Tuesday, October 16, 2018


I'm not churning out much, because there's nothing much I can see to care about.

Overall, if I had to guess, I think it's because Trump has finally broken the Leftards.
Over his knee.

It's worth remembering that no matter how much fun you're having, there comes a time when the squirrels, prairie dogs, or feral hogs, you've been plinking like tin cans, finally get to an absolute survival/extinction point, that the few remaining no longer wish to stick up their heads, because they've seen their fellows' heads go all 'splodey, and somehow they realize that "stick head up" =  "head 'splode".

What's happening now is just the everyday chicken-droppings, but nothing about which it's worth getting even a keyboard lather going.

I think we've hit the point where .22 ammo remaining is greater than the sum of squirrels remaining.

But as a realist, rather than optimist or pessimist, I know eventually something will piss me off enough any minute to be worth unloading on.

Enjoy the pause in Peak Stupid that's been running like Niagara Falls lately, and load you some magazines - metaphorically or actually - for later on.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

h/t Mike

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, bitch." - Dean Wormer, Jr.

Cold Fury pulls an excerpt from The Other McCain, both of them riffing off a closing quote from Vodkapundit himself, Stephen Green:
"It is not the case that America’s politics have become more divisive because the Republican Party has moved further right. Liberal pundits, commenting from within their ideological cocoons, habitually apply labels — “far right,” “extremist,” “white nationalist,” etc. — to depict the GOP as beholden to a dangerous fringe, but this is just paranoid propaganda. The typical Republican voter in 2018 is actually no more “extreme” than his father was in 1988. Nor is the policy agenda of the GOP now any more “far right” than it was in the presidency of Ronald Reagan. The cause of the increased partisan divide is not that the Republicans have moved right, but that Democrats have moved left.  
Polls indicate that the Democrats’ advantage in the generic congressional ballot is holding firm around 7 or 8 points. Why? 
Democrats are now the party of TrigglyPuff, of angry college girls driven to fits of insanity."

1) Polls are undiluted horsecrap, as our would-be Democrat overlords found out a couple of Novembers ago:
     a) because their flawed mathematical models are skewed to lie to us on purpose
     b) because everyone lies to pollsters on general principle in response to "a".

2) I haven't moved an inch from where I was politically in 1980. But what was center-right then is now mutant alien extreme Right in 2018. And, naturally, those to the right of me then are the "even more radical fringe" Right. This isn't because of the rise of the KKK, much as the would be klansmen would like to imagine.

It's because the Left has been running like a bat out of hell to their own left, to out-Mao Mao, and make Che and Stalin into boring conservative leftists by comparison.

They think if they pile enough Trigglypuffs on the political teeter-totter, we'll all have to slide to their end.

Well, they're correct.

What they don't realize is that when we do, it'll be to clean house with machetes and flamethrowers, and not to move in with them.

Bosnia, meet Rwanda.

When you force people to do things they don't want to do, they don't put on the BBQ guns and come over for a picnic.

They serve you your ass on a platter.

In a contest between the trailer park mafia and the fat-assed crazy catladies of a college town you'd do well to remember that NASCAR and bowling outdraws NPR and every Leftard cause ever invented for participation, by several orders of magnitude, every year since...ever.

So: Guess who's coming to dinner?


From elsewhere in the blogosphere, regarding this post:
"Mr. Aesop you make a number of good points. What are your thoughts if the republicans put a stomping on the left next month and conversely if the democrats give the republicans a drubbing? My uninformed guess is that both alternatives will embolden the left."

My 2¢:

The Kavanaugh debacle cost the Dems any chance of taking the Senate this November.

Barring a financial meltdown, or the president in a kiddie porn video, Trump is re-elected in 2020 in a walkaway.

All that leaves is the House.

The conventional wisdom and polling data say the Dems are going to pick up 10 House seats for sure next month, but whether they can flip the majority (23+ seats) is still an open question.

If they do, it's all impeachment and investigation, all the time.
Which will almost certainly lose them the House again in 2020.
(And FWIW, I consider trying to undo 2016 by impeaching Pres. Trump, like trying to undo the 2nd Amendment, to be an actual revolution-inducing act, in a kill-them-all-and-let-God-sort-them-out way. And not metaphorically. YMMV.)

If they don't get the House in the mid-terms, they've already turned the crazy up to "11", and they have nowhere left to go there, except actual, regular, political violence. I expect them to do that, because
a) they're really that stupid
b) they have no other choice
c) they lack the common sense or insight to recognize the result of that course of action beforehand, and lack the self control among their idiot minions to stop it anyway even if they wanted to.

That will be an extinction event for them, because the Right will declare open season on them, and the Moderates will sit back and watch approvingly.

Because once you yell "Play ball!" on killing your political opponents as a viable course of action, Americans have a long and distinguished history of shoving that bat right up your ass. And then, going after your family for good measure.

And both sides know that after the first killing, all the rest are effectively free, so this promises to be a short but ugly spasm of violence. To start.

After that, any bets or prognostications enter a fogbank of epic proportions, because once you uncork that genie, things will get out of hand and we'll all be lucky to live through this, as Fred Thompson warned us.

That's it in a nutshell.

The Leftards have lost their minds.
Before they can regain their senses, you're going to have to get their attention first.
The only thing that will do that, amounts to large numbers (Antietam/Gettysburg-large, not 9/11-large) of them stacked up like cordwood, or hanging from lamp posts.

And those who receive exactly that will be the most confused and surprised at the sudden change of fortune.

But I think we've gone beyond the point where anything lesser will avail.

They don't have the sense to back off, and they have too much momentum to back down. Even if the lemmings at the front of the pack stop, the ones in the back will just slam into the herd until they all go over the cliff anyways.

Plan for that, but hope I'm totally wrong, and the Lefttards suddenly discover how to suck it up and deal with reality.

(Personally, if I miss this by a country mile - in a good way - I couldn't be happier.)

Your wild-ass guesses, no matter how outlandish, are welcome in Comments.
Zombies and space aliens are off limits, but pretty much anything else can be argued into play.

(Oh, the Masthead Title? Chinese curse: "May you live in ___________ _____.")

Saturday, October 13, 2018


Days Of Yawn

I have been pointed in Comments to note the article at Kenny's blog regarding the "Days of Rage". Hot tip: I saw it when he posted it, and I saw the original some time back.

My overwhelming response to the whole tale, both times:


1) Some of us don't need second- and third-hand recollections for the period in question. The rest of you Baby Ducks, for whom every day is a whole new world to you, pay attention.

2) "over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in 1972" works out to one per state, every 10 days.
In reality, it works out to five or six in about five states, and none in the other 45, for months on end, or all year. And "bombings" includes everything from fireworks to actual bombs. Nota bene they don't talk about the actual body count, which probably approached single digits that year. Non-shocker: Even the author admits it was a lot of gas, but little danger. (Oh, look: I nailed it without even looking it up: total terrorist deaths in the US in 1972: ZERO . Exactly like Mr. Spock, my wild guesses are more accurate than most people's "facts".)

3) We had 54,589 traffic fatalities nationwide that same year, IOW nearly twenty-nine times the incidence of bombings, and yet
a) I never saw one of those anywhere that entire year, even amidst the most car-centric and second largest city in America, and
b) civilization did not slip into the abyss at any point, and the nation rejected Leftism by a landslide at the polls.

4) In the same year, there were about 200 meteorite impacts and 22,000,000 lightning strikes in the USA, both incidents being far more destructive on average than the "bombings" whereof the author speaks, yet the fatalities total for both was about 50 people.

5) I'm not 100% positive, but IIRC, there was some sort of minor fuss going on at the time in question, all student draft deferments had been cancelled, and the draft was taking about 50,000 formerly-deferred collegiate Special Snowflakes for the business-end of Uncle Sam's Foreign Policy Division, which was going to seriously cut into peace, love, and dope for large swaths of those who regarded their asses as some kind of too-special-too-risk. When last I looked, there is no such similar event now, nor have we had a draft since 1973, some 45 years ago, a time for most readers that is before they were even born, and thus a thing worthy of about as much note as dinosaurs, the invention of the wheel, or trench warfare at Verdun.

So take a breath, and calm the fuck down.

Figures don't lie, but liars figure. And 1972 (nor any other "days of rage" from 1965-1975, inclusive) was not The Apocalypse. But calling it Days Of Hissyfit Hippies won't sell many books, right?

The Left in those days was homicidal, yes.
They were also the Lunatic Left, then as now.
About half were killed or jailed by the authorities, and the other half went into hiding for decades.

And as a rule, they only messed with Big Corporate Entities, and The Man, because ordinary folks would have simply shot their ass, and walked away without a care, knowing they'd have done society a service.

So it's fair to observe that having that much common sense, the average Leftard Lunatic in 1972 was 20-30 IQ points ahead of his modern cousins, right off the bat.

This doesn't bode well for the chances of the current crop of historically illiterate Common Core grads, sucking around for a faceful of buckshot as they unquestionably are.

But they will get their wishes fulfilled, and go out with a surprised look - on the half of their face remaining afterwards.

I'm trying to get worked up over that, but I can't even...

In fact, the hardest part is trying to curb my enthusiasm.
Just saying.

I Gandhiven Imagine It


Double bonus: Democrat cops beating Democrat hippies!

So...tell me again what we're missing out on...?

Der Scheisskopf

Just another little misunderstood Ugly Sister lunatic, looking for a little lebensraum.
And a few hundred million in loo$e ca$h.

QOTW: You Want A Return To Civility?

h/t Camp Of The Saints

Friday, October 12, 2018

LARPing Isn't Military Training

h/t Mike @ Cold Fury

This is not a squad. It is an enemy-funded resupply point
to level-up your unarmed teammates.

Antifa has finally crossed the line from thuggish to outright terrorist — and now, as a new bombshell report finds, members of the protest groups are actually crossing into Syria to receive training from ISIS terrorists.
The link for that bit of nonsense should be The Onion.
LARPing isn't "military" training. Neither is AirSoft, or paintball.

As Tom Hanks said in "Sully", "Can we get serious?"

I've told people, on these very pages, to get militarily basically trained (i.e. individual skills), and then go get their family/tribe/small group to actual live hands-on Small Unit Training (SUT in mil-speak) from the folks in the right column. That's for defending their community in the event of SHTF eventualities.

That might even go so far as rural patrolling to a range of a couple/few miles, or in town to the distance of a couple of blocks, depending on the environment in place at the time.

Just so we're clear, that is not conducting offensive operations on any level above maybe squad-size (about a dozen guys, for the uninitiated). If you think that's small, posit your imaginary platoon of 30-40, then tally up the logistical requirements to transport 30-40 men anywhere not including just their boots, feed them three squares a day indefinitely, supply them with everything they need for a notional 6 month campaign - beans, bullets, bandaids, POL, and everything else 40 or so guys need to operate competently for months on top of months, and come back to me with that number, in US$. (Food alone, at institutional cut-rate prices, let alone acquiring, storing, preparing, and transporting it, is $30K-$60K+, all by itself.) I can count the people who could do that, nationwide, out of their own pocket, who also have the will, inclination, numbers of people, and actual means to do that, on my fingers. Probably, on my thumbs.

It's an enterprise larger than most civilian police forces in the country, i.e. more than half of them are that small, or smaller. 8000-man brigades and 15,000-man division-level police forces take a Los Angeles-, Chicongo-, or NYFC-sized civil budget, in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, annually. And there are only a handful of those, a few dozen, tops, if we count every agency with more than 1000 officers. You, Joe Average, would have trouble just getting a Mayberry Sheriff's Dept.-sized unit, in 99.9999% of all cases.

And the Antifa-tards are worse off than that, and don't know what they don't know. Look what happens when they try to organize anything over a few hours, and what a Somalian hell-hole their group efforts resemble overnight for an urban campout with flush toilets and open Starbucks only yards away, in case after case after case. They lack the organizational skills to manage a successful Cub Scout weekend campout, FFS.

There's a reason Teddy Roosevelt was the last guy to raise a private Army regiment in U.S. history. It's simply no longer practical, by any standard.

The Left is receiving "military" training, but only if you extend that word to include the 0-forever Syrians. Even the Syrian Army has to stoop to ISIS to find someone incompetent enough that they can beat.

And they're getting their training from the current second-place winners in the Syrian Intramural Combat Games? Well-played, Antifa. I'm quaking in my boots. (And I have a several year supply of just those. How about you, leftist LARPers? Got logistics? No, of course you don't.)

It takes three months to make a Marine from scratch, and another month-plus afterwards to make him an apprentice junior infantryman. It can't be done in 6 hours of LARPing at a weekend fantasy combat course, and you can't download the curriculum and then "get" it. It also requires an institutional apparatus - like tens of thousands of conscientious and well-trained and experienced NCOs, just for openers - which adult supervision the Left is sorely and entirely lacking, along with a logistical foundation about which they're wholly ignorant.

The Left is training to go from being targets, to being armed enemy targets.

That's only "military" training if you aspire to be the redcoats on the march home from Concord Bridge.

Bullets fly, and this is what they'll look like, times everywhere:

And once the shooting starts, they may discover to their new-found horror, that the other side won't respect the sovereign sanctity of mommy's basement, and may in fact follow them inside and continue to march, stomp a mudhole in their sunken chests, and then move to the next house.

Actually, "Yes, we can!" But go ahead and call that toss in the air.

They've only ever been tolerable and tolerated, as a peacetime "loyal" opposition.
If this goes hot, they're now a national luxury, and they'll be gone in short order. Partly by mass desertion and/or voluntary self-deportation and exile, and the rest of the way by mass extermination, in perpetuity.

And we've seen that exact response, time after time, going back to Moldylocks taking one good overhand right in the face for the team. She hasn't been to another protest since then.
(Word to the soi bois: this is what happens when you start believing your own PR, and think women = infantry. Major fail.)

Transitioning to an armed rebellion actual enemy combatant force will be an extinction level event for the entire Leftism Inc. cause, and the cleansing that follows is liable to go all the way to their NWO corporate sponsors right from the get-go. With some notable gusto, and there won't be any military or law enforcement response to save them should that bottle become uncorked.

We don't have a military that could take on 1/2 of 1% of the civilians in this country if they armed themselves, short of the unrestricted use of nuclear weapons.

The police are even worse off.

And both would suddenly be minus a safe homebase, were they foolish enough to enter that fray.

And they all both KNOW this, which is why if things go pear-shaped, they're out of the game until it's over. They'll either stand down, or start the chess game with all pawns, and no major pieces, from the outset. (Because it's tough to fight a war when your home is in occupied territory, your airfield is getting sniped before you take off, your perimeter is overrun, and your families are hostage before you even issue weapons at the armory. If you've very prudent, you lock yourselves inside the gates, and stay indoors on post until it's all over.)

As Casey Stengel used to tell people, "you could look it up".

Soros & Co. should consult the bio of Adolph Eichmann for how things end for them, kicking at the end of a rope. Rental security will be nowhere around when the mob arrives, and they're going to die hanging from trees in their front yards.

There is some precedent to how we deal with those who fuck with us, let alone on our home turf. Those unclear should consult no less an authority than Wikipedia, that bastion of historical precision, and see how the second-place side fared in open conflict.

New Orleans
San Jacinto
San Juan Hill
Belleau Wood
Linebacker II

Antifa and the entire Lunatic left wouldn't make the patch on a jacket of the least-competent opponent in any of those contests. They'll barely make it worth the trouble to sharpen the bayonets.

But if they really insist, they'll do, in a pinch, to suffice for "enemy".

And when we piss on your corpses, they'll be no Marquess of Queensbury showtrials afterwards to chide nor punish us for the contempt we'll golden-shower onto your remains, with deep-felt sincerity.

Best would be a sudden dawning of realization before that point, retreat to their videodromes, lick their wounds, and realize they haven't the requisite body parts for such a contest. This will not be David vs. Goliath. It will be Bambi vs. Godzilla.

And some folks on my side of the fence can't wait to get it over with, once and for all.

Antifa, hiding behind their masks, thinks that mobbing old guys and women, and taking pepper spray makes them tough customers. I don't think, deep down, they really want to try their hand at watching their own guts spill out in their hands, or cradling their dead friends with only half a head left.

This isn't a game, leftard jackasses. Dead is forever. For which we will give sincere thanks, and remember not a whit, nor mourn your blustering ex-buffoons for a single moment.
It will be as if you never existed, ever, for all the mark you'll leave behind afterward. We'll simply burn the corpses, hose off the pavement, and get on with our lives and society, suddenly lightened by the permanent removal from civilization of the metric fucktons of the former deadweight you represent.

But I'll give the last words on this to Mike:
"It’s only to be expected that largely comfortable, prosperous, stable people will be reluctant to go to war. As the Left’s provocations become ever more severe, though, that reluctance will likely evaporate. 
The upcoming election, along with 2020 (should we make it that far), might just be the last desperate chance at resolving this conflict peacefully. I have serious doubts about just how good a chance that really is."

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ebola 2018 Update: Still Dicking Around With Dynamite

According to the latest report, WHO and the local authorities are following the same pattern of not-quite-getting-it they did in 2014, which turned out so well in West Africa:
The outbreak remains active predominantly in Beni Health Zone, although additional risks remain following the confirmation of EVD cases in Butembo and Mabalako.
Good News
"Since the last report was published, alerts were investigated in several provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as in Uganda. To date, EVD has been ruled out in all alerts from neighbouring provinces and countries."
So, as evidence, perhaps, of a merciful deity, and evidence supporting the efficacy of the current experimental vaccine, it hasn't escaped the lab. Yet.

Bad News
"A recent increase in the incidence of new cases reflects the multitude of challenges faced by response teams in recent weeks."

They also failed to report any numbers regarding ongoing pro-active vaccination, which to date seems to be the only thing keeping this outbreak localized.
I have no idea whether this is because they aren't doing that any more, or just don't have the numbers, or what.

Ugly News

The current tally is 122 dead. 21 days ago, they had only 147 cases. Which puts the actual practical mortality rate right at 83%, not the usual Wikifucktardia posted rate of 63%. And the number of contacts has jumped again, from 1400 to north of 2100, an increase of 50% in less than 2 weeks. And the local jackholes have been shooting up the place in the interim, hampering efforts at containment and contact tracing, like we knew it would.

And of those infected, 50 have been "cleared" (meaning they're only carrying live virus in bodily fluids essentially for life, and infectious to sexual contacts and offspring for years).

If TPTB in the region can vaccinate all those contacts and all those around them, this thing gets snuffed.

If not, it turns into 2014 all over again, and we're just waiting for it to get lucky, get to a major city or jump the international border and fester for a couple of weeks, then blossom where there are no Ebola Treatment Clinics or vaccination efforts in place, and we're off to the races.

In short, this isn't exponential growth.
It's merely horizontal growth, waiting for a catastrophic breach in containment.
In Africa.
Amidst people who think witch doctors and evil spirits are a thing, and have to use their feet to count to twenty (if they even can).
That will turn out well.

Ask a Vegas pit boss what happens if you keep rolling the dice enough times...

Finally, He Didn't Build That

And the latest "correction" may have just a wee bit to do with the Fed raising interest rates by more in Trump's term so far than what they did in all eight years of HopeyDopey's entire administration.

Baghdad Anderson Reports


Sad News For Some Travellers

We've Found Leona Helmsley's Twin

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Flashback Fury


Mid-Term Election PSA

If we help even one voter, it's worth it...

King Of Battle

h/t 90 Miles From Tyranny

Army redlegs on M777 Ultralight howitzer practice Darwinian selection on notional
enemy.  Now with twice the rangey goodness as original recipe 155mm.

Dear Redlegs: "Fire mission!"
The Army has successfully fired a 155mm artillery round 62 kilometers - marking a technical breakthrough in the realm of land-based weapons and progressing toward its stated goal of being able to outrange and outgun Russian and Chinese weapons. “We just doubled the range of our artillery at Yuma Proving Ground,” Gen. John Murray, Commanding General of Army Futures Command, told reporters at the Association of the United States Army Annual Symposium.
This concept of operations is intended to enable mechanized attack forces and advancing infantry with an additional stand-off range or protective sphere with which to conduct operations. Longer range precision fire can hit enemy troop concentrations, supply lines and equipment essential to a coordinated attack, while allowing forces to stay farther back from incoming enemy fire.
A 70-kilometer target range is, by any estimation, a substantial leap forward for artillery; when GPS guided precision 155mm artillery rounds, such as Excalibur, burst into land combat about ten years ago - its strike range was reported at roughly 30 kilometers. A self-propelled Howitzer able to hit 70-kilometers puts the weapon on par with some of the Army’s advanced land-based rockets - such as its precision-enabled Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System which also reaches 70-kilometers.

For Common Core grads, 30km is 18 miles. 62km would be 37 miles.
The source notes the newest Russian systems tap out at 40 klicks, so the new setup bones everyone downrange, except us. They also note the use of drones as OTH FO enablers, exactly as was practiced going back to the early 1980s, including by the big guns on the refloated Iowa-class BBs. (That's right, sports fans, we were killing people with drones back to the Reagan era. We just started that out with the Navy's 16" guns providing the punch.)

Being able to accurately shell the shit out of enemy targets from 37 miles away is a game changer. (Presumably, someone may have a chat with Navy Surface Warfare about this development as well, once they get the Obozo-era idiots, civilian and commissioned, out of the warship design department, and go back to fielding surface warships, instead of fielding Floating Diversity Training Classrooms.)

Artillery never gets tired, can fly in all weather, can't be shot down, and can eliminate everything involved in an airstrike, airframe, pilot, etc., except the actual ordnance delivered. One howitzer can deliver as much hate on target as a WWII B17 did, in about 3 minutes.
A six-gun battery outperforms a B-2 strike as far as tonnage delivered (not range) in about  half an hour. And at a cost savings of a couple of billion dollars. Just saying.

Air strikes are great for deep interdiction. But they pale to artillery for all-weather around-the-clock reliability and volume, unless you're willing to stand up the entire SAC boneyard of B-52s and bring SAC back online.

And that means you won't have some ill-conceived Medal of honor factory Outpost at the bottom of Death Valley in some Turd World Trashcanistan being told on the radio "Sorry, you're outside the range fan of friendly fires, lump it, and good luck with staying alive in Fort Apache."

And yes, fellow ground warriors, infantry will always be the Queen of Battle.

And we know what the King does to the Queen.
This is why you want us on your side.
"Artillery lends dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl." - Lt. Graham, Major Dundee

 And with no apologies to George Carlin, consider the howitzer:
"I really want to f**k up those guys over there, 37 miles away, but I just can't quite get to them from here..."

Problem: Solved.

V-Day -27

If It's Not Too Late...

Former Senate staffer/imminently identified Soros operative/future Bubba's girlfriend Jackson Cosko has been bound for trial without bail, after indictment for multiple federal felonies connected to doxxing three GOP Senate and Congress members during the Democrats' hilarious Kavanaugh confirmation debacle.
So if it's not too late to include him in my 2018 Ghoul Pool, I'd like to add him to my list of this year's Famously Departed, as any move on his part towards dropping a dime on who pulls his strings and signs his paychecks is going to get him Arkancided in a New York minute.
A funeral we'll mourn like Mary Tyler Moore at the services for Chuckles the Clown.
Soi boi Cosko is going to get poked by something in the clink, (Federal Pen State, Second-string, Class of 2019: Starting position - Tight end; Final position: Wide receiver); the only question at this point is whether it'll be a Soros-funded shiv, or just an epic schlonging by his cellmate's Anthony Weiner.
NTTAWWT, either way.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Rust Never Sleeps. Neither Does Sal.



On his worst day, Sal the Agorist's tweet stream is brighter than all the late night comics combined, and twice as funny.

You don't have to be all in with everything he posts.
But you should put the beverages down when you click over to him.
Unless you like that burning sensation when the beverage flies out your nose.

So You're Going To Want To Ban Cars Next...?

h/t Dianny

Let's get serious, jackwagon: if you believed any of the bullshi rose fertilizer you've been spreading, you'd have accused them of being liable to gun you off the road, not run you off the road.

So you can't even get your own dipsh*t message straight. Obvious Moron is obvious.

Break suction and pull your head out, realize your fifteen minutes were up 11 month ago, and go back to the junior college. Maybe someday you can get a gig flipping burgers with that steel-trap mind of yours. It's a cinch your high school education (and I use that word loosely) hasn't qualified you for much of anything requiring an IQ above plant life.

So you can either sign up for clean-up crew at Disneyworld, or run for the US Senate as a Democrat. Anything else, you'd have to grow a brain, and that's haaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrd.

Shut Up And Sing, Monkey

So after President Trump endorsed the Republican in the TN Senate race, and celebutard rookie Saylor Twit endorsed the gun-grabbing Democrat jackhole, the (R) has jumped overnight to an 8 point lead.
Thanks, Tay, you airheaded fluffbrain. Maybe you could endorse Fauxican Bob O'Rourke in Texas, while you're up.
Or just STFU, and focus on singing, and shut your piehole on politics until you catch a clue.
If we cared what you thought about politics, you could have a show and 27 viewers on MSNBC, like all their other hosts. But I'm betting the dressing room would be commensurately smaller.
So we've established T.S. doesn't stand for "Terribly Smart".
"Tragically Stupid" is still up for discussion.

Drive Safely

h/t Kenny

Don't have a bumper bolted to your ass?
Get the hell outta the street, fucktards!

"He who has the most lugs nuts, wins the accident." - every CHP officer I've ever talked to

That'll Show 'Em

Happy Che Day!

h/t McThag and Miguel


On this day in history, some soldiers of the Bolivian Army, and a couple of shady types from Ft. Bragg, made Che Guevara into a good communist.

And as you can tell from this "after" photograph, they opened his mind.

Nice shooting, amigos.