me outright to punish me for not being as dopey as they were in the first place.

While the preparations for a severe regional disaster are similar for those to survive societal collapse, the briefing paragraph on “enemy forces” is one helluva lot different under Option B.

Hence the intense interest in the subject of late: Americans haven't felt the need to choose up sides since about 1860, and the prospect of such necessity now is rather frightful to contemplate.

Unless folks are actually going to wear shirts and skins next time out, you'd damned sure better do some due diligence regarding sorting the nearest sheep from the nearest goats, at least mentally, before you start including people on "your" team who may have quite opposing views. And even may chose to act upon them, on the day.

Greedo would've killed Han, or turned him in for enslavement and torture, just for a few bucks, and the good graces of the local warlord. And the difference between the aptly-named Greedo, and that nice old hippie couple up the street who had Shrillary and "Bernie" posters on the lawn, or that sketchy-but-smiling group of probably-illegal-aliens up the block, in sportier times, will be...what, exactly?

The Second Place Award is ALWAYS a smoking hole in your chest.
Damned right Han shot first! And had every moral right to do so.

"Be polite, be friendly. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

Truer words were never spoken, boys and girls.
You better know who's a friend, who's neutral, and who's an enemy, before you have to face them over rifle sandbags.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Basic Training - Noise, Light, Litter Discipline

We said at the beginning that the most important form of discipline in self-discipline.
This is where it pays out dividends, if you have it.

On a patrol, your goal is to get as close to not being there when you are as you can get.
Much of that advantage may be obtained after dark, because even with the availability of night observation devices, most people won't have them, so darkness itself still confers a powerful advantage. Provided you do your utmost to leave no trace, in three important areas.


Nothing about you should make the merest sound, even while moving.
You should plan your footsteps so as not to be heard.
You shouldn't talk, ever, unless it's unavoidable, and at that point, it should be muted, muffled, or whispered.

Your gear shouldn't rattle, jingle, squeak. Everything from footgear to pack should be placed and broken in so as not to give the slightest notice of your arrival or passage.
This includes attachments, like slings, on weaponry.
This should be checked by you first, then by the patrol leader before you set out, and anything that makes noise secured, taped, padded, or whatever is necessary to silence it.
If you carry your water in a camelback-style bladder rather than canteens (suggested), you can suck all the air out of the bladder through the drinking tube until there isn't any, and you will drastically decrease any sloshing noise from it.
Hard items in your pack should be placed and padded among softer items.
Everything should be secured tightly so it doesn't shift inside its carrier.
Buttons, toggles, and speed clips are better than Velcro or zippers, because quieter.
If present, zipper pulls should be replaced with 550 cord knotted loops, and the loops tucked under fabric/material flaps, or elastic bands, or taped down, to prevent them moving and rattling in any way.
You should practice moving weapon safeties from safe to fire slowly, and with a minimum or absence of detectable noise. Nothing in nature makes such an obvious and unnatural metallic "click".
If ammunition or magazines carried rattle, pad them with useful items: spares socks, or extra weapons cleaning patches. Putting a folded muslin bandana/arm sling or battle dressing under magazines will raise them a little to pull out easier, quiet them, and give you additional first aid supplies.

Consider a trick illegal aliens have used in the southwest desert for decades: blanket booties on soft to moderate ground. A doubled rectangle of blanket big enough to wrap each boot is placed and held with baling wire, shoelace, or 550 cord. It muffles boot footsteps, and eliminates most visible track sign on soft ground. When worn out or not needed, it can be removed, cheaply replaced, and discarded with other trash after the patrol.

And FTR, radios should be on silent mode - no beeps, etc. - and can be used with headphones and earpieces (and should be, always), and you can make a mouth-sized cup out of rubber or silicone that surrounds the microphone, so you can talk without being heard nearby. And the sound output to earpieces should never be loud enough that someone nearby can hear you either.


Nothing in nature is reflective except snow, ice, and water. Nothing on you should shine or reflect light. Anything worn to shiny should be painted, dyed, or taped over, down to even boot eyelets. Daylight and moonlight reflected will be seen 10-50 times farther than the human form can be seen.
If Killflash items are available for your weapons scope, binoculars, or other optics, make use of it. If not, you can make a field expedient with a piece of ladies' dark nylon hosiery, and elastic bands or tape to hold it in place, stretched over anything reflective, while still retaining the ability to see through it for its intended use.
Skin shines too, in daylight and moonlight. Camo up, or wear spandoflage, a knitted mask, or something similar. Even a hood made of solid camo, olive drab, or other earth-toned t-shirt, with eye holes, if better than bare skin.

At night, light use should be minimized and filtered. Red is the least energetic color in the visible spectrum; no white light should ever be used at night. It can be seen for miles. For the same reason, no visible flame or firelight either. A single match is visible for 10-15 miles at night in a dark expanse of desert or open plains. Showing such a light is like ringing a bell, or shooting off a flare, if anyone remotely observant is about.
Fire use in general should be avoided on patrol, or at most, of the buried-beneath-ground-level variety, and exceedingly small and smokeless. They also obviously provide a thermal flare that creates additional IR signature, and create smells detectable by humans for distances of hundreds of yards, and 3-5X that far by tracking dogs.

Trash and Tracks

For "minimal impact" backpackers, the mantra has long been "Take only pictures; leave only footprints". For any sort of patrol, don't even leave the footprints.
Anything you packed in, you pack out. Anything.
Food, wrappers or cans, batteries, ammunition/brass.
All of it is permanent forensic evidence of your presence, visit, group size, level of equipment and provision, origin, etc.
If you don't leave it behind, it isn't there to find by anyone later, ever.

Take another lesson from illegals crossing the southern border: brush out tracks, and minimize or eliminate the ones you leave.
If you travel in inclement weather, rain and snow will eliminate your tracks for all but close pursuit.
If you travel over hard ground, sign will be minimal.
If you carefully brush out sign (your last man's 6-o'clock watch should include this duty), you'll make detection or pursuit by amateurs impossible, and extremely difficult even for trained tracking parties. or other patrols who may cross your route.

The safest way not to be detected, is not to leave anything that lets anyone know you are or were there.
Going undetected is life, and getting detected can be death. And in bad times, going on a patrol will probably include the fact that your team is on your own. Fieldcraft include being a giant non-entity in the field, in the same way an attack submarine makes less noise than the water around it.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Just Curious...

Bill Buppert's entire ZeroGov site seems to have been Goolaged right into non-existence and un-personhood for me. Can't see it, can't get to it, as if it wasn't there.

It shows up in a Goolag search, right at the top, but when I try to go to the link, I get the "this spot doesn't exist" message page.
No-go with Goolag, nor with Bing, nor with DuckDuckGo.